The Big Ideas of Understanding by Design

1)   UbD is a way of thinking purposefully about curriculum planning and school reform, a set of helpful design tools, and design standards - - not a program or recipe

2)   The end goal of UbD is understanding and the ability to transfer learning – to appropriately connect, make sense of, and use discrete knowledge and skills in context.

3)   Evidence of understanding is revealed through performance when learners transfer knowledge and skills effectively, using one or more “facets” (explain, apply, perspective, empathize and self-assess)

4)   Educators are coaches of understanding, ont mere purveyors of content or activity

5)   Planning is best done “backward” from the desired results and the transfer tasks that embody the goals

6)   UbD transforms Content Standards and other goals into focused learning targets based on “big ideas” and transfer tasks

7)   Design Standards guide self-assessment and peer review of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for quality control

8)   UbD reflects a “continuous improvement” approach to design and learning.

Understanding by Design is a framework for improving student achievement. Emphasizing the teacher’s critical role as a designer of student learning, UbD works within the standards-driven curriculum to help teachers clarify learning goals, devise revealing assessments of student understanding and craft effective and engaging learning activities.

 The Author of this new innovation in teaching are looking forward that our students/learners now a days should think like a scientists/ the critical thinking; Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

About the Author:

Annabelle Pomar-Dacanay is a third year teacher at Makati High School, she started working from 2006- up to the present,faculty member of the Social Studies Department and still studying her masteral at Rizal Technological University.



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