Engineering Education in the Philippines

Engineering Education in the Philippines: “Gap between the head and hands is very wide”

The head knows what to do and make decisions and the hands do all work..

It simply means that we have to make both works in order for us to succeed in real life industry, because knowledge is gained by reading and skills are gained by experience.

What is knowledge?  In industry with the absence of knowledge and skill, people can’t even do or start a job or work. Do you think enough knowledge is really good enough to start a work? If you think you do. YOU’RE WRONG!

Many schools here in the Philippines offer industrial & engineering courses. And yes they offer knowledge and good learning coz you find books anywhere for their teaching and even in the internet. You have Google, Wikipedia etc. But what about skills? Due to lack of machinery, tools & equipments for the students to be use in school or training purposes, how do you expect their skills to develop?  The fact that most of engineering students or industrial technology here in our country is not that competitive in our industry is because of that. Maybe in the theoretical we are good, but in skills? Maybe not that good. Well, maybe these happen because we are far behind technology unlike other countries.

Good thing is that there are many agencies here that offer skill training, Specially the Technical Education Skills & Development Authority or also known as TESDA. It is an agency of the Philippine government under the Department of Labor and Employment responsible for managing and supervising technical education and skills development in the Philippines.They offer Technical skill training like welding, encoding, electronics, housekeeping, cooking & many more. At first the skills training was only available for women’s. Nowadays, luckily they open skills training for men too.

But it is more likely if we have these kind of training in our own school so we will became more ready for the future.


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Engineering Education in the Philippines


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