Star is a ball of hot gasses that shines permanently in the sky. Through our naked eyes, they seem to twinkle as we see them but actually they do not. The sun proves that stars do not really twinkle because sun is the nearest star on earth. It never happens that the sun twinkles as it shines during the day.

Stars seem to twinkle at night because of the layers of the earth’s atmosphere. Each layer has air that move around and that bending the light emitted by the star before reaching the earth.

Stars also differ in sizes. The biggest are called super giant, next to that size which is smaller is called red giant and the smallest are called white dwarfs. The sun is called the main sequence star. Amazingly, they also come in different colors. The star which is considered the brightest is bluish-white, next is white, then yellow which is the color of the sun and orange and finally the dimmest and consider the coldest among them all is the red one.

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