Learning doesn’t stop in the four corners of the classroom. It always been a challenge to educators and instructional developers to cater the needs of the pupils. Innovations and techniques in teaching is rampant. Everything focused on the welfare of the learners. But how can we contribute to all of these changes and start the light in our own community? The answer is very simple; It’s just you, your time and your interest.

Our society today is mainly a mobile being. In just one click, information comes in. Everything we wanted to know is just a seconds away. These globally inclined scenario affected most of the industries even the educational sector. First world countries already started the techniques and planning. A lot of association related to e-learning emerged. But, these boils down to one question; Can the Philippines be one of them?


"Politics" in Instructional Supervision

The word “politics” attaches to it the word “leadership.”  In Philippine Education, supervisors exclaim exasperation at changes every time there is a change of Secretary Education.  Teachers have no choice but to adopt the changes.  This is reflective of Philippine history that showed a change of leaders as the country went through Spanish colonizers and  American rule.  When the Americans took over from the Spaniards, the educational system was poorly structured because of the archipelagic nature of a thousand islands. 


Job Hunting: Tools and Techniques

Getting ready for a job search? This guide will help you on how to complete job application and become employed.



Consider your resume a job hunting tool, design your resume to catch and captivate the employer’s interest, the immediate purpose of which is to secure job interview. Take note that your resume is not just a chronological record of work experience. Its your sales ad.  You have only 10 seconds, more or less, to show the reader that your resume is worth a second look.

Your resume is highly personal. Only you, can organize, write and rewrite it.  It’s a boo-boo to ask somebody to write your biodata. So learn to write a power resume that is effective and can assure you of a job interview


E-Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages

E-learning, in a nutshell, improves the way we transfer information to learners. It provides a more comprehensive source of information and makes learning more convenient in terms of relative discourse and cost for both money and time.

We are now in a technology driven environment whether we like it or not. The new generation are now exposed and engaged in various form of media that both serves positive and negative effects in the social norms. However, the positive effects & benefits of technology outweigh the negative.


Some Good Things about the Competency Based Education

There was a study that there were no two persons that perfectly the same in this world, it can be because of differences in capabilities, talent, knowledge, and skills that we acquired. Those knowledge, talent, skills etc. may be developed all throughout the experience of a person and also to school.

School is actually the second home of a typical student. Almost all of students’ time was allotted to school, from kinder up to college. It is actually a place where many knowledge or wisdom may acquire but the question are, “How can we apply that knowledge?”, “How can you become competitive after the schooling?”, and ”How  about if a student is not really good in Math, science and other subjects and his only good in his or her skills?. The answer maybe to those questions was the Competency Based Education or the also known as CBE.


Learning: A Click, Touch & Swipe Away Engaging Education through Technology

Learning: A Click, Touch & Swipe Away

Engaging Education through Technology

In a world reliant on technology, from mundane to out-of-the-box activities are covered somehow with it in any ways and means. When the new generation is highly active and entirely proficient in using technologically advanced products and systems (referred to as digital natives), a new format of education and learning which will offer provisions for new demands is now needed to further us all. 


Lecture on Production and Operations Management

Economics of Production and Operations Management


Introduction to Production and Operations Management

Concept of Production and Operations Management

Scope and Objectives of POM


The Best Teaching Methods in the Elementary

The Best Teaching Methods in the Elementary Teaching is is commonly defined in many ways. Among the neophytes, it is mission. Experienced educators define it as a vocation. A tenured teacher like me simply summarizes it as the "3Cs". Common Sense is a basic instinct. Relevant judgement in every situation guides us to do the right action. What will you do with an unruly class with reading problems?

Don't be idealistic with your teaching methods but rather evaluate your approach. Elementary graders are attention seekers by nature. Let them realize they are important in the class through reverse psychology. Give a chance to the very unruly pupil to share his list of positive and negative deeds in day.

Allow the class to open up as to who were helped by his good deeds and were hurt with his mistakes. Make quick count of those who like and dislike him to him realize his standing in the class. This technique requires patience and encouragement. Breaking the barriers of unruliness opens the door for smooth learning in the class.



Contrary to some perceptions, the study of Biology is not only limited to memorization of terms and theories. More than that, the study of Biology requires students to be inquisitive and analytical in applying the different theories in the actual world.  That is why; a good curriculum for Biology Education should include subjects that are practical and problem-based.  In this way, the student’s thinking and practical skills will be triggered and enhanced.

The incorporation of Biotechnology in all Biology subjects should be given utmost importance and emphasis because its real-life applications are what this world currently needs. Biotechnology, by its definition, is a “technology based biology - biotechnology harnesses cellular and bio-molecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet.”

Example includes Stem Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Bioremediation (the use of microorganisms to clean up wastes in the environment), etc.


Electrical Science and Technology

"Ships on Seas"

The electrical equipment aboard ship is inspected and tested during the complete engine survey which occurs every four years.

Such a survey is prescribed under the Rules and Regulations for the Classification of the Ship (depending where your ship is registered)

The electrical survey guidance in this report is based on the periodical survey regulations of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, London.

Other classification societies have their own rules which although similar to Lloyd’s,shouldbe consulted prior to an electrical survey.

Electrical equipment and services aboard ship must also meet the minimum standards by various national and international organization.

For UMS operation, a survey of the associated alarms, controls and fire detection is required.

For tankers/gas carriers and other ships transporting flammable cargo, an additional survey of all electrical equipment in hazardous areas is carried out during each docking survey and annual survey.



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