Some Good Things about the Competency Based Education

There was a study that there were no two persons that perfectly the same in this world, it can be because of differences in capabilities, talent, knowledge, and skills that we acquired. Those knowledge, talent, skills etc. may be developed all throughout the experience of a person and also to school.

School is actually the second home of a typical student. Almost all of students’ time was allotted to school, from kinder up to college. It is actually a place where many knowledge or wisdom may acquire but the question are, “How can we apply that knowledge?”, “How can you become competitive after the schooling?”, and ”How  about if a student is not really good in Math, science and other subjects and his only good in his or her skills?. The answer maybe to those questions was the Competency Based Education or the also known as CBE.

CBE is a type of education that was focuses not only in knowledge and attitude but most probably in the talent, ability or the skills of a student, meaning it focuses on the outcomes or on what did students should do and can do. This CBE was student centered, it not just focus in learning theory but more on the needs of the students.

Aside from mentioned above here are some good things about CBE:

Students earn his/her degree through demonstration of skills and knowledge in required subject areas not in number of units earned. Unlike the traditional college this CBE is more focus on the skills or mastery acquired in a specific area of specialization not on the units acquired before the student can graduate.It measures more in learning not the units earned.

It is based on the needed skills in the community, that means specific skills that can acquire was in-demand also for jobs. This CBE provides clear direction for learning new job skills

No matter the age he can back or join the school.

A flexible use of time for students that allows them to build their own pace and advance upon demonstration of mastery.It means also that the time is regardless of how long it takes, but it’s all about the knowledge and skills.

Application of learning is applied which the ability to do something in practice may enhance. Students or participants will apply the acquired knowledge in real or hands-on practices.

More training time is devoted and used it efficiently and effectively to the possible outcomes.

It provides a tool for the recognition of students’ skills and knowledge.

It sets clear expectations students, enabling them to make better decisions and work more effectively for them to be more competitive after the graduation

Actually this Competency based Education or CBE was actually beautiful types of education, whereas the skill level of students and even professionals will enhance and improve it in to the next level. This CBE also can be applied in different courses so that the competency of graduate students will be at high and if the implementation of these CBE was very effective it can improve the quality of education and at the same time it can produce better and different competitive professionals.

Mark Gerald M. Quinia was the author of this lecture entitled Safety Management. He is an Industrial Engineering Graduate at Batangas State University. He is also currently enrolled at Rizal Technological University taking up Master of Science in Engineering Education major in Industrial Engineering. He was trained in Basic Occupational Safety Health training thru the Occupational Safety and Health Center under the Department of Labor and Employment. The author is currently working at Batangas State University as an instructor; he loves to make filipino poems and dream to become a great Filipino poet someday.


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