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Tips on How To Earn the Respect of Other People

Respect, as a matter of fact, is not really that easy to earn. One should gain it, keep it, and maintain it, for there it is priceless.
The following are some helpful tips on how to earn the respect of other people:
1. Listen to someone who is speaking.
If you patiently listen, he/she will see your appreciation, respect, concern, and attention.


10 Helpful Ways to Get Away from Anger

Anger is one of the natural human emotions. But excessive anger could be harmful to our well-being and to those around us. This article will teach you 10 helpful ways to get away from anger in the heat of the moment, and reduce the overall amount of anger you feel in a day-to-day basis:

1. Go away from the situation.
If you got angry in a room or office, go out and get some fresh air or try to have a walk.


10 Inspirational Quotes in Pursuing Dreams in Life

Religiously speaking, ‘mantra’ refers to the holy words used in meditation. Mantras are sacred words, chants, or sounds that are repeated during meditation to facilitate spiritual power and transformation of consciousness.
Without subscribing to any eastern religious beliefs, we can also have our own ‘mantras’. We can take them from various scholars or writers whose words are essential as they impart valuable lessons in life and inspire us to work for our dreams.


10 Ways to Stay Faithful in a Relationship

Being faithful is adhering firmly and devotedly to the one you chose to be committed to. This is one of the valuable factors for a relationship to last.
The following are 10 ways to stay faithful in a relationship:
1. When you are in a relationship, make sure that she or he is the one you really love.


Lessons in Life: The 10 L’s of a Balanced Life

1. LEARN TO BE content with what you have.
2. Learn the true meaning of life and fulfill it.
3. Learn the secrets to long life. Exercise and eat healthily.
4. Learn the horrific consequences of immoral acts.


Teaching Values

Teaching Values




30 Life Lessons on Treating Others

30 Life Lessons on Treating Others
© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog
1. Rebuild your self-esteem through friendship
Negative criticisms do add insult to our insecurities and tear down our sense of self-worth. A blast of destructive criticisms leaves us bruised and troubled and makes us feel unwanted. But true and loving friendship does rebuild one’s self-esteem.

2. Never lose faith in humanity
Have faith in the Creator and the humanity He created. Indeed, some people had chosen to become evil, contrary to what God wants. But humanity is “like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become (necessarily) dirty” (Mahatma Gandhi).

3. Remember that the other is a mystery
Never think that you already really know someone completely. Do not make assumptions. Don’t presuppose either that somebody totally knows you—your thoughts, opinions, and conditions.

4. Share your blessings
Finding a way to give back is satisfying. When a person becomes happy because of our selfless acts, we feel a sense of fulfillment. Sharing your blessings is never meaningless.


5 Tips on How to Make Your Romantic Relationship Last

Good relationships improve many aspects of your life, strengthen your health, mind, and relations with others. Some say that relationship is like an investment in which, “the more you put in, the more you can get back.”
The following are 5 tips on how to make your romantic relationship last. Hopefully, these tips can help keep your relationship strong and last a lifetime:
1.Apologize when you are wrong
If the problem is your fault, you can say “I'm sorry” in various ways. You may express it in a funny or ‘cute’ manner. Just avoid the so-called sarcastic way. Always apologize when you make a mistake.


On Caring for Our Brothers

THE “GIANTS OF THE FOREST” have a distinct characteristic that enables them to survive even strong high winds.
Well-known to forest dwellers and hunters as Redwoods, the Sequoia trees are strikingly very steady and enduring. Distinct from other trees that usually sink their roots to a depth proportionate to their height, Redwoods, which tower above the earth at tremendous heights, send their roots outward to intermingle with each other. Collectively, these trees make a shatterproof stronghold, enabling them to weather all kinds of destructive winds ...


A Prayer Before an Office Meeting

This morning, before we carry out one of our responsibilities in the office, we humbly come to you in prayers, we offer you our bountiful thanksgivings—for not only did You wake us up again today with our precious life and strength, but also You have allowed us to safely reach our office, that we may be able to fulfill the duties that were entrusted unto us.
          Before we ask of You to grant our needs, allow us to do the privilege to glorify Your most holy name, kindly accept the humble worship of your poor servants, together with our supplication to forgive us for all our sins and understand our natural weaknesses ...



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