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Contemporary Approaches in Teaching Social Science & Philosophy Subjects

Contemporary Approaches in Teaching Social Science & Philosophy
copyright 2016 by JENSEN DG. MAÑEBOG

SubjectsSocial Science vs. Philosophy

-Philosophy involves a more critical and analytical approach whereas social sciences deal with more of a scientific approach.

-Social sciences adopt a more scientific approach. Philosophy is not necessitated to use the scientific method.
-Philosophy uses the ‘descriptive approach’ (Philosophy of Religion), the ‘prescriptive methodology’ (Ethics), some ‘intuitive speculations’ (Philo of Man/Metaphysics) and the ‘critical/analytical approach’ (Logic).

Both are important:
The functions of Philosophy include:
(1) to better appreciate the meaning and purpose of the human experience – both broadly in the nature of the human condition, as well as within each unique individual (e.g. student), i.e., his self-identity and purpose,
(2) to reveal wisdom, i.e. to better explore and address the “big questions” and meet the challenges in the human condition.


Engineering Management

This exam is for Engineering student with Engineering Management. It covers the topic: Managing Production Operation, Marketing and Finance.

The result (in print screen copy) must be submitted to my email add. 



Basic Concepts on HTML

 What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language

  • Hyperlink: Allows for non-linear linking to other documents


Joy G. Salazar: A Profile

Mrs. Joy G. Salazar

571 Peralta Compound San Miguel Pasig City


GENDER:                               Female

CIVIL STATUS:                  Married


Fun Quiz: Philippine Geography, History and its People

History: Facts about the Philippines and its People

History uncovers things that are unknown to most of the people and the forgotten memories of the past. It produces lessons for humanity that has been tested and hardened by time. People’s knowledge of our history is minimal, that is why for those who acknowledges this reality should at least contribute for benefitting the many.


From Textbooks to Tablets: Why More Students are Using Advanced Gadgets

TWO DECADES AGO, the usual classroom setting involved a blackboard with chalks for writing.  The tables and chairs especially in public schools are dreaded with vandals from the previous year’s musings.  Of course each student are given textbooks for study guides – most books are worn out since it had been handed down from unknown years the government ordered it down for distribution.  You would be lucky enough to see a textbook with complete book pages.  If you grew up in a private school, it’s a different story.  You would expect that every year, the chairs and are new and you will receive the latest reference books for each subject you have – and there is absolutely no sharing of books, which is a good thing. 


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

J.F. Balanban Banasen


Teaching children completes my life. It is more than a bread and butter to me. I feel happy everytime I see my pupils performing well. Seeing them going in the right track and fullfilling their dreams is already an acheivement for me as their teacher and knowing that they already reahed the pick of success is a fullfilment.



Name                  Jessie Flor Balanban Banasen




The world is developing so fast, different modern technologies have been developed, Buildings and infrastructures are easily built.  Who are these professionals are skilled enough to create the said new world?

Engineering is one of the toughest courses in Universities and Colleges.  It’s a profession that develops our theoretical scientific knowledge, technical skills, and implementation and developments of existing technology within the field of engineering.  The said degree is accessible in other countries and here in the Philippines.

The Republic of the Philippines is still developing and enhancing this course to have an aspiring future Engineers in time.  Some of the latest updates that we should be informed of, there are tertiary qualifications in engineering that has been implemented, Professional Engineering, Engineering Technologist and Engineering Technician.  Professional Engineers focuses in applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to come up with solution.  Engineering Technologist specialize in the development and implementation of existing technology within the field of engineering.  Engineering Technicians this field is specialist in skills and techniques to a specific branch of engineering.


Engineering Education in the Philippines

Engineering Education in the Philippines: “Gap between the head and hands is very wide”

The head knows what to do and make decisions and the hands do all work..

It simply means that we have to make both works in order for us to succeed in real life industry, because knowledge is gained by reading and skills are gained by experience.

What is knowledge?  In industry with the absence of knowledge and skill, people can’t even do or start a job or work. Do you think enough knowledge is really good enough to start a work? If you think you do. YOU’RE WRONG!

Many schools here in the Philippines offer industrial & engineering courses. And yes they offer knowledge and good learning coz you find books anywhere for their teaching and even in the internet. You have Google, Wikipedia etc. But what about skills? Due to lack of machinery, tools & equipments for the students to be use in school or training purposes, how do you expect their skills to develop?  The fact that most of engineering students or industrial technology here in our country is not that competitive in our industry is because of that. Maybe in the theoretical we are good, but in skills? Maybe not that good. Well, maybe these happen because we are far behind technology unlike other countries.



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