10 Ways to Withstand Hurtful Trials in Life

Trials are great cause of stress. Stressful life does not translate to a healthy life, so we have to learn how to face stress.

Bob Gustin, managing editor of the Evansville Press, offers suggestions which are basically simple common-sense things which can be done on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis:

  1. Don’t take the little problems from work home with you, but do have somebody outside work to talk with about big problems. Don’t overburden the “outside” person with trivial matters.

  2. Leave your troubles at work.

  3. Take a short break from the job; the simple act of getting away from the desk—to the soft drink machine, the water cooler, whatever—may break the intensity of deadline pressure.

  4. Chew gum; take a coffee break.

  5. Exercise at lunch time or even while sitting at your desk.

  6. Find a quiet place to read or relax, away from the office, during lunch break.

  7. Break stress by working on a different sort of story or project than you are accustomed to.

  8. Set and achieve reasonable goals; organize goals in the order of importance and tackle them one at a time.

  9. Surround yourself with familiar and pleasant objects, such as photos of your family or artwork.

  10. And www.OurHappySchool.com adds: Take time to pray—in every project you do, don’t forget to say a little prayer.


Editor’s note: Bob Gustin’s suggestions were taken from The Community Newspaper. Press Foundation of Asia; Manila, Philippines; December 1990, p. 182.


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