Segunda Katigbak: Jose Rizal's First Love

 Segunda Katigbak: Jose Rizal's First Love
She was Jose Rizal’s “puppy love” and with her the hero was believed to have had “love at first sight”.
Rizal was 16 years old when one Sunday in 1887 he paid visit to his maternal grandmother in Trozo, Manila and there met, among others, Segunda Katigbak, a two-year-younger-than-him ‘colegiala’. In his ‘Memorias de Un Estudiante de Manila’, Rizal graphically described her as a short lady with “eloquent eyes, rosy cheeks, and smile that reveals very beautiful teeth”. Mariano Katigbak, Segunda’s brother and Rizal’s classmate who was also in the house, probably had no idea that his friend had been experiencing “a love at first sight” being bewitched by his alluring sister.
During the 1880s, the Katigbaks of Batangas were known for their successful and very lucrative coffee industry. When Jose met Segunda, she was at the time a boarding student of La Concordia College where Rizal’s sister Olympia was also studying. Jose and Segunda got to know each other more intimately as his visits to his sister Olympia (or rather to his love interest Segunda) in La Concordia surprisingly became more frequent.
How could Rizal forget that incident when he was urged by other acquaintances and conformed to make a pencil sketch of Segunda? “From time to time”, he later recorded in his diary, “she looked at me, and I blushed.” When Segunda one day gave him a white artificial rose she had made herself at school, he gave her in exchange that pencil sketch he had drawn of her.
In hindsight, we can submit that Rizal was somewhat clueless and naïve. As in the song “Paper Roses,” the artificial flower was perhaps Segunda’s way of insinuating that their affection was hopeless from the very start. The ‘rumor’ that she had been engaged to be married to a fellow-townsman, Manuel Luz, even before she met Pepe, was all along true. Rizal’s discovery of the real score later was probably his major reason, being a man of delicadeza, why he did not propose to her, more than his being ‘torpe’ or a reluctant lover.
It was also at La Concordia where the young lovers talked to each other for the last time. It was a romantic day in December 1877 when the confused Rizal came to see the ever-hopeful Segunda. Rizal said goodbye because he would spend his New Year vacation in his hometown starting the following day. Segunda replied that she was also going home to Lipa a day later. She then maintained silence, perhaps giving Rizal enough opportunity to say anything romantic, especially that sweetest tri-syllabic pronouncement which a lover would want to hear from a beloved. To her surprise, Rizal indeed uttered a three-syllable statement. The young Rizal said, “Well, good-bye” (which is virtually equivalent to today’s cold text message “Ah ok” plus a smiley). “Anyway—I’ll see you when you pass Calamba on your way to Lipa”, he nevertheless promised.
Rizal went home to Calamba and woke up the following day determined to fulfill his promise to Segunda. The steamer carrying Segunda anchored in Biñan so Jose saddled his white horse to wait at the road. When Segunda’s carromata passed by, she smiled and waved her handkerchief to him. Initially wanting to follow, Rizal at the last minute turned his horse around and decided to ride home instead. That incident marked the end of everything between the young lovers.
Segunda returned to Batangas and in due time married Don Manuel Luz y Metra who also hailed from a prominent family in Batangas. Segunda’s husband was actually the nephew of her maternal grandmother.

The Luz-Katigbak ancestral house called ‘Casa de Segunda’, an old ‘bahay-na-bato’ which survived the World War II bombings, still exists today in Lipa on a street ironically named ‘Calle Rizal’. The house was restored as a vacation house and later turned into a private museum. The sportscaster Chino Trinidad, a descendant of Segunda and Manuel, once related in a TV interview that Rizal had gone to ‘Casa de Segunda”, played chess and lost to his Lolo Manuel. The historic house has been declared a National Heritage house in 1996 by the National Historical Commission. (© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog)


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Hindi sa lahat ng bagay masasabi nating siya na ,minsan akala lang natin dadaan lng sila sa buhay natin upang tayo'y subukan at upang malaman ang ating kakayahan pagdating sa pagmamahal.Natututnan ko sa istorya na ito na sa pagibig masasaktan tayo, ngunit hindi ito ang ang dahilan para hindi na tayo magmahal na muli.

In Rizal's time women are only allowed to marry a person if her parents allow them to. So in Rizal's case he thought to himself that there is no chance for him to marry her so he gave up

Kung hindi siguro nagkakila sina Segunda at si Manuel malamang nagkatuluyan silang dalawa ni Rizal. Hindi sa lahat ng oras tama ang pagibig kung talagang kayo ay para sa isa't isa kayo talaga kahit na anong mangyari.

Isang napakagandang istorya ng pagmamahalan ang aking nalaman kay Rizal, noon posible ba ang mga ganoong kwento ng pagmamahalan pero sa panahon natin ngayon sa mga palabas na lang sa telebisyon natin nasasaksihan ang mga ganon. Hindi man nagkatuluyan si Rizal at Segunda, ito naman pa rin ay isang magandang alaala para kay Rizal na umibig siya sa tinatawag na love at first sight.

I think Jose Rizal just have an infatuation on Segunda Katigbak. It is because he felt something when he was looking at Segunda which he descibe as gorgeous and he felt something to when Segunda was looking at him.

Sa aking palagay, kaya hindi nagkatuluyan ang dalawa ay dahil ayaw ng ina ni Segunda si Rizal. Natutunan ko na hindi sa lahat ng oras ay makukuha natin ang isang bagay.

Kahit isa lamang itong "puppy love", naging seryoso parin si Jose Rizal sa kanyang nararamdaman para kay Segunda Katigbak. Naging torpe man si jose Rizal meron naman itong magandang dahilan,naging torpe sya dahil alam nya na pinagkasundo na si Segunda Katigbak at ayaw nya siguro na masira iyon.

This quotes by Steve Maraboli is applicable for Rzal's first love: “Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” Is the sketch of Segunda Katigbak made by Dr. Jose Rizal still exist?

Rizal is astonishing. though in a young age , he really knows how to please a woman.

Unang pagkikita pa lamang nilang dalawa ay na love at first sight kaagad si Rizal kay Segunda hanggang sa sila'y naging malimit na magkasama!Ngunit kahit na si Rizal ay isang torpe, alam niyang ang pagsasama nila at namumuong pag-ibig n'ya sa kanya ay "Panandalian Lamang".

Rizal's First love is Hopeless from the Beginning

Dr. Jose Rizal is such a good man. But Segunda got married when she went to Lipa, Batangas, so that Rizal got broken.

i didn't imagine that rizal was so "torpe". I've known him as a sweet lover. after i read this article it made me want to study his interesting life.

Para sa akin Puppy Love ang naramdaman ni Jose Rizal kay Segunda Katigbak ngunit kahit ganoon ay tunay ang naramdamang pagmamahal ni Rizal . Hindi naman lingid sa kaalaman natin na paglipas naman ng panahon ay madami ang naging babae sa buhay ni Rizal .

I think Jose Rizal and Segunda Katigbak is not meant for each other because of many hindrances for young lovers like Jose Rizal is a reluctant lover and Segunda Katigbak is already engaged to Manuel Luz. They are the one who will decide for their happiness so we need to respect their decision because that decision is the best for them and what it makes them happy.

Hindi man naging sila ni Rizal, tunay naman nyang minahal si Segunda.

I think that "love is always a choice" because if they really love each other, no matter what happen they must still have trust with each other even though they are far apart. However, for Rizal it was just puppy love and besides he was too young that time and if Segunda really love Rizal she will never have a doubt to wait for the right time for Rizal to explain himself for his feelings and she wouldn't accept the marriage proposal with Manuel Luz.

I' cant believe that Jose Rizal was attracted or love at first sight in Segunda Katigbak. But there's nothing between Segunda Katigbak and Jose Rizal because of being TORPE or RELUCTANT LOVER of RIZAL.

Pinapaliwanag lang dito na si Rizal ay nakadama ng unang pag ibig nung nakita pa lamang nya si Segunda, ngunit ng kalaunan si Segunda na din ang tumapos at nagbigay ng mga senyales kay Rizal na wala din patutunguhan ang kanilang pagtitinginan dahil nakatakda na syang ikasal na inayos na ng kanyang mga magulang habang siya ay bata pa. Siya ay taong puno ng delicadeza dahil alam nya na pinagkasundo na si Segunda ng kanyang magulang sa ibang lalaki at hindi na sya nagtangkang agawin pa ito kay manuel.

Until now it is natural to fall in love even though were young. Its evidence is when Jose Rizal felt in love with Segunda Katigbak at the age of sixteen (16).

In love, you must persevere and wait. Sayang di sila nagkatuluyan kasi hndi inantay pa ng matagal ni Rizal si Segunda.

I did not expect that Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda our Hero is a reluctant lover, I saw the Humility,Understanding,& Respect of Rizal when Segunda Katigbak decided to get married to Don Manuel Luz y Metra.

Kung sana naging matapang si Jose Rizal sa pagmamahal niya kay Segunda Katigbak , at hindi siya natorpe na sabihin na gusto niyang pakasalan si Segunda ay sila sana ang nagkatuluyan.

Hindi na siguro kasalanan ni Segunda Katigbak kung hindi sila nagkatuluyan ni Jose Rizal, kasi hindi ipinagtapat ni Rizal ang kanyang tunay na nararamdaman para kay Segunda Katigbak.

if segunda katigbak and jose rizal ended up with each other, do you think rizal would still be our national hero?

siguro, kasi umiibig rin naman si Segunda kay Rizal at malaki ang posibilidad na papayag siyang magpakasal kay Rizal.

maaring papayag si Segunda kung mag alok si Rizal na magpakasal sila. But kung nagkatuluyan si Rizal At si Segunda maaring hindi si Rizal ang National Heroe natin ngayun?

If Rizal and Segunda happened to be married, will Dr. Jose Rizal still be our National Hero today? I think all that happened back in that time has became an important part why we have Rizal as our National Hero and also one of the reasons of his works.

Sa ginawa ni Jose Rizal na pagpaparaya kay Segunda Katigbak kahit na sya ay may lihim na pagtingin sa sa babaeng iyon ay nagpapakita lamang na si Jose Rizal ay ay tunay na lalaki at pinatuyan nya din na sya ay edukadong tao.

mas mabuti palang hindi na na engage si rizal kay segunda, marahil pag nangyari yun imbis na ang Pilipinas ang inalala nya ay un pang magiging asawa nya

Base of the story that Segunda had been engaged to Manuel Luz. In your own opinion, if Segunda was not engaged to Manuel Luz, is there a possibility that Segunda will agree if Jose will ask her to marry him?

Maganda sana kung nagkatuluyan sila kasi siya ang unang babaeng minahal ni Jose Rizal. At sa tingin ko ginawa siyang inspirasyon ni Rizal upang matapos niya ang kanyang pangarap.

Dinaman natin masisis si Rizal kung bakit siya ganon ka torpe kasi normal nayon sa atin. Kung dinaman para sa isat isa ang tao o hindi nakalaan sayo wala tayong magagawa kung di harapin i yon.

Hindi, dahil mahal na mahal ni rizal si segunda at hindi niya ito lolokohin.

Napakasaya na isipin na ganito ang buhay noon ni Rizal. Gusto ko pang malaman ang ilan sa mga mahahalagang pangyayari sa buhay niya. Ang totoo niyan ngayon ko lang nalaman ang tungkol sa unang pagibig ng ating pambansang bayani. excited na ko na malaman pa ang ibang impormasyon tungkl sa kanya!

Hindi, dahil mahal na mahal ni rizal si segunda at hindi niya ito lolokohin.

maaring maging simpleng tao lang si Rizal kung nagkatuluyan sila ni Segunda

maaring maging simpleng tao lang si Rizal kung nagkatuluyan sila ni Segunda

Napakasaklap na di sila nagkatuluyan lalo na't ito ang kanyang nasabing first love. Naging first heartbreak kahit hindi man sila nagkaroon pa ng mas malalim na samahan dahil nga nakatakda ng ikasal ang kanyang iniibig sa iba. :(

Jose Rizal just expressed his feelings in the way he is so smart and sweet even on the last part, he was then declined by Segunda Katigbak. One thing that I learned is to accept failures and do something interesting in life that will make us happier.

Ang unang pag-ibig ni Rizal ay si Segunda Katigbak. Noong Disyembreng iyon ay pinakasalan na niya si Don Manuel Luz. Siya ang ina ni Arsenio Luz, na isang prominenteng tao sa larangan ng pangangalakal sa Pilipinas. Kaya tinawag rizal romantiko

sympre masarap mag karoon ng 1st love. alam naman natin na matalino si RIZAL pero nung nag mahal sya umiral pa rin ang puso para sa isang babae.

Sa tingin ko tama lang na tinigil ni Rizal ang panliligaw dahil sa simula pa lang e nagbigay na ng pahiwatig si Seguna Katigbak gamit ang puting papel na rosas. Higit sa lahat ito ay isang "pupp love"

Even a great and intelligent Filipino hero like Jose Rizal didn't know how to court a young lady in a serious way. The radicalism of Rizal's mind in some aspects like literature and others turned into waste as Jose Rizal didn't show a lot. And I knew that even a man who was focus in his own perception and versions of his significance could fell in love as well.

Magkaiba ang paraan ng utak at puso sa pag-gawa ng mga pasya na nagtutulak sa tao ng mamili kung ano ang dapat at ganun si Jose Rizal.

If Segunda did not Married Manuel Luz, what would happen to Rizal if he knows that Segunda is not Married?

Kung ipaglalaban kaya ni Rizal ang nararamdaman niya para kay Segunda Magwawagi kaya si Rizal?

sa tingin niyo ano ang ginawa ni Rizal ng makaramdam siya ng unang pagkabigo sa pag-ibig niya kay Segunda Katigbak?

Para sa akin, mas pabor ako sa desisyon ni Rizal na hindi na ipaglaban ang pag ibig niya kay Segunda dahil una, nakatakda ng ikasal si Segunda sa lalaking nagngangalang Manuel Luz at pangalawa, kung ikasal man sila ay maaring hindi lumaban si Rizal sa gobyernong kastila.

tama lng na di sila nagkatuluyan kasi kung sakasakali wala siguro sa bayan ang isip ni Rizal kundi sa kanilang mga anak ni Seguda.


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