15 interesting information about Stamp Collection

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STAMPS ARE SMALL SELF ADHESIVE PAPER CUT OUTS having amazing art works printed on them and are used as a means for paying postage. Stamps are miniature icons and memento of major national events and achievements. Before the concept of stamps originated, the person at the receiving end of the postage was being charged depending on the number of pages sent by post and the distance it travelled. Stamps made it all easy as we could now pay before hand for the postage making it far more convenient for both the sender and the receiver. The hobby of collecting such postage stamps is popularly known as Stamp Collection.
          For those who are fond of collecting things specially stamps, here are some facts about it:
1. Stamp Collecting is widely known as “The king of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings”, even though Kings and Maharajas have now become a historical object.  The last three kings of England were keen collectors as is the present Queen.
2. The world's largest post office is the head post office in Chicago, Illinois.
3. The smallest post office in the world is located in Ochopee, Florida.
4. Great Britain is the only country which issues stamps without its name printed on them.
5. Queen Victoria's portrait was the only subject allowed on British stamps for 60 years.
6. When stamps were first issued, they had no gum on the back.And if paste was not available, mailers sometimes pinned or even sewed stamps to envelopes.
7. Following the earthquake that ravaged Haiti January 12 and its capital Port-au-Prince, La Poste launches special stamp which was sold euro, 44 cents which was donated to the Red Cross.
8. Rare sheet of 10 stamps showing film star Audrey Hepburn smoking has fetched 430,000 euros (£380,000) at a charity auction in Berlin.
9. In the United States, former President Franklin Roosevelt was a stalwart in philately and ex-president Ford was a secret stamp collector.
10. Liberia was the first country to issue an official postage stamp honoring Obama's triumph.
11. Brazil’s first stamps in 1843 were oval shaped.
12. Bhutan has also issued perfumed stamps and stamps embossed with tiny phonograph records.
13. Queen Victoria Stamp with inverted head is the second Indian rarest stamp, a 4 Anna stamp with a faulty printing (the Queen Victoria’s head printed inverted).
14. Queen Victoria Stamp with inverted head is the first bi-colored stamp in the world and become one of the rarest and costly stamps in the world.
15. In 1853 the Cape of Good Hope issued the first triangular stamps.
          Stamp Collection, as a hobby can help one understand cultures and events of major countries of the world.  Because of the enjoyment and relaxation brought by the stamps, stamp collecting became one of the world’s most popular hobbies.

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