Teaching Values

Teaching Values



            When I was a student, it didn’t entered my mind to become a teacher.  Seriously, I used to be a shy person and I don’t want my voice to be heard. That is because I am afraid that my words will not substantiate anything or it is not sensible enough to hear.   So being a teacher in other words is my last option.   Well, life has its twist and turns, because here I am now, part of the academe.  So I know that being a teacher, aside from being noble is really the toughest job in the world, so to speak.  And what is even more meaty here, since we are teaching in a catholic school is that we teach with values and making sure that we teach with religion above everything else.

            So that leads me to choose this book entitled “Teaching Values Using Creative Strategies by Fides Antonio-Del Castillo”.  According to her, “The education that we provide and the learning experiences that we immense our students should be towards the formation and production of responsible, value laden and God fearing people.  It is safe to say that no educator or parent would want to see a knowledge laden young person turn into dishonest, disrespectful and selfish adult.”

            Teaching is a never ending quest of helping learners achieve knowledge, skills and values.  Hence, we as teachers, should be the primer in modelling the good behavior in and out of the school.  Tough job!  But it is true that teachers are the best visual aid inside the classroom.  And how do we start it.  That is by giving our students positive words.  We must enhance the positive attitude among students through reinforcing encouraging words.  Here are some of the encouraging and inspiring phrases listed by Dr. William Halton which was also included in the book of Fides Castillo. 

*    You are the kind who can do it

*    You are improving

*    I like the way you are listening

*    You can do it

*    That is a very nice work

*    Thanks so much

*    That is really great.

*    I appreciate your considerate behavior

*    Keep up your good work.

*    It’s so nice to know someone like you.

*    What a neat idea.

*    Your work is really improving

*    I feel so good inside when you work so nicely together.

*     Bravo!

*    I’ m very proud to be your teacher.

*    Your help is really appreciated.

*    That’s an excellent idea.

*    You make that really look easy.

*    Good work.

*    Nice going

*    That’s great

*    Your kindness is so refreshing.

*    What a nice smile you have.

*    It’s marvelous to see everyone so alert.

*    Hard work does get great results.

*    Excellent job.

*    You’re the best.

            Hope that these will help us teachers in developing a positive outlook among our beloved students.


by: Rebecca H. Dumlao/Science Teacher



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