Who should be 'the' Philippine National Hero?

Who should be the Philippine National Hero?
IF WE WERE to choose only ONE national hero who is best fitting to be regarded as ‘THE’ Philippine national hero, who would it be among the following? Would it be ...
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JOSÉ Protasio RIZAL Mercado y Alonso Realonda (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896)
He was a Filipino nationalist and reformist and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He was the inspiration and thus wrongly implicated as the leader of the Katipunan Revolution, and that led to his execution on December 30, 1896, now celebrated as Rizal Day. (Read: Jose Rizal's Contribution)
As a political figure, José Rizal was the founder of La Liga Filipina, a civic organization that subsequently gave birth to the Katipunan. He was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution, and would only support "violent means" as a last resort. (Wikipedia)
ANDRÉS BONIFACIO y de Castro (30 November 1863 – 10 May 1897)
He was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. He is often called "the father of the Philippine Revolution". Bonifacio was a founder and later Supremo ("supreme leader") of the Katipunan movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.
He is considered a de facto national hero of the Philippines, and is also considered by some Filipino historians to be the first President, but he is not officially recognized as such. (Wikipedia)
EMILIO AGUINALDO y Famy (22 March 1869 – 6 February 1964)
He was a Filipino general, politician, and independence leader. He had an instrumental role during the Philippines' revolution against Spain, and the subsequent Philippine–American War or War of Philippine Independence that resisted American occupation ... (continue reading)
Aguinaldo became the Philippines' first president. He was also the youngest (at age 28) to have become the country's president, the longest-lived former president (having survived to age 94) and the president to have outlived the most number of successors. (Wikipedia)
Write your CHOICE in the ‘comment section’ below together with your REASON for choosing one over the other options. Happy sharing of thoughts!

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We can fight for our freedom naman diba? Without using non violence ways.. Rizal was a very amazing person at his time. He was humble, fighting for reforms through his writings instead of through a revolution. He used his intelligence, talents and skills in a more peaceful way rather than the aggressive way

Is that your way of proving something? Do you think people will act without realizing and knowing what is really happening during that time? Again, Rizal instead he used his writings to open the eyes of the Filipinos. He dedicated his life for his countrymen without hesitation.

Andres Bonifacio should be the Phil. National Hero. Also called "the father of the Philippine Revolution". He is one of the bravest hero in that time. He use his skills (even though he did not finish his studies). Even though he did not finish his studies. It did not stop him to be a good leader.

Jose Rizal should be our national hero! Because he is the one who inspired the filipinos to fight for their freedom.

I agree with you! Jose Rizal should be the Phil. National Hero. He revolutionized the filipino using his skills by writing novels. It opened the eyes of the filipino that they can achieve independence i they want to.

I disagree with you! It should be Emilio Aguinaldo. He is considered as the first president of the philippines. He is the one who give the independence in our country. His the one who declared it and wave our flag as sign of freedom.

For me, Rizal deserves to be the National Hero of our country. He was the one who awakens the mind of legit Filipinos to bring their own freedom from the Spanish colonies through his writings and revolutionary paperworks. Rizal was the most brilliant person to bring independence to his own country bu serving his countrymen with motivation and aspirations to commit the country's freedom without blood-contact revolution. He sacrifice his own life just to bring independence and peace to rhe Fililipino people and his country.

Yes. Dr. Jose Rizal deserves to be the country's foremost national hero because of his achievements. He knew that by writing the noli me tangere and the el filibuterismo thereby exposing the injustices committed by the civil and clerical officials would put his life and his family's life in danger. He did not retract his writings because he was thinking not only of the welfare of the present generations but also of the future generations.

I agree with your comment Mr. Mañibo first of all it is Jose Eizal because through his novels, Bonifacio and the other katipuneros were inspired. Rizal opened the minds of the people. at first, he resented the revolution for he was not a revolutionary man and he did not want bloodshed. all he wanted was a reformation which the government did not grant. he gave his name and even his life for his beloved homeland believing that through his death a new Philippines would be born with the youth as its leaders.

I diasagree with your comment. For me, Andres Bonifacio should be the Philippine National Hero because he wanted for an ultimate freedom for the Philippines and be separated from the authorities of Spain and that is through a revolution. Well it is true that Bonifacio hassomewhat got this idea of freedom from Rizal but it is Bonifacio who put it into action,what is an idea without an action? Actionspeaks louder than words of ideas. Rizal wascoward that he didn't support the revolutionplan of Bonifacio, but then the revolution was succesful. Also, Rizal was just an American- sponsored-hero, they just insisted Rizal to be the national hero because Americans were afraid that if it was Bonifacio that was the hero, the Filipinos would also revolt the same way as of Bonifacio's.

Para sa akin hindi ako pabor na si Dr.Rizal ang naging National Hero ng Pilipinas, dahil mismo siya ay wala sa sariling bansa upang ipaglaban ang sarili nitong kalayaan laban sa mga kastilang mananakop. Ang marahil para sa akin, si Andres Bonifacio dapat ang tinanghal na Pambansang Bayani sapagkat siya mismo ang namuno ng mga rebolusyon upang makamit natin ang kalayaan. Inalay niya ang kanyang buhay upang makamit lamang ng bansa ang kalayaan, nagtatag ng KKK upang sugpuin ang pangangalakad ng mga kastila sa bansa. Namatay ng may karangalang pagkakabayani at inalay ang sariling buhay para sa kanyang mga kababayan.

For me, it should be Jose Rizal because Rizal gave us freedom by using goodness. He fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. He expressed his love for Philippines through his novels, essays and articles rather than through the use of force or aggression.

I agree with you Rochelle Miranda because he opted for a non violence reform in the government. Instead he used his writings to open the eyes of the Filipinos. He dedicated his life for his countrymen without hesitation.

I disagree, because for me it should be andres bonifacio. For he himself really fight for our freedom. For he and his company sacrifices blood for the sake of many filipinos.

Yes, I agree with you that Rizal should be our national hero because he was capable of revolutionizing the way the Filipino thought. He was able to stir people's inner spirit when he was about to make any speech.

I disagree with you rochelle miranda. Jose Rizal should not be our national hero because it's not that he sacrificed his life for filipinos but what he just did was write books and that's it. more heroes literally fought the spaniards but did not get any merit.. so i think that he does not deserve it..

I disagree with you rochelle miranda because Rizal wanted nothing but for the Philippines to be equals with Spain. He did not want to be free from it. He felt that the country was not yet ready to be independent. In other words, his plan of attack was different.

I highly agree, because no doubt it should be rizal. For he offers his life to make free his fellow countrymen. He made things come into place, though he knew that it will let him to death he still did his part to attain freedom.

It should be andres bonifacio, kasi pinamunuan nya ang katipunan na syang nakipaglaban sa mga espanyol upang makamit ang ating minimithing kalayaan na ipinagdamot ng mga banyagang mananakop

It should be Jose Rizal because he himself influenced Bonifacio to act up. A hero should have done something exceptional that would have a great effect to the nation. This is what Jose Rizal was all about.

I agree because Dr. Jose Rizal is a very genius and a brave person he is loyal to our country. The true Philippine national hero is Dr. Jose Rizal only.

i disagree that Dr. Jose Rizal should be the national hero because Emilio Aguinaldo also fought for our freedom not only for the Spanish colony but also in American colony which makes him more influential.

For me I think Rizal should be the Philippine National hero because he proved that he loved our country and died for it and expressed his nationalism through novels rather than expressing it as a violent act. He also influenced Bonifacio also in his nationalism that triggers him to do revolution.

i agree i think rizal deserves to be the hero because he did noble things in our country better than bonifacio and aguinaldo

In my opinion, Aguinaldo was a better hero than Rizal and Bonifacio because he killed Bonifacio to have a better leadership and he helped also the Americans colonizing our country

Aguinaldo did many things for our country and he also served as a president at a very young age so he deserves to be the Philippine national hero.

Rizal should be the hero of our country. Because he was the one who let our citizens see the real truth about the Spaniards.

For me it is still Dr. Jose P. Rizal who should be the Philippine National Hero. He deserve to be our national hero because among Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo He did something more important in our countrymen, he was also a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform reform rather than through violent revolution. He fought for what he think is right till the last breath.

I agree with your comment that Dr. J.P. Rizal should be our National hero. He did and important role in our Philippine history and from day one till the end he fought for us the Filipino people.

Agree po ako sa sinabi mo na dapat si Dr. Rizal parin ang ating National Hero. Alam naman nating lahat na sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas ay nag ambag ng malaking kontribusyon si Rizal. lumaban sya gamit ang Papel at panulat imbis na sandata kasi ganun ang pamamaraan na gusto nya ang thimik at mapayapa na pag aayos sa mga kalabang Espanyol.

Definitely, it should be Jose Rizal. He contributed greatly in Philippine History. Rizal fight for liberty through peaceful mean and his writings; by that the nationalistic spirit of various Filipinos including other heroes like Bonifacio was awakened.He even dedicated his life for his countrymen without hesitation.

True! It should be Rizal. Namulat ang ating mga ancestors dahil sa mga nobela niya kahit nga si bonifacio inidolo sya dahil sa prinsipyong taglay niya pra sa Pilipinas.

Si Bonifacio dapat e kasi sya ang mas may guts and courage to fight and face the colonizers. For me Rizal is coward pinapatagal niya pa ang pagdurusa ng mga kababayan niya mas gusto niyang maging tuta ng mga Espanyol sabi isa sa objectives ng propaganda movement ay maging province ng Spain ang Pilipinas so it means parang nais din nla totally maging under tayo ng mga mananakop na hayaan na lng natin kesyo mahirap at wlang kakayahan ang bansa natin. It doesn't mean hindi na natin kayang labanan ang mga kastila.

For me, Dr. Jose Rizal deserves to be the Philippine national hero because he open the eyes of the Filipino's through a peaceful advocacy. It was also because of his patriotism, and optimism that we can surpass the Spanish colonization.

Rizal must be our national hero. I believe that he is the reason behind all of the revolts done by the Filipinos back in their time. without his inspiring novels, their eagerness to have our freedom wont be that strong. He fought the Spaniards in his own educated way. His death became the starting point for Andres Bonifacio and other Katipuneros to move. because or Dr. Jose Rizal we are free from the spanish friars who had abused us for hundreds of years.

disagree po ako justine... mas gusto ko na si Andres Bonifacio ang maging pambansang bayani natin ... sya naman kasi talaga ang nakipaglaban para sa ating bansa ... kung si Rizal man ang nagbigay sa kanya ng mas mainit na dahilan upang lumaban ... hindi padin sapat na dahilan yun para sya na ang gawing pambasang bayani.. mas maituturing ko pang bayani ang totoong lumabas para sa ating bansa ... i have nothing against Dr. Rizal but Andres Bonifacio is the one who really gave us our independence from Spaniards.

agree ako sayo nena. si Rizal naman talaga ang dapat na maging pambasang bayani natin. hindi naman kasi maiisipan nila Andres bonifacio at Apolinario Mabini ang mag-aklas laban sa espanya kung hindi sa mga isinulat ni Rizal. sa mga nobela ni Rizal sila kumuha ng lakas at inspitasyon para lumaban sa madaling salita, kung wala si Rizal at kanyang mga gawa wala din namang mag-aaklas na katipunero. si Rizal ang dahilan ng lahat at sya ang dahilan kung bakit malaya tayo ngayon. mas gugustuhin kong tingalain ang isang taong nakipaglabn sa edukadong paraan kaysa sa isang taong idinaan sa dahas makuha lang ang tagumpay.

Bonifacio must be our national here instead of Rizal because he is the one who fought the Spaniards face to face. unlike Rizal who did nothing else but to write his novel abroad. our national hero must be someone who was here the whole time, who experienced the pain of being under the spanish rule and who was willing to give up his own life just for the sake of our freedom. just like Bonifacio. even though his was of handling things is thorough violence, we still can see the outcome. his fellow katipuneros and other filipinos didnt died in vein. for they became the foundation for our freedom.

I disagree to you, because for me Rizal must be our national hero because not he died for his countrymen but he also inspired by Bonifacio to make a revolution, so it must be Rizal.

I agree, na dapat si Bonifacio talaga ang ating pambansang bayani dahil siya naman talaga ang namuno para ipaglaban ang ating kalayaan dahil kung hindi dahil sa kanya malamang sakop pa rin tayo ng mga Espanyol. Wala naman talagang ginawa si Rizal para makamit natin ang kalayaan, wlang ginawa ang kanyang mga sinulat para makuha natin ang kalayaan.

Para sa'kin Jose Rizal pa rin kasi siya naman talaga ang maraming ginawa para sa ating bansa para makamit ang pantay-pantay ang pag trato sa mga Filipino at spaniards. Si Rizal din ang dahilan para lumaban ang mga Filipino laban sa mga kastilang sumakop sa atin.

I agree to you na dapat si Bonifacio ang ating pambansang bayani dahil kung hindi sa kanya hindi natin makakamit ang kalayaan kung hindi siya namuno sa mga filipinong katipunero hangggang ngayon sana ay sakop pa rin tayo ng mga kastila. Handa niyang ibuwis ang kanyang buhay makamit lamang natin ang ating kalayaan laban sa mga kastila.

Jose Rizal should be our national hero because he had fought a good fight that leads to the commitment of our independence. Instead of using sword, Rizal used pen to pursue for the independence which Filipinos are deprived with. A hero is someone who inspires the people around him and that's what Rizal did. He awaken the mind of the oppress Filipino to fight for their right on their own country.

Pardon me if I disagree, For me it should be Andres Bonifacio. He must be our national hero because he is the one who fought for our country's freedom. He bravely battled against Spaniards even though he don't have enough weapons. He is too willing to give his own life just to commit our freedom by means of racial revolution.

I agree that DR. JOSE RIZAL should be the Philippine National HERO because he uses his knowledge and he became an inspiration to other Filipinos to defend our country during Spanish Era. He fought with all his heart even though he know that this thing will cause his death, he loves his motherland more than his life.

para sa akin mas nararapat na maging pambansang bayani si Andres Bonifacio dahil siya ang tunay na nakipaglaban para sa ating kalayaan. Siya rin ang salamin ng mamamayang pilipino, mahirap ngunit may prinsipyo at paninindigan. Handang magbuwis ng buhay para sa ating bayan.

dapat lang si Rizal kasi ibinuwis niya ang kanyang buhay para sa bayan. Siya ang nakaimpluwensya sa iba pang mga Bayaning Pilipino upang ipaglaban ang kalayaan sa kamay ng mga mananakop.

I agree with what Gab has said, Rizal must be the Philippine National Hero because he is the reason why nationalism developed in mind and heart of the Filipino people. Maybe he didn't use sword as his weapon but he uses his knowledge to gain the independence of our country, which is more heroic. It is not through bloody revolution, for us to commit our freedom, it is having a great mind, loving heart, faithful soul and patriotic spirit.

Dr. Jose Rizal should not be questioned anymore on his legacy for he had already proven that his doings led the way to awaken Filipinos' hearts to fought for freedom. Though, Filipinos' that time really desired to fight, Rizal contributed his works to provide them courage in countering Spanish government.

I think Jose Rizal, because he was the one inspired the Filipinos especially Andres Bonifacio, who built revolt to the spaniards.


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