Experiential Learning


To define what is experiential learning?

To know who is the proponent of this theory?

To give details the stages of its cycle.

To enumerate possible methods to be used in experiential learning strategy.

What is experiential learning?

-Process of making meaning out of a direct experience.

-Learning by doing

-Personalized reflection about an experience.

-Formulation of plans to apply learning to other contexts.

-Its emphasis the process of learning not on the product.


Wise Money Management

Wise Money Management

By Rodney C. Ramirez

HAVE YOU FIGURED out how to earn your first million pesos? You have at least two choices to achieve this. You may follow the lead of some who play the lotto or join game shows which offer millions as jackpot prize. If you choose this path however, you must recognize the fact that being blessed with the good fortune of picking out the lucky numbers or being given easy trivia question is as rare as hail in summer. However you can still become a millionaire without playing the number game or joining game shows. This is through wise money management.

How do you practise wise money management? Well, here are few tips from Oprah Winfrey, the talk show hostess who is a self-made millionaire herself. First, live within, not above your means. Do not keep up with your neighbours in their spending binges. This is the shortest cut to being penniless. If you own credit cards, get rid of them. Always pay your purchases in cash.


Integrated Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum is the way the teacher and the students select an interesting topic for them to plan to pursue with the upupils active particiapation and decission making. It developes skills that formulates questions and creates hypothesis, collect data and report on what have they learned.

The program is integrative. It gives emphasis in seeing connections and purpose to learning. It developes deffirent idesa that will excite the imagination of the learners that are true to them. Its principle is to extend and expand personal knowledge and experience.  


Classroom Management

In teaching every educator encounter different issues or difficulties of students and how to deal with them takes a lot of effort, learning and experiences.

What can we do if one or some of our students are discouraging the authority, leaving the class repeatedly for some reasons, appearing not to pay attention during class, smell strongly of body odor, verbally or physically threatening to you, practice annoying and/or disruptive behaviors, monopolizing the conversation, fall asleep in class, repeatedly tardy, refuse to participate in class discussions or group work, sharing or copying work, submit a plagiarized paper, sit in the back and chat with a classmate, or just plain disrespectful and others? Aside from the issues of student’s behavior, how to achieve a good classroom environment?


Teaching Performance: Let's Evaluate

There are several ways you may get feedback about your teaching:

Through your Students

It is advantageous to collect feedback from students part-way through the term because it allows immediate adjustments in response to students’ difficulties or suggestions and it allows the students who made the suggestions to benefit from the adjustments. 

One-minute paper

The one - minute paper  is a simple exercise, not incompatible with formal departmental lecture questionnaires. It can be used in lectures or classes and students should readily understand that different concerns are addressed by the different feedback methods.


Good Things About Science School

Science is a body of knowledge ideas, thoughts, and everything about in this world and in the universe or simply science is everywhere. Actually this is one of the major subjects in a typical school it is because it provides a unique training for students in order to analyze and interpret different data and discover different things like biology, mathematics and etc.

At the different definitions of science we can see the importance of its essence, that’s why some persons develop the Science School or the Science Education.

In Science School, aside from the subjects that offered in a typical school, they also concern to share the content of science in individual in which their student was provideda better development and understanding the standards for science education. They added subjects like advance mathematics, research, and other advance sciences that will be used for their future career.


The Ladder to Success

Education is a very important aspect in every Filipino’s life. Ever since our parents believe that education is the only wealth they can give to us and the first weapon we can possess to face the real battlefield of life. Yes, true! I agree! Some of us are just aware of the traditional college degree programs that they think is there gateway to succeed and have a good job. But in fact, there are many alternative learning system that been made for us to have education and training that can fit us to a particular job.



The Big Ideas of Understanding by Design

1)   UbD is a way of thinking purposefully about curriculum planning and school reform, a set of helpful design tools, and design standards - - not a program or recipe

2)   The end goal of UbD is understanding and the ability to transfer learning – to appropriately connect, make sense of, and use discrete knowledge and skills in context.

3)   Evidence of understanding is revealed through performance when learners transfer knowledge and skills effectively, using one or more “facets” (explain, apply, perspective, empathize and self-assess)



Learning doesn’t stop in the four corners of the classroom. It always been a challenge to educators and instructional developers to cater the needs of the pupils. Innovations and techniques in teaching is rampant. Everything focused on the welfare of the learners. But how can we contribute to all of these changes and start the light in our own community? The answer is very simple; It’s just you, your time and your interest.

Our society today is mainly a mobile being. In just one click, information comes in. Everything we wanted to know is just a seconds away. These globally inclined scenario affected most of the industries even the educational sector. First world countries already started the techniques and planning. A lot of association related to e-learning emerged. But, these boils down to one question; Can the Philippines be one of them?


"Politics" in Instructional Supervision

The word “politics” attaches to it the word “leadership.”  In Philippine Education, supervisors exclaim exasperation at changes every time there is a change of Secretary Education.  Teachers have no choice but to adopt the changes.  This is reflective of Philippine history that showed a change of leaders as the country went through Spanish colonizers and  American rule.  When the Americans took over from the Spaniards, the educational system was poorly structured because of the archipelagic nature of a thousand islands. 



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