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 UPCAT is a part of the admission requirements of the University of the Philippines for the aspiring students who wish to study in the said university. The UPCAT is consisted of 4 subtests: Language Proficiency, Science, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension. 

For this examination, this Free E-LEARNING UPCAT SCIENCE Reviewer was primarily made. This reviewer is composed of 52 questions which covers the following topics: Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Astronomy. The student is given 60 seconds for the objective types (true or false, multiple choice, etc...), 90 seconds for the problem solvings, and 5 minutes for the essays.

This was made by the following persons/contributors (see Disclaimer):

Johanna Marie Trespeces
G-Ann Rario
Claire Anne Mercader
Angelica Cabagui
Rochelle Miranda



NAT is National Achievement Test used to access the performance of students and is an examination given annually in March to assess the competency of both public and private school students in the Philippines. It was mainly for this exam that this FREE E-LEARNING NAT HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE REVIEWER was made.

This NAT reviewer is about science, a subject which broadens one's understanding of the world around us--particularly about ZOOLOGY.

This NAT HIGH SCHOOL REVIEWER was made by the following persons: Gene Elane Saliente, Robelle Calderon, Princess Gutierrez, Virgie Garcillanosa, and Alma Mandasoc. Disclaimer


Free Automated NAT Elementary Science Reviewer

ONE OF THE National Achievement Tests (NAT) given in the Philippines is for elementary students. NAT is an annual examination given to evaluate the students' knowledge and mastery over the subjects Mathematics, Science, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan. Particularly for the subject SCIENCE, this Free Automated NAT Elementary Science Reviewer was created.

This is not an official product of DEPed, CHED, or any institution. This is just to help the grade six students to review for their NAT exam.

This reviewer was made by the following persons:Alejandro, Renevie P.

Ecaldre, Bianca Mae A.

Tomas, Alimar Joy T.

Bernardo, Abegail B.

Gaudia, Michael John E.


Free E-Learning UPCAT Biology & Chemistry Reviewer

The University of the Philippines College Admission Test, commonly known as UPCAT, is part of the admission requirements of the University of the Philippines, administered to graduates of Philippine and foreign high schools. For this exam, this Free E-Learning UPCAT Biology & Chemistry Reviewer was drafted.

This automated fun quiz game/reviewer is not an official product of DepEd, CHED, or any institution. This is just to help you review for the examinations. Goodluck!

This technological reviewer was made by:
Zamira Parreno
Marie Esquillo
Margie Casenillo
Abigail Robeso
Glen Lampano



Star is a ball of hot gasses that shines permanently in the sky. Through our naked eyes, they seem to twinkle as we see them but actually they do not. The sun proves that stars do not really twinkle because sun is the nearest star on earth. It never happens that the sun twinkles as it shines during the day.

Stars seem to twinkle at night because of the layers of the earth’s atmosphere. Each layer has air that move around and that bending the light emitted by the star before reaching the earth.



The Human Body is very complex. It involves numerous organs working closely together to carry out a specific task. This functional association of organs are called organ systems or, in some references, body systems or biological systems. The main function of the organ systems is to maintain the homeostatic environment or internal condition of the human body. Thus, making humans work with great efficiency and flexibility. Disruption of this internal balance may lead to certain diseases, complications, and worst, even death.

In this article, I will discuss the different organ systems and their role in maintaining the internal balance of the human body.


Scientism: The worship of god named science

... People are delighted when they find out through science the basis of some natural phenomenon. Who would not be, especially nowadays that tremendous technical advances have been brought by science and thus scientist has acquired immense prestige.
The discovery of materials with semiconductor properties led to the preparation of micro-chips and these in turn to the invention of computers. Computers made possible round-trips to the moon and a host of applications in all aspects of modern life. Imagine the amazement and wonder of one of our ancestors brought back to life as he or she surveys all the tools provided for man’s well-being by modern technology. Night is banished by electric lights, distant events are brought into home by TV via satellites, food is preserved fresh in an electric refrigerator and quickly prepared in a microwave oven, travel to Paris for a shopping tour is made possible by supersonic jet, and so forth and so on ...



Susan Dory Navalta Guiang, the contributor, studied business at New Era University and worked at Myservice and Support Corporation as Marketing Manager.

OREGANO IS A GREAT HERBAL MEDICINE and food flavoring. It is easy to plant and does not require many efforts but provides many benefits. Oregano grow very well in Greece because of the good soil it has which really suits the oregano. Interior gardening for Oregano can be done also. It can grow even in house pots with just its stem and leaves. The leaves of the Oregano can be trim daily and it will continuously grow and produce more as long as you do not cut its roots ...



Susan Dory Navalta Guiang, the contributor, studied Business at the New Era University and worked at Myservice and Support Corporation as Marketing Manager.

IN THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS more and more people are worrying about getting sick. What could be more difficult if you or your family member get hospitalized after you have been laid off from your job? It is an unfortunate fact that many people today are not yet prepared to deal with  health problems. And, you never know when will you be infected by them.



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