The Philippines needs customer-driven educational institutions

THE PURPOSE OF THE SO-CALLED customer-driven educational organization/institution is to be fully committed in satisfying and anticipating the needs of the students, who are the customers. More than a marketing strategy, this innovative educational philosophy treats the students as partners in developing and delivering quality and pragmatic education (which, in economic jargon, is the product or service offered by an enterprise).

Technology and Education

TECHNOLOGY HAS, INDEED, changed the complexion of education in the last ten years. As transmission of information or knowledge is an essential aspect of education, the invention of computer and internet technology, for instance, has made teaching and imparting knowledge somehow easier and more efficient.

            In the basic and higher education alike, computer technology has been bringing about modern and creative approaches in conveying knowledge. Elementary students today can find learning as entertainment through Video Presentations via DVD technology, projector, etc. Students in all levels can now consider studying to be fun through technologies such as Interactive Whiteboards, Proximas, PowerPoint games, interactive DVDs, and other softwares. Internet sites like Wikipedia, Microsoft Encarta on-line, and various academic blog sites—through which viewers can easily find information about almost anything—had become comfortably accessible to teachers and students alike. (It is with this easy access to huge blocks of information that the popular motto, “one-click-away” emerged.)


My Monday poem

RUSTY SANCHEZ Jr., the contributor, was once the Editor in Chief of San Beda College (Mendiola). Currently working as Operation Manager of Guaranteed Marketing Services, Inc., he still believes that a drop of ink makes millions think. (You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to

NEVER ENDING tell tale stories of misgivings
Breath of innocence, besieged by armors and arms
Misdirecting… Miscalculating...



ALMOST 4 HOURS… 4 hours as opposed to the 30 minutes declared by the 'PGMA legacy' (as seen on TV and movie theatre widescreens)--the number of hours it took me and my family to apply for an E-passport.

All the while, I thought that booking a family appointment to the DFA will make our e-passport application faster. I was wrong ...



SHOCKED!  S-H-O-C-K-E-D. This was what I felt upon seeing my monthly electric bill.

Imagine, staying at our house for just 16 days in a month since our family and I used to stay most of the time at my in-laws, painstakingly tolerating the summer heat (sleeping without air conditioner even if my toddler begs me to switch it on), switching off the refrigerator at night, and plugging in our energy saver device, still, my bill is so high!

For people with the same sentiments as I do, let us watch this video for some energy-saving tips! FAN PLEASE…




Is My Child Ready For School?

THIS IS THE QUESTION faced by parents nowadays concerning their pre-schoolers. And, as a parent of a three and a half year old kid, I too have qualms and reservations regarding my daughter’s entry to the world of education.

As far as I remember my kindergarten days, it was a relaxed opportunity to learn the basics of education such as reading and mathematic skills required for grade school through play activities. Playing, dancing, singing nursery rhymes, reciting alphabet, counting, eating during recess time, and taking naps were some of our daily activities ...

Kissing my first love again

(Editor's note: LHYN PHYDES, the contributor, used to work in Malacañang Palace. Her current office is her kitchen... and she is the head of it. You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to

... I jumped and hopped and skipped to different jobs. Until I landed in a pit where I felt I fitted. I became one of the writers of a prominent (if not the most) person in the land. And writing paragraphs on Her behalf was such a big honor and pleasure. I loved my last job and that's where I felt contentment. But again, I left it to fulfill my other dream - to build my own family ...


The famous 'square root of three (3)' poem

Editor's note: Who says that Mathematics is cold and boring? Here's one proof that this subject many students hate could be a theme of a lovely and creative piece of art. This came from the movie "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay."

I'M SURE THAT I will always be
A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight
Beneath the vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine ...


What is editing?

“EDITING DEMANDS JUDGMENT, imagination, dedication, and some creativity—all qualities derived from experience rather than principles and formulas.
          “The editor decides what shall and what shall not go into his publication on the basis of what he conceives to be the publication’s mission and philosophy.
           “The most useful man on the newspaper is one who can edit ...


Ambiguity and Vagueness

AMBIGUITY IS THE QUALITY of having more than one meaning or being open to more than one interpretation.  A state of being uncertain or unclear, it specifically occurs when there are definite interpretations, but as to which interpretation is meant is unclear. In most writing and speaking, ambiguity poses a problem as it can lead to the misinterpretation of the intended message.

With the possible exception of scientific terms, almost every word in a natural language has more than one use. When a term has acquired too many uses that it becomes very difficult to determine the meaning, then the term has become ambiguous ...



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