Essay Writing Help: Types, Importance, and Benefits

When you’re a student, assignments, and essays seem endless: and no matter how much effort you put into completing your homework, the challenge doesn’t disappear. Various disciplines, challenging topics, and loads of tasks require a lot of time and energy. However, all these assignments work towards developing your base knowledge and relevant skills that will help you develop as a professional in the future. Thus, searching for a way to resolve this problem and improve your learning productivity is inevitable.


How Essay Writing Services Work

Although the idea of essay writing services is far from being new (as it has been up and running for over a decade) most of the students are careful and indecisive when it comes to delegating their assignment to someone else. But hold on, can we blame them?


How to Write an Introduction to an Essay: Useful Tips for Newcomers



10 Effective Methods to Relieve Stress Through Writing

Stress affecting our bodies is a hot topic nowadays. According to the American Psychological Association, 61% of college students are consulting specialists on the matter of anxiety and stress.


Introduction to TV Production

An Introduction to TV Production

I'm going to assume you're serious about this; that you want to learn more than you'd need to know just to make home movies of your vacation, your little brother's birthday party, or your trip to other places and Disneyland.

The instruction manual that came with your camcorder or DSLR should cover these needs.


The El Filibusterismo

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El Filibusterismo’ is Jose Rizal’s second novel written as the sequel of his ‘Noli Me Tangere’. Commonly nicknamed ‘El Fili’ or simply ‘Fili’, the novel was written also in Spanish. Its commonly known English alternative title is ‘The Reign of Greed’.

The writing and printing of Fili

Rizal started writing El Filibusterismo in October 1887 in Calamba during his first homecoming. The novel was thus written against the background of threats and oppressions he and his family suffered because of the Noli and the so-called Calamba agrarian trouble.

He continued working on it, making some revisions, in London in 1888. Rizal then went on to write the novel in Paris, and then in Brussels where distractions were less and the cost of living was cheaper. Being able to focus on finishing the book, Rizal had finally completed it by March 29, 1891 in Biarritz.


The Importance of Logic in Writing

ALMOST ALL WRITINGS involve argument, that is, the effort to support some assertions (called conclusions) with others (called premises), the truth of which are in turn substantiated by more specific or immediate evidence.
When you write a journalistic article, or an essay or term paper for a course, or a memo, business letter, research report, or proposal for a job, implicitly included in your goal is to influence the readers to agree with your assumptions. Hence, it is important to select your proofs cautiously. Equally necessary is being familiar with the logical ways of organizing the evidence that the conclusion would appear acceptable. Remember that the soundness of argument relies not only on proofs, but also on logic or the way one uses the evidence in his reasoning.


The Mystifying 'Not' in the English Language

THE WORD ‘NOT’ enters the dictionaries as an adverb. It is considered a ‘negative adverb’ because it basically expresses the notion ‘no.’

In Modern Symbolic Logic, the word ‘not’ finds its place in the topic ‘negation’—a special kind of compound proposition. The word ‘not’ essentially appears in negative propositions because it is the one usually used to convey the negation (or denial, or refusal) of a particular proposition.


What is editing?

“EDITING DEMANDS JUDGMENT, imagination, dedication, and some creativity—all qualities derived from experience rather than principles and formulas.
          “The editor decides what shall and what shall not go into his publication on the basis of what he conceives to be the publication’s mission and philosophy.
           “The most useful man on the newspaper is one who can edit ...


Ambiguity and Vagueness

AMBIGUITY IS THE QUALITY of having more than one meaning or being open to more than one interpretation.  A state of being uncertain or unclear, it specifically occurs when there are definite interpretations, but as to which interpretation is meant is unclear. In most writing and speaking, ambiguity poses a problem as it can lead to the misinterpretation of the intended message.

With the possible exception of scientific terms, almost every word in a natural language has more than one use. When a term has acquired too many uses that it becomes very difficult to determine the meaning, then the term has become ambiguous ...



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