Segunda Katigbak: Jose Rizal's First Love

 Segunda Katigbak: Jose Rizal's First Love
She was Jose Rizal’s “puppy love” and with her the hero was believed to have had “love at first sight”.
Rizal was 16 years old when one Sunday in 1887 he paid visit to his maternal grandmother in Trozo, Manila and there met, among others, Segunda Katigbak, a two-year-younger-than-him ‘colegiala’. In his ‘Memorias de Un Estudiante de Manila’, Rizal graphically described her as a short lady with “eloquent eyes, rosy cheeks, and smile that reveals very beautiful teeth”. Mariano Katigbak, Segunda’s brother and Rizal’s classmate who was also in the house, probably had no idea that his friend had been experiencing “a love at first sight” being bewitched by his alluring sister.
During the 1880s, the Katigbaks of Batangas were known for their successful and very lucrative coffee industry. When Jose met Segunda, she was at the time a boarding student of La Concordia College where Rizal’s sister Olympia was also studying. Jose and Segunda got to know each other more intimately as his visits to his sister Olympia (or rather to his love interest Segunda) in La Concordia surprisingly became more frequent.
How could Rizal forget that incident when he was urged by other acquaintances and conformed to make a pencil sketch of Segunda? “From time to time”, he later recorded in his diary, “she looked at me, and I blushed.” When Segunda one day gave him a white artificial rose she had made herself at school, he gave her in exchange that pencil sketch he had drawn of her.
In hindsight, we can submit that Rizal was somewhat clueless and naïve. As in the song “Paper Roses,” the artificial flower was perhaps Segunda’s way of insinuating that their affection was hopeless from the very start. The ‘rumor’ that she had been engaged to be married to a fellow-townsman, Manuel Luz, even before she met Pepe, was all along true. Rizal’s discovery of the real score later was probably his major reason, being a man of delicadeza, why he did not propose to her, more than his being ‘torpe’ or a reluctant lover.
It was also at La Concordia where the young lovers talked to each other for the last time. It was a romantic day in December 1877 when the confused Rizal came to see the ever-hopeful Segunda. Rizal said goodbye because he would spend his New Year vacation in his hometown starting the following day. Segunda replied that she was also going home to Lipa a day later. She then maintained silence, perhaps giving Rizal enough opportunity to say anything romantic, especially that sweetest tri-syllabic pronouncement which a lover would want to hear from a beloved. To her surprise, Rizal indeed uttered a three-syllable statement. The young Rizal said, “Well, good-bye” (which is virtually equivalent to today’s cold text message “Ah ok” plus a smiley). “Anyway—I’ll see you when you pass Calamba on your way to Lipa”, he nevertheless promised.
Rizal went home to Calamba and woke up the following day determined to fulfill his promise to Segunda. The steamer carrying Segunda anchored in Biñan so Jose saddled his white horse to wait at the road. When Segunda’s carromata passed by, she smiled and waved her handkerchief to him. Initially wanting to follow, Rizal at the last minute turned his horse around and decided to ride home instead. That incident marked the end of everything between the young lovers.
Segunda returned to Batangas and in due time married Don Manuel Luz y Metra who also hailed from a prominent family in Batangas. Segunda’s husband was actually the nephew of her maternal grandmother.

The Luz-Katigbak ancestral house called ‘Casa de Segunda’, an old ‘bahay-na-bato’ which survived the World War II bombings, still exists today in Lipa on a street ironically named ‘Calle Rizal’. The house was restored as a vacation house and later turned into a private museum. The sportscaster Chino Trinidad, a descendant of Segunda and Manuel, once related in a TV interview that Rizal had gone to ‘Casa de Segunda”, played chess and lost to his Lolo Manuel. The historic house has been declared a National Heritage house in 1996 by the National Historical Commission. (© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog)


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Additional Information: The code name of Segunda Katigbak in Rizal’s Diary is “K.” ( It is said in this article that Segunda had been engaged to a fellow-townsman, Manuel Luz. In your own opinion, if Segunda was not engaged to Manuel Luz, is there a possibility that Segunda will agree if Jose will ask her to marry him?

Ito ang sagot ni Ate Ann: oo, kase mukha namang seryoso si Rizal kay Segunda kaya hindi malabong mapaoo si Segunda.

Full name: Segunda Solis Katigbak Parents: Don Norberto Kalaw Katigbak and Doña Justa Metra Solis She was the second child in a family of seven.

Sa iyong palagay ano ang mga posibleng mangyayari kung sila Jose Rizal at Segunda Katigbak ay nagkatuluyan?

Ito ang sagot ni Ann: Hindi. dahil ayon sa nabasa ko, mula ng nalaman ng mga magulang ni Segunda ang tungkol sa kanila ni Rizal, inilayo nila si Segunda, patunay lamang na ayaw talaga nila kay Rizal.

Ito ang sagot sa tanong ni Kristine: Hindi. Kase kahit um-oo si Segunda, nasa tradisyon nila na ang magulang ang mamimili ng mapapangasawa ng kanilang anak, at siguradong hindi sila boto kay Rizal dahil hindi naman ito nakatira kung saan nakatira ang pamilya ni Segunda.

Sa akin palagay sila ay magkakaraon ng mga anak at mamumuhay na ng tahimik sa Calamba, Laguna o kaya sa Batangas kung saan nakatira si Segunda katigbak.

Other information: Dona Segunda, Lola Unday to them, suffered a stroke and died in 1943. Their Lolo Uwel died a year earlier. But before these wonderful couple left this world, they had 9 equally talented and successful children. question: from your own, Rate Segunda Katigbak's beauty. (rate 1-10):) and why?

Sa tingin ko hindi na makakapunta si Dr. Jose Rizal sa mga ibat-ibang bansa dahil mayroon na syang pamilya at susuportahan na niya ang mga pangangailangan nito.

Kung sila Dr. Jose Rizal at Segunda Katigbak ay nagkatuluyan nga hindi siguro maisusulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal ang Noli Me Tangere at ang El Filibusterismo dahil mayroon na syang sariling pamilya kung saan doon na nakapokus ang kanyang buong atensyon.

Another Information: The Luz and Katigbak clans, the leading families of the town, were not only well-versed in the fine art of living, they were a family of artists, scholars, political leaders — many of them educated in the best schools in Europe. Question: Sa palagay niyo kung papipiliin si Segunda Katigbak, sino ang pipiliin niya si Jose Rizal o si Manuel Luz?

Ito ang sagot ko sa tanong ni Jerwin. Siguro mas pipiliin niya si Manuel kasi ang alam ko ay ayaw ng pamilya ni Segunda kay Rizal kaya kung pipiliin niya si Rizal siguro hindi rin magiging maganda ang kanilang samahan?

Sagot ko kay Jerwin. Mas mahal niya siguro si Rizal. Kung hindi lang dahil sa kanyang pamilya baka mas pinili niya si Rizal.

Sagot sa tanong ni Jerwin. Siguro si Rizal parin ang pipillin niya kasi mas mahal niya ito mas gusto niya na makasama ito kung hindi lang dahil sa kanyang pamilya.

Additional Information: The house of Segunda Katigbak is still existing on Calle Rizal in Lipa, the Luz-Katigbak Ancestral House also known as Casa de Segunda. Like in most towns in the country, Lipa was burned to the ground during World War II. Fortunately, the Luz-Katigbak Ancestral house was spared from the bombings. The house has been restored as a vacation house and was recently turned into a private museum. Question: Have you experience falling in love for the first sight? What did you feel that time?

Para skin: 9. Ngresearch ako ng mga picture ni Segunda Katigbak, at nagandahan ako s kanya. .kahit si Rizal ay ngsabi na kaakit akit c Katigbak

Para skin, 9.maganda tlga si segunda katigbak. Kht s iba p nyang larawan. . Tunay n kaakit akit sya.

Segunda Katigbak was the second child in a family of 8— Mariano, Maria Carmina, Maria Ynes, Justa Ysabel, Norberto Jr., Mauricio, and Jose Ma. Isabelo. He's fiancé, Don Manuel Luz y Metra, was the nephew of Segunda’s maternal grandmother, Doña Patricia Luz de San Miguel. After several years Rizal and Segunda parted ways, Rizal wrote of their unhappy ending: "Ended at an early hour, my first love! My virgin heart will always mourn the reckless step it took on the flower-decked abyss. My illusions return, yes, but indifferent, uncertain, ready for the first betrayal on the path of grief." Question: Kung walang fiancé si Segunda Katigbak, sa iyong palagay, maaari kayang naging iba ang buhay ni Rizal? Siya parin kaya ay maituturing na Pambansang Bayani ng Pilipinas?

Sa aking palagay, maaaring mag-iba nga. Maaaring kung walang fiancé si Segunda Katigbak, baka sila ay nagpakasal at namuhay ng tahimik. At pwedeng hindi na siya ang ating Pambansang Bayani.

Additional Information : Segunda, who was only 16 then, married Manuel on January 12, 1879. She must have had a happy wedded life for their union produced thirteen children but only 9 lived: — Cristeta (married to Guillermo Africa Katigbak), Manuel Faustino (bachelor), Flora (married to Edilberto Mendoza), Justa Ynes (married to Dr. Isabelo Macarandang Katigbak), Arsenio (married to Amparo Luz Katigbak), Maria dela Paz (married to Pablo Malabanan Dimayuga), Valeriano (married to Rosario Dimayuga), Julio (married to Carmen Genato), and Fernando (married to Luz Cabal). QUESTION : how sweet the 1st love is ?

Ito ang sagot ko sa tanong ni tintin, Masarap kasi dun mo unang mararanasan ang halos lahat ng first time XD First time ngumiti mag isa at matuwa sa mga simpleng bagay na ginagawa nya. First time malungkot kapag hindi sya nagrereply at ngumiti kapag nagtxt na sya. First time mong isipin sya bago matulog sa gabi.Iniisip mo na sana siya na ang huli mo na sa totoo lang ay malayo nman talaga sa katotohanan. Korni ang First Love pero masarap alalahanin yung mga panahon kung paano ka naging seryoso sa Unang Pag ibig mo.

ito ang sagot ko kay tin, hindi ko maipaliwanag kung gaano kasweet ee. bsta feeling inspired , feeling motivated , happy, lastly feeling inlove =))))))))))

ito ang sagot ko kay christine tenebro, Parang ang saya saya lagi ng mundo mo ganun hehhehe

ito ang sagot ko sayo tine tenebs, Ung feeling na dko maexplain eh. Bsta sobrang saya :)))))))))))) Hhaha.

Para skin 7. .ndi aman aku nggandhan kay katigbak. .average beauty lng, para skin.

Dona Segunda , they also called lola Unday, suffered a stroke and died on 1943.. His husband also died after the year of her death.

Additional Information: Segunda Katigbak is Olympia Bestfriend Question: Sabi nila First Love never Die? sa tingin mo sa Dinami dami ng naging kasintahan ni Rizal? May pagmamahal pa rin pa kayang nararamdaman si Rizal kay Segunda katigbak?

Sagot ko sa tanong ni Antoinette, Sa tingin ko maaring meron maaaring wala , depende naman yun kay Rizal.

Sa opinyon ko, Wala na sigurong nararamdaman si rizal simula ng makilala niya yung true Love niya na si Leonor Rivera. iba kasi yung First Love sa True Love mas matimbang ang true love kesa first Love :)

'''other person say that our first love never die but for me its not true .....kasi para its called puppy love kaya madaling kalimutan oo nag kagusto k sa kanya ngayon but time will come n that u realize with your own self n marami k pang makikilala n mas hihigit p s knya.....

sa tingin ko ay pwedeng mayroon pa at pwede din wala na dahil para sa akin hind pagmamahal ang ginawa ni Rizal sa babaeng nakilala nya katulad nila Segunds Katigbak, Leonor RIVERA Atbp, nirespeto lamang nya sila dahil alam natin na si Rizal ay isang GENTLEMAN na matatawag sa panahon natin ngayon :))

Additional Information: Segunda spent her last days in that home. She suffered from stroke and later passed away on June 16, 1943. ( Question: Ayon sa kasabihan, "Love Never Dies" daw. Sa iyong palagay, may nararamdaman pa kaya si Jose Rizal kay Segunda Katigbak noong nakilala niya si Leonor Rivera?

Additional Inilarawan ni Rizal si Segunda na may mahabang buhok, matang nangungusap na maapoy kung minsan at mapanglaw naman sa ibang pagkakataon, malarosas na kutis na may kasamang nakatutuksong ngiti, magagandang ngipin at may kilos na malanimpa. sinasabing na love at first sight si rizal kay Segunda ,Naniniwala ba kayo sa love at first sight ?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: With the second marriage of her father to Doña Macaria Mendoza y Latorre in 1879, Segunda had 11 other siblings—Leon (Presidente Municipal, 1916-1922), Candida, Justa, Bartolome, Emillano, Manuel Guillermo, Rufa Andrea, Maria Crisfina, Jose Primitivo, Maria Josefina, and Maria Sinforosa. SOURCE: Sino sa palagay niyo ang dinadalaw ni Jose Rizal sa La Concordia? Si Segunda Katigbak o si Olympia?

Sagot sa tanong ni Joanna, sa aking palagay, ang dinadalaw niya sa La Concordia ay si Segunda Katigbak dahil nga kahit alam niya na nakatakda ng ikasal si Segunda ay patuloy niya pa rin itong dinadalaw.

Para sa tanong ni Joanna, para sa akin, si Olympia, dahil maaaring may kailangan siya sa kaniyang kapatid na napakahalaga.

Sagot ko sa tanong ni Ghem,sa aking palagay ay si Segunda dahil siguro ay gusto niyang patunay kay Segunda na siya ang karapat-dapat at hindi si Manuel Luz.

Sagot ko sa tanong ni Ghem,sa aking palagay ay si Segunda dahil siguro ay gusto niyang patunay kay Segunda na siya ang karapat-dapat at hindi si Manuel Luz.

Additional Information: Birth: 1863 - Lipa, Batangas Death: Jan. 16 1943 - Lipa, Batangas Parents: Norberto Kalaw Katigbak, Justa Luz Katigbak

Tanong: Sa inyong palagay sino kaya ang mas magandang lalaki, ang ating pambansang bayani na si Gat Jose Rizal o ang pinakasalan ni Segunda na si Manuel Cruz??

ito ang sagot ko sa tanong ni Lyssa Teng, hindi ako naniniwala mas naniniwala ako sa attraction sight .Love takes time to grow.

Tanong: Sa inyong palagay sino kaya ang mas magandang lalaki ang ating pambansang bayani na si Gat Jose Rizal o ang pinakasalan ni Segunda na si Manuel Luz??

Tanong: Sa inyong sariling palagay sino kaya ang mas magandang lalaki ang ating pambansang bayani na si Gat Jose Rizal o ang pinakasalan ni Segunda na si Manuel Luz??

ito ang sagot kay Lyssa teng ,Hindi talaga, kailangan mong malaman ang tao bago ka makaramdam ng pag-ibig sa kanila, Gusto ko sabihin na ito ay parang isang crush, o kahibangan sa pag-ibig posibleng ito ay lust sa unang tingin kung hindi pa ninyo nakikilala ang tao.

Sagot kay Vera,Regie P.: Tinatanong pa ba yan??Syempre ang ating pambansang bayani,siguro naunahan lng talaga sya ni Manuel Luz.

ito ang sagot ko sa tanong ni lyssa teng , oo pero most sa mga ganito ay hindi nagtatagal at some point both parties misunderstand ito kasi nga best recipe sa love ay yung makiklala mong mabuti agn tao.

My answer to Vera,Regie P.: Cguro ay parehas cla,kasi pipiliin ba nman ni Segunda si Manuel Luz kung ndi sya magandang lalaki katulad ni Dr.Jose Rizal.

Sagot kay Vera,Regie P.: Sa tingin ko ay ang ating pambansang bayanina si Dr.Jose Rizal. Sa talino pa lng ng ating pambansang bayani ay wala ng binatbat si Manuel LUuz.

Sagot sa tanong ni Vera,Regie P.: Sa palagay ko ay ang ating pambansang bayani na si Dr.Jose Rizal dahil sa talino pa lng nito ay dagdag pogi points na..haha

Three years later, Rizal recording his first and tragic romance, said “Ended at an early hour, my first love! My virgin heart will always mourn the reckless step it took on the flower-decked abyss. My ilusions return, yes, but indifferent, uncertain, ready for the first betrayal on the path of love”. ( Question : If Segunda weren't engage and she accepted Rizal's love . Would Rizal still be involve with other girls that's historically significant in his life ?


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