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IN THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS more and more people are worrying about getting sick. What could be more difficult if you or your family member get hospitalized after you have been laid off from your job? It is an unfortunate fact that many people today are not yet prepared to deal with  health problems. And, you never know when will you be infected by them.

The swine flu scare is one of the most unexpected occurrences in this economically tightened condition of the country. Since there are some instances when our preventions are not enough to make us safe from sickness, being ready is better than cure. Herbs and natural remedies are safe and effective way to get healed. Aside from being effective, herbs and natural remedies are also more affordable (or free) and are more practical. Check on the following list of herbs and natural remedies which you can find in your home or garden:  



One of the best herbs and natural remedies is Aloe Vera. This plant is a good remedy for burns. The aloe vera plant has a natural healing effect and it has an analgesic action which can provide soothing feeling of your burn wound. After two or three days after you burn, you can break off one fresh leaf of aloe vera and gently rub it on the burn. However, you should not use aloe vera if you have a history of heart disease or if you are using blood thinners.


The carrot is a very nutritive vegetable but do you know that it is also one of the very good herbs and natural remedies in your house? As a pain relief This vegetable can significantly and fast reduce the pain that many rheumatoid arthritis patients feel. Good for diarrhea This vegetable should be included in the diet of a child who is suffering from diarrhea. The carrot juice can replace the electrolytes and minerals which were lost from the child's body due to diarrhea.



What can be more available and affordable herbs and natural remedies product than the ever-present garlic in the house? Many herbalists have recommended the use of garlic as one of the herbs and natural remedies for asthma and bronchitis. Just put thinly sliced garlic on the bottom of a bowl then cover it with maple syrup, and let it stand for five hours. Give it to the patient one teaspoon to ease breathing. It can be taken several times a day because it does not have negative effects.

Remember that these herbs and natural remedies are easy to find and very beneficial, try any one from the listed above herbs and natural remedies and enjoy its healing benefits now.

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