Who should be 'the' Philippine National Hero?

Who should be the Philippine National Hero?
IF WE WERE to choose only ONE national hero who is best fitting to be regarded as ‘THE’ Philippine national hero, who would it be among the following? Would it be ...
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JOSÉ Protasio RIZAL Mercado y Alonso Realonda (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896)
He was a Filipino nationalist and reformist and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He was the inspiration and thus wrongly implicated as the leader of the Katipunan Revolution, and that led to his execution on December 30, 1896, now celebrated as Rizal Day. (Read: Jose Rizal's Contribution)
As a political figure, José Rizal was the founder of La Liga Filipina, a civic organization that subsequently gave birth to the Katipunan. He was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution, and would only support "violent means" as a last resort. (Wikipedia)
ANDRÉS BONIFACIO y de Castro (30 November 1863 – 10 May 1897)
He was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. He is often called "the father of the Philippine Revolution". Bonifacio was a founder and later Supremo ("supreme leader") of the Katipunan movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.
He is considered a de facto national hero of the Philippines, and is also considered by some Filipino historians to be the first President, but he is not officially recognized as such. (Wikipedia)
EMILIO AGUINALDO y Famy (22 March 1869 – 6 February 1964)
He was a Filipino general, politician, and independence leader. He had an instrumental role during the Philippines' revolution against Spain, and the subsequent Philippine–American War or War of Philippine Independence that resisted American occupation ... (continue reading)
Aguinaldo became the Philippines' first president. He was also the youngest (at age 28) to have become the country's president, the longest-lived former president (having survived to age 94) and the president to have outlived the most number of successors. (Wikipedia)
Write your CHOICE in the ‘comment section’ below together with your REASON for choosing one over the other options. Happy sharing of thoughts!

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I disagree with you Juan Miguel. Jose Rizal is a prominent advocate. Through his knowledge, we gain freedom.

I disagree with you Denil Delubio, it's not only Andres Bonifacio who sacrifice his life. Rizal died because of his ways to awaken us, to fought for freedom.

I disagree with you. Rizal strive more to finish his novels. He went to different places to gain more information. His novels help us against Spaniards.

I disagree with you Anna Marie ALiling. Dr. Jose Rizal has his facifist ideas. He fought through words not with harsh things. He never want us to stay forever under the Spaniards.

I disagree with you Cez C. Bautista. Jose Rizal has his peaceful resistance to tyranny.

It was obviously Emilio Aguinaldo . He has the military tactics that's why the Katipuneros became successful. Both of them sacrifices their lives but Emilio Aguinaldo has the very big role for the independence of the country. Therefore, Emilio Aguinaldo must be the national hero.

It is because he himself wanted to gain freedom from the Spaniards. He was deliberated to gain independence through the work of Jose Rizal.

for me JOSE RIZAL are the Philippine national hero because he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. he expressed his love to the Philippine through his novels,poems,essays and articles rather than through the use of force or aggression, fighting for reforms through his writings instead of through a revolution.

Dr. Jose Rizal should be the national hero. As we all know, if someone wants freedom from his country, he does not need to use swords or any weapon. According to my research, a hero is a 'man of distinguished courage, or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities’, so as the meaning implied. Dr. Jose Rizal must be the national hero, because he encourage fellow Filipinos through his writings; novels, poems, and etc. Filipinos are awakened. Moreover, Rizal was educated and ideal person, how brilliant Rizal is. Right?

I agree with jayvee.I believe that he deserves that honor. If you have read and understood the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, you'll appreciate how those two books changed the history of our nation, and you'll be amazed how brilliant Rizal is. In fact, if you read Noli Me Tangere again, you'll realize that we still have a social cancer in the present time, and that some of the things he pointed out in the novel still exists.

Bonifacio should have been the national hero because he wanted for an ultimate freedom for the Philippines and be separated from the authorities of Spain and that is through a revolution. Well it is true that Bonifacio has somewhat got this idea of freedom from Rizal but it is Bonifacio who put it into action, what is an idea without an action? . . . action speaks louder than words of ideas. Rizal was coward that he didn't support the revolution plan of bonifacio, but then the revolution was succesful. Also, Rizal was just an American-sponsored-hero, they just insisted Rizal to be the national hero because Americans were afraid that if it was Bonifacio that was the hero, the Filipinos would also revolt the same way as of Bonifacio's.

because Dr.Jose Rizal is the only one national hero for me, in the time that Dr.Rizal is the one who wake-up to the Filipino's to Revolution and fight for our country to the foreigner. Dr. Rizal is one of the secret revolutioner and a leader of the 'Kapatiran" with the other hero.

Hi shiena. this is my reply to your comment.i agree with you Rizal deserves it because Dr. Jose Rizal was their key to start the revolution, remember that Dr.Jose Rizal was a writer and he created a weapon that gave courage to the Filipino to fight for our freedom.He used his pen as his weapon.

This is my reply to Shiena. For me,Dr.Jose Rizal,because I think that a true hero not only by means of killing someone's life just to protect your love ones,like what Dr.Jose Rizal's did, he protected the Filipinos by the used of his pen and knowledge,and not by the use of taking someones life.

DR. Jose Rizal because He only use his knowledge and inspiration to protect us even though he know that this thing will cause him to death. He fight with all his heart to awakened those Filipino who are scared and afraid to revolt against Spanish. That's what I called a HERO

For me its Jose Rizal because he opted for a non violence reform in the government. Instead he used his writings to open the eyes of the Filipinos. He dedicated his life for his countrymen without hesitation.

I respect what you have chosen but for me, Rizal was also sacrificed for his love to our country he did not scared to die even he knows he fight for the right to our country.

Reply Ko Po Kay Elbert :) For me, it should be Jose Rizal because Rizal gave us freedom by using goodness. He fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way.

Hi paolo, I respect your opinion but I disagree because for me it is definitely Rizal. why? because he was a proponent of achieving self government peacefully.

I respect your opinion but for me its Jose Rizal because he did not fight through guns and swords, he awakened the filipino but also provoked the spaniards even thus sent him to jail but he was still fighting not for himself or for his family, for us through his ideas.

I respect your point..but I disagree yes bonifacio was put into action because Rizal was the leader of Katipunan Revolution. How can we become successful if it is not came from a good idea?

I agree, Dr. Rizal should be the Philippine National Hero because other heroes were just inspired by him. Without him, they wont fight and they will never know the real happenings in the country that time.Rizal just wrote books and novels and did nothing but just to hide in Europe. its up to you because for me i don't want Spaniards here they just want to make us their province unlike America we'll be a state. He opened the eyes of the Filipinos through his writings. He was killed, he sacrificed his life even he was just mistaken to be the leader of the revolution.

for me its Jose Rizal because in fighting foreign invaders with their sharp weapon is not a way to protect your countrymen.

i disagree for you, i think its Jose Rizal because His humble opinions open the heart of every reader and let them realize the things that are possible to happen in our own country.

Reply ko po kay roma :) Dr. Jose P. Rizal should be the national hero.Many says that he just published books and it is the way how he exposed the wrong doings of the invaders.This is his brilliant strategy to fight spanish invaders.

Hi Jay, i am very much respect your point but I disagree, because forme,still Rizal is our National Hero, his way to fight for our country without having a sword is only shown to every Filipino that the basis of fighting is not just only to kill and hurt others.

Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and Emilio Aguinaldo. All of them sacrificed their lives. Jose Rizal just give idea, Andres Bonifacio just won in one particluar place but Emilio Aguinaldo led the katipuneros for our independence. Without Emilio Aguinaldo the idea of Jose Rizal just lost its essence.

For me,it's Jose Rizal.He used a pen not a sword.Much better than violence. It shows that fighting or killing is not the answer but rather think a good way to prevent it.

para sa akin si Rizal pa din ang dapat na naging Hero natin kasi hindi sya gumamit ng dahas para ipaglaban ang sambayanang pilipino..

.Sarah here my comment for your topic for me i'm favor for Rizal because he became the inspiration of the other Filipino to fight against the Spaniards.because by means of his writings, he awakened our mine that we can fight not only by means of a sword but also with a pen.

It is my reply to Shiena Quitat, i beg to disagree with you because for me its Andres Bonifacio because he sacrifice himself for the freedom of our country , he fought until he die.He strived and struggled his life to depend the people and the country to the spaniards while Dr. Jose rizal fought for the changes of our country not for freedom .

Hi Shiena . This my reply to your comment, im not agree with you. it should be Andres Bonifacio because he is a Revolutionist who is the one who fights for his freedom as well for his country. Bonifacio wants the country's freedom with no foreign countries involved. So for me, the Philippines' national hero should be Andres Bonifacio.

For me Dr. Jose Rizal is the greatest Filipino hero because of his genuine character and mankind. and he really loved our national because he sacrifice his own life.

for me Andres Bonifacio, because he is a man of action than words. He is the person who has seen more courage to fight for the country from the Spanish. A man who is willing to die just to vindicate the country's independence.

for me because Andres bonifacio was spoken boldly against Spanish.for me its Andres Bonifacio because he sacrifice himself for the freedom of our country , he fought until he die.He strive and struggled his life to depend the people and the country to the Spaniards while Dr. Jose Rizal fought for the changes of our country not for freedom .

Comment ko Kay Elbert Dr.Jose Rizal,because I think that a true hero not only means,killing someone's life just to protect your love ones,like what Dr.Jose Rizal's did, he protected the Filipinos by the used of his pen and knowledge,and not by the use of taking someones life.

For Roma :) Rizal is still the one. For many years, his life story never fails to prove his worth to become the Philippines National Hero that's why his hard work and sacrifices deserves the title allotted to him.

For Elbert :) I bet Andres Bonifacio should be our Philippine National Hero because he wanted his country for freedom by doing a revolution called, KKK. He got that idea from Jose Rizal but Bonifacio did it in action.

Comment Ko Po Kay Roma :) Andres Bonifacio should be the Phil. National Hero. Also called "the father of the Philippine Revolution". He is one of the bravest hero in that time. He use his skills. Even though he did not finish his studies. It did not stop him to be a good leader.

for me,jose rizal because he scarifies his life for our country and he fight for our nation.

For Elbert I can say that Bonifacio was an intellectual impassioned by the need to change the oppressive and exploitative system not merely by writing about it but also by acting on it and thus organized the KKK or the “Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan. "action speaks louder than words"

Para Po Kay Roma ANDRÉS BONIFACIO for me should be the national hero because his main objective of revolution is Independence, he wants to be free on his own territory, he founded the Katipunan movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.

Jose Rizal will not be our chosen national hero for nothing. As compared with another heroes in our history, he is standing out because he is using more of his brain that what his emotions are telling him to do. He is a realist, and not an idealist.

I agree that Rizal is our national Hero because isn't it amazing that there is someone who is brave enough to fight for country. His excellence is really admirable as well as his works.

I believe that Rizal should be considered as Philippine National Hero. He is able to utilize his knowledge and capabilities to create novels that woke the mind of Filipinos. He is a role model to every Filipinos that there is no need for violence to be free from Spanish colonization.

Favor ako Sarah, I agree that our National Hero is Rizal. National hero should be the role model of every Filipino at magandang halimbawa si Rizal para sa atin. Katalinuhan, pagka-maginoo at naniniwala sa kapayapaan.

There's a lot of Great Filipino who deserve an applause, but this Jose Rizal has something that made all Filipino's to be proud of. He made an interesting poems and novels that let people be inspired to love our own country. He shows through his novels and poems how much he loves his country.

There's a lot of Great Filipino who deserve an applause, but this Jose Rizal has something that made all Filipino's to be proud of. He made an interesting poems and novels that let people be inspired to love our own country. He shows through his novels and poems how much he loves his country.

I'm not agree with you because not only Rizal did his best for this country, many Filipinos sacrifice their life for the sake of independence specially Aguinaldo who become a president at his very young age.

dr rizal ay national hero natin dahil sya lng ang lumaban sa mga kastila at ang pinuno nila. at sya rin ang hnd sumunod sa mga utos nila


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