Physical Education

Physical Education

10 Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity or regular exercise helps many of the body’s system to function better.
Regular exercise does more than keep us fit and benefits everyone in many ways, so get moving and start reaping the rewards exercise has to offer.
The following are what exercise can give you:
1. Improves your overall health.
Physical activity will make your overall lifestyle much better. You can live your life to the fullest.

Got cellulite, anyone?

It is quite cute when you are blessed with a pair of dimples. It accentuates your smile and gives you a unique look.  But dimples on your thighs, buttocks, tummy and upper arms, no way!

To all women, fat or thin, this video might help enlighten you on this unsightly cottage cheesy flesh. Enjoy! 

MEMO: Overcome Mr. Stress by Walking and Meditation

 “Learning to walk again, I believe I’ve waited long enough, where do I begin?”
                                                                   -WALK, Foo Fighters
RECALLING THE MUSIC VIDEO of the Foo Fighters’ hit “Walk”, Dave Grohl impatiently left his car in traffic and walked instead to reach his destination. He may have been visited by Mr. Stress over and over again. And this may have been the case with the majority of students, as well as many of the staff, faculty and administrative officials. Certain authors teach us how to overcome stress in the cheapest and simplest ways ...


This article was submitted by a teenager from Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines. (You, too, can  have your lectures, readings, modules, researches, articles, etc. published here. Send them through e-mail to

ONE MID-AFTERNOON while waiting for my mother's  appointment with her cardiologist, I noticed an article written in one of the monthly newspaper of a certain Health Maintenance Organization. For me, it made a lot of sense that I decided to share it.

Why Pacquiao should learn defense or be knocked out by Mayweather


Boxing is basically a self-defense discipline. So though being superb in offense is an advantage in this sports, seriously training how to defend oneself is indispensable to win over an equally skilled opponent. Watch this funny video of an MMA fight to understand this point. Happy viewing!

Some things we need to know about aerobics

AEROBICS STRENGTHENS THE HEART and lungs and builds endurance. For those who wish to reduce weight, aerobics is also a ‘must-try’.

Though some suggest that we need to do aerobics for a minimum of 30 minutes at least three times a week, some experts say that 20 minutes at least thrice a week would suffice.

Reader’s Digest: How to do Just About Anything (The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville, New York, 1986) explains that aerobic means “occurring in the presence of oxygen.” Doing it “stimulate[s] more rapid and efficient transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Oxygen is needed to burn the fuel (calories) that provides the energy for the exercise. In essence, the blood flow to the heart increases, requiring the heart to pump harder. Since the heart is a muscle, the harder it pumps, the stronger it becomes.”

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