10 Helpful Ways to Get Away from Anger

Anger is one of the natural human emotions. But excessive anger could be harmful to our well-being and to those around us.

So, how to get away with anger? Use these 10 simple tips:

1. Go away from the situation.
If you got angry in a room or office, go out and get some fresh air or try to have a walk.
2. Dink several cool (not icy) water to get rid your anger.
Especially in situations like this, cool water is still better than other drinks. Also avoid taking sweet or fatty foods which increase blood pressure.
3. When fasting, engage in activities that give calmness.
Since the feeling of hunger may increase irritability, any food fasting should be combined with exercises that provide calmness.
4. Think of something funny.
Try to imagine the best scene in your favorite comedy movie (like the Kug Fu Hustle).
5. Take ten deep breaths.

When you already feel that you are angry, take a pause. Take ten, slow deep breaths ... Continue reading

6 to 10 Helpful Ways to Get Away from Anger

About the Contributor:
Kenneth L. Calimag, the contributor, is currently taking up Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science.  He graduated from Papandayan Elementary School and Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy (Oriental Mindoro, Philippines). He likes reading books and online surfing. Comments and feedback are welcomed through his e-mail and Facebook account: calimag_kenneth@yahoo.com/facebook.com/kenneth.calimag.
Question for Discussion:
Share an experience in which you really got angry. Try to apply the ways given above on that situation. What could have happen if you applied this Ways to get away anger?
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