On being an Accountancy Major: The meaning of success

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TWENTY TWO GASOLINE STATIONS, four malls, four wet markets and almost 1.5 thousand houses. That's the view I regularly see whenever I go to school. Nineteen kilometers, one hour of journey.

           But, why in the world I became this? Studying in a university with a course I never dreamed of?
            Fourth year high school is the time where many of us seniors are preparing for a new world to set in - college. I took the entrance exam of an engineering university where I planned to take up BS Architecture. I'm no good at drawing, but I want to design houses, especially interiors. However, even though I passed the examination, my parents sent me to my current school. There's no Architecture here that's why I took a business course, BS Accountancy.
            I know how hard the course was because we had an Accounting subject in high school. I never liked it nor enjoyed it. But, that time when I was sitting next to another enrollee, I thought I had no choice at all. My priority was not the course I wanted; I just want to be financially successful someday.
            My course has what we call "Retention Policy" wherein our grade must not be lower than 2.25 for major subjects and 2.5 for minor ones, else we will be out of the course. My first year was good enough, my second year was not so good enough and well... my third year was not enough at all! Every time the semester ended, it felt like a new beginning. My group of friends became fewer little by little.
            The expectations of our parents, professors, and dean brought us overwhelming pressures that's why we do all things for them not to be disappointed. We study a lot. We turned nights into days. We slept three hours everyday. There are even times when we never felt we had vacations or semestral breaks because we still study and review. There are also cases when other courses have no classes, but the Accountancy majors are still in the school because of a QUIZ! Speaking of a quiz, every time we have one, we read not only two books, but three or more. An accountancy major's great collections are Accounting and Law books and reviewers. We almost have all the books our professors are using. Before every semester begins, we ask the higher years for some tips and guides. What type of exams does sir give? Where does he get his questions?  Is he generous for high grades? Such clever questions.
            These things might be the reasons many people in our college think of us as weird, boring, and arrogant persons. But if only they knew who we really are! We also ask for yellow papers, we cheat, we annoy professors, we copy-paste our assignments, we also invent alibis to escape punishments from not doing our assignments and we jump for joy when there's no classes.
            I have known before I would never want to be in an office with accounting and auditing works, yet, I learned to love what I have been doing for the past three years. The sleepless nights, the fearful recitations, the impossible quizzes and the embarrassing thoughts of being the lowest scorer. Motivated by the responsibility to my family as an eldest child, by different inspiring stories of our professors and by the laughter of my classmates and friends, I became more responsible and better this semester. The exams and recitation I've been through helped me to know I can do more than I thought I'm able to.
            There's no coincidence in this world. It was not coincidence that my friends and my other classmates chose the same course I am taking. We are here right now because that was The Great Architect's plan; to meet and learn from each other.
            I'm not yet successful. I'm not referring to the usual definition of "success". It's about something much deeper and I'm willing to wait until that happens so I can prove what one of my professor said, "Success is doing what you don't like".
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