Some Guides to Living Happily

1. ALLOW NO ANGER to rule your spirit.

2. Allow no fear in your life.

3. Always keep an open mind.

4. Always be loyal to your friends. Enjoy them.

5. Always be compassionate to the poor.

6. Avoid gambling, alcohol, and prohibited drugs.

7. Avoid gossip like a plague. Don’t spread rumors.

8. Avoid the things which God hates.

9. Avoid ungodly friends.

10. Acquire blessings and wealth only according to God’s will.




this is nice.reminds me of someone i know from a distant past. thanks for reminding. friends are the only treasure that is worth keeping.

for me just live like the way you do and dont you even try to please anyone because it doesnt change anything and Live with a Godly Character and everything will follow thats it :) For you ? How will you live happily ?

we only live once so we all should know how to live it right :)

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