Good Things About Science School

Science is a body of knowledge ideas, thoughts, and everything about in this world and in the universe or simply science is everywhere. Actually this is one of the major subjects in a typical school it is because it provides a unique training for students in order to analyze and interpret different data and discover different things like biology, mathematics and etc.

At the different definitions of science we can see the importance of its essence, that’s why some persons develop the Science School or the Science Education.

In Science School, aside from the subjects that offered in a typical school, they also concern to share the content of science in individual in which their student was provideda better development and understanding the standards for science education. They added subjects like advance mathematics, research, and other advance sciences that will be used for their future career.

Aside from teaching of facts and principles, in Elementary it focus on simple natural phenomena of science, the student will go to different experiments or carried out in-the-field.In secondary level the science should focus on laboratory work which is guided with prepared lists of specific experiments. After the secondary levels they will ensure that their graduates were ready for college.

Here are some Good Things about Science School

A very Prepared Student to College

Because of the some advance Science, Research and Mathematics subjects in high school those subjects will also be taken in college and since they have taken it, it will be an advantage to them to answer different questions.  

They are  producing competitive citizen

They are not just producing a competitive student but they are producing competitive citizen because the critical thinking, effective communication, the competitive researches and collaboration skills that science can give they produce a generation of individuals who are prepared for any career and can make greater contributions to society.

They produce a critical thinker.

 A student, who graduated in science school, thinks critically because of science concept that it must be proven, and also, students who have a solid knowledge base in science will later be more open to different and new ideas.

They can Produce Future Scientist

Since they are more knowledgeable in different area of science they have a big chance to contribute in different inventions like in medicines, technologies and many more that will be needed by the growing society.

Good Things About Science School


Mark Gerald M. Quinia was the author of this lecture entitled Safety Management. He is an Industrial Engineering Graduate at Batangas State University. He is also currently enrolled at Rizal Technological University taking up Master of Science in Engineering Education major in Industrial Engineering. He was trained in Basic Occupational Safety Health training thru the Occupational Safety and Health Center under the Department of Labor and Employment. The author is currently working at Batangas State University as an instructor; he loves to make filipino poems and dream to become a great Filipino poet someday.


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