EsP (Values Education)

EsP (Values Education)

Help the Super Typhoon Victims: eBooks for a Good Cause

IN THE SPIRIT of compassion and sympathy, 50% of the proceeds of these eBooks' sales will be donated to the Super Typhoon Haiyan ('YOLANDA') VICTIMS.
          SUPPORT's LITTLE WAY of giving SUPPORT to the FILIPINOS badly affected by the TRAGEDY.
          Click the title or the corresponding book cover image to know how to get a copy of them online.
Language: English. Category: Philosophy/Ethics/Sociology

The lectures do not only present in non-technical manner the ethical theories of the leading philosophers from Socrates to John Stuart Mill but also critically evaluate them. A handbook/textbook, it also aims to help the readers develop a conscious ethical sense and become critical in choosing a moral system to live by. Written in partnership with, the book is very educational.


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