The world is developing so fast, different modern technologies have been developed, Buildings and infrastructures are easily built.  Who are these professionals are skilled enough to create the said new world?

Engineering is one of the toughest courses in Universities and Colleges.  It’s a profession that develops our theoretical scientific knowledge, technical skills, and implementation and developments of existing technology within the field of engineering.  The said degree is accessible in other countries and here in the Philippines.

The Republic of the Philippines is still developing and enhancing this course to have an aspiring future Engineers in time.  Some of the latest updates that we should be informed of, there are tertiary qualifications in engineering that has been implemented, Professional Engineering, Engineering Technologist and Engineering Technician.  Professional Engineers focuses in applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to come up with solution.  Engineering Technologist specialize in the development and implementation of existing technology within the field of engineering.  Engineering Technicians this field is specialist in skills and techniques to a specific branch of engineering.

Some updates international are also implemented locally here in the Philippines.  There is international agreement like Washington Accord signed in 1989 where in Philippines is present on this curriculum agreement represented by Philippine Technological Council with a Provisionary status.  Washington Accord recognizes substantial equivalence in the accreditation of qualifications in professional engineering, normally of four years duration.  Another is Sydney Accord commenced in 2001 and recognizes the accreditation of engineering technology which basically has three years duration.  Another agreement is Dublin Accord which commenced in 2002, on this agreement it is the accreditation of tertiary qualifications in technician engineering with normally two years of duration.

These advanced curriculum updates and development will lead future engineers into a success and can help develop our nation and most probably the development of the world.


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