To Contribute Articles ADVOCATES THE PRINCIPLE that we also learn from each other by reading each other's literary and journalistic works.

That OurHappySchool may become a pool of various information from anybody, it accepts original and plagiarism-free contributions from anyone (students, graduates, teachers, out-of-school youths, etc.) which would be published on-line.

BLOG-TYPE articles and COLUMNS are very much welcome that the contributor's article and/or name may be promoted in the block/s of this online academic magazine.

This academic site also accepts educators as contributors under certain conditions. Educators' blogs/articles in are read and used not only by the educators' respective students but also by other teachers and students, thereby making the blogs truly benefecial and influential. (Interested parties may send their plagiarism-free articles/lectures to

The site has its own search engine (upper right section) through which students can easily find their teachers' lectures by just typing its title (without memorizing the long and complicated URL). The lectures/blogs in the site will have ‘comment section’ where students can be instructed to leave comments (e.g. by answering one of the lecture’s Guide Questions). The teachers, therefore, can also check the students’ answers/comments on-line.

TEEN-AGERS and KIDS are also welcome to publish their original and plagiarism-free literary pieces here (see guidelines for submission).

Contributors may also write and submit articles (ideally 4 to 6 paragraphs) about:

1. their expertise or interest (e.g. basic tips on how to fix your car, lose weight effectively, prepare for a board exam, etc.);

2. their happy or unforgettable experiences in school, workplace, office, etc.;

3. events, interesting things, places (e.g. your school, alma mater, museums or places for field trip), and personalities (e.g. parents, favorite teachers, officemates, bosses, etc.).

Contributors may also submit their original and plagiarism-free poems, short stories, essays, and the like.

Send your articles (with your name/alias, age [optional], name and place of school/alma mater [elementary, high school, & college], address/ company) through e-mail to

(Important note: By sending us contribution/s, it means that you have agreed to the term and condition that your contributions are plagiarism-free. Since the copyright belongs to the contributor, is not liable to any infraction that your contributions may commit. Thank you!)

As this Happy School is indeed “ours,” feel free to always visit and learn from it, log in, and leave some comments. Happy learning!

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