From Textbooks to Tablets: Why More Students are Using Advanced Gadgets

TWO DECADES AGO, the usual classroom setting involved a blackboard with chalks for writing.  The tables and chairs especially in public schools are dreaded with vandals from the previous year’s musings.  Of course each student are given textbooks for study guides – most books are worn out since it had been handed down from unknown years the government ordered it down for distribution.  You would be lucky enough to see a textbook with complete book pages.  If you grew up in a private school, it’s a different story.  You would expect that every year, the chairs and are new and you will receive the latest reference books for each subject you have – and there is absolutely no sharing of books, which is a good thing. 

Nowadays, most private schools have adapted to the ever-changing technology.  Instructors usually teach using advanced mediums with power point presentations on big screen projectors.  Even assignments are handed down via email and are also submitted through the same medium.  Projects are more advanced and usually involve the use of modern gadgets.  No more cross-stitching and assembling baskets and the like – this is too old school nowadays and is only evident now in public schools. 

The internet played a vital role in the revolution of education.  From the ancient textbooks, it had evolved to computers and tablets.  eLearning, which was introduced as a new method of learning online was in full bloom along with the upscale of online schools where you can study anything from anywhere in the world.  How cool is that?

Along with the advent of computers, books have already been replaced with the use tablets.  The heavy books in the old times have now been replaced with ebooks.  Instead of having print books, the creation of ebooks for study guides and online references was a like a big hit single.  And everything was made easier and more convenient for studying. 

The big question here now is, how long until books go obsolete?  Before, people would go to bookstores to search for the textbooks and other reference guides they need.  Sometimes it was a bit of a hassle to look for specific books and you have to go to several shops before finding a copy of what you were looking for.  Nowadays, people would just switch their computers on and go online.  What they usually search on the internet would be online deals for the most affordable tablets.  Online shopping had become a trend and you’re not in if you’re not shopping online.  Lamido Philippines is one site I’ve noticed lately that’s offering the cheapest tablet deals.  I would have to bet on the truth that most online consumers nowadays are shopping in buy and sell websites like Lamido and Sulit.  And after they have purchased a tablet, the next thing you know, they’re downloading ebooks. 

Even law students are given a big relief with the advanced technology today.  Before, you will find these geeks in the library doing their research and studying.  They carry bulk books with them wherever they go.  But now, they are slowly saying goodbye to the old books and wholeheartedly embracing the use of tablets.  With the use of tablets, they can just download PDF files and law ebooks for their own convenience.  Who knows, in the next two decades, the bar exam itself will adapt to the new technology and eliminate long hand exams.  This may be absurd but if you come to think of it, it might be a possibility. 

With so much advancement in the technology today, how sure are we that in the next few years, school textbooks won’t absolutely be eliminated?  That is another big question.  But whatever answer there might be in the future, education will always play a big part in the way we act, think and live life to be a better person.  Learning will always be a never-ending process.   


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