Classroom Management

In teaching every educator encounter different issues or difficulties of students and how to deal with them takes a lot of effort, learning and experiences.

What can we do if one or some of our students are discouraging the authority, leaving the class repeatedly for some reasons, appearing not to pay attention during class, smell strongly of body odor, verbally or physically threatening to you, practice annoying and/or disruptive behaviors, monopolizing the conversation, fall asleep in class, repeatedly tardy, refuse to participate in class discussions or group work, sharing or copying work, submit a plagiarized paper, sit in the back and chat with a classmate, or just plain disrespectful and others? Aside from the issues of student’s behavior, how to achieve a good classroom environment?

The answer is classroom management. Classroom management implies an ability to deliver all the items that the teacher has planned effectively and systematically, without any deviation from the goal, but at the same time, leaving some scope for flexibility. (by Dr Sujata Rana, Associate Professor, Department of English, CRM Jat College,Hisar). Classroom management could be different from different educators. But the establishment of this classroom management have these goals for most of the instructors; first, to develop the best learning environment that possible to every student; second, to expand the student responsibility and self – directive.

It is important that from the first meeting you have set your rules and requirements, syllabus is the best tool to provide the visibility of these and have to be given to every student for a particular course. Following the real time schedule, keeping the discussions and the activities aligned with the learning objectives. For effective classroom management it must be aligned with instructional goals and activities.  The class can be manage in a better and rewarding way through careful preparation and selection of the tasks, clear transmission of guidelines and instructions and adequate monitoring.



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Robbie Christine R. Bathan. She is currently taking up her masteral degree MSEE major in Industrial Engineering at Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong. She is a faculty member in Industrial Engineering Department at Batangas State University.



I think students can relate in this article due to different behaviors in class stated here and will make them realize how important classroom management is. "The class can be manage in a better and rewarding way through careful preparation."

your article is truly an inspiration, great job!

Yes, it is true that every educator is experiencing difficulties while at their class and it needs time to deal with these issues. It’s true that we cannot please all our audience to be with us in the entire period of time due to some matters. But as the author said in the article, classroom management can be a solution. Through this management, all will be settle since it implies rules/regulations/policies that will probably solve all the issues within the class and therefore will have a smooth and good interaction in the class. Thank You Mam Robbie for this article. For sure, students can relate to this especially to those who are problem in the class. God Bless!

How sad... Feeling guilty because I know I'm one of those problem student for "sometimes", not paying attention or chatting with seatmates. With classroom management as a solution, I think rules and regulations set during the first meeting should be consistently implemented all throughout the semester.

Classroom Management is a lot harder than it sounds! As part of the management and lecturing force of a Review and Tutorial Center, I understand the need for this. Thank you, Engr. Robbie for this article. I'd have to admit that I could really use more knowledge on Classroom Management, and reading this has definitely done me some good. In fact, all educators should read this in order to establish a better learning environment through better learning relations with the students! Congratulations on your article! :)

Classroom Management is one of the most important aspects of teaching. Without good classroom management there is really no way that content can be taught effectively.

I agree with the comments above. It is true that classroom management is really important to have a smooth and sound learning environment. Even in a kindergarten or day care center, classroom management is being observed. Young kids are properly trained to be initiative and be responsible with the help of classroom management. So with this, proper implementation of rules and regulations, and consistency, and also with the initiative and responsible students, classroom management is maintained.

Classroom Management is the key to effective learning of every student. With the guide of the rules and requirements, students will able to focus in every activity that they are going to do. It is also an effective way to encourage every student to study. This article must be read of every teacher for them to have a better learning environment.

Classroom is the second house of a student so it's important to have a good classroom management, for them to learned those things that they can use in the future. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT can encourage students or the class to progress their current ability level and this article is a good explanation for what must be the action of all teachers out there. :)

This article just proves that being a professor is not an easy job to do. They have to know variety of ways of teaching. They also should find ways to keep the students interested on the topic that are being discussed. So kudos for all of the professors,teachers or lecturers.

classroom management is a type of orderliness which more effective to a student to study :D

It's true that classroom management is very important in today's generation. And because most of the time we are in classroom we should practice it for us to become concentrated and to focus on our studies.It will encourage the students like me to study harder and as a result it will help us to pass the subjects. Thank you for this article because i became knowledgeable about classroom management:)

Classroom management is very important in order to have a harmonious relationship between the student and the professor within the classroom.It helps students to boost self-control. It also enhances an organized and coordinated education system and it establishes a good foundation for the students.

It is true that classroom management is very important. It can help a lot of students to become enthuasism to their study. It will become efficient if we follow the guidelines as a students. Thanks to the author of this article.more power.

Classroom management motivates students to study harder and improve their learning skills. It is also an effective way on how student comprehend with their lesson and it also develops student's self-discipline.

Being a student for more than 15years, school, more specifically, the classroom, has been my second home. And I admit that this is where I got most of my habits and traits (I'm afraid not all of them are good). It is, indeed, really important to maintain proper classroom management to inspire students and learn to respect their professors and treat them accordingly.

A well-managed classroom is very important to maintain the orderliness and discipline inside the classroom. And also learning becomes more interesting and enjoyable. ;)

Having a good communication and coordination between the student and the professor leads to learning. This can be achieved by the help of classroom management.With classroom management the students will learn to respect their professors, behave in class and learning will be fun. Student and the professor can both relate to this article.

This article proves that being a professor is not that shows how hard working and dedicated our professor really are. Classroom Management is important in maintaining orderliness and making the student behave. student and professor can really relate to this article.

that's why professor can handle such situation inside a classroom. handling different kinds of persons is not an easy thing. like our dear prof said " if you have 100 students you should also have 100 different criteria"...

classroom management is indeed a very challenging task, imagine dealing with different kinds of students all at the same time confined in a four-cornered room? it is true that educators should set rules and see to it that we students are well informed of what to do and what to expect through out the course.

classroom management is indeed a very challenging task, imagine dealing with different kinds of students all at the same time confined in a four-cornered room? it is true that educators should set rules and see to it that we students are well informed of what to do and what to expect through out the course.

This article give me an idea of what classroom management is. As a result, students will have a better performance in school. Classroom management is an effective way to achieve a good classroom environment. marlou.varri.ocampo

classroom management for me can help not just students but also for the instructors to practice and improve their teaching method. This program should be given time until to its near perfection to help students respectively in their academic programs.

Classroom Management..Step for a better future..

This article shows that the job of a teacher is not easy and classroom management is the key to an effective learning for students.. Classroom management aims to encourage and to establish students to have self-control for them to be better.

Developing the best learning environment to all possible students is a hard task but this problem can be solved by effective classroom management. The article is a great help for teachers and also for students.

As an undergrad college student, I am really expecting an effective classroom management in every course that I take. This will help me learn lessons in a more efficient way. An effective classroom management will lead to a systematic flow of lessons, helping students to learn in an organized scheme even if the lessons are complex in nature. Also, a professor/instructor with an effective classroom management makes him/her more credible as a professional.

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