Who should be 'the' Philippine National Hero?

Who should be the Philippine National Hero?
IF WE WERE to choose only ONE national hero who is best fitting to be regarded as ‘THE’ Philippine national hero, who would it be among the following? Would it be ...
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JOSÉ Protasio RIZAL Mercado y Alonso Realonda (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896)
He was a Filipino nationalist and reformist and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He was the inspiration and thus wrongly implicated as the leader of the Katipunan Revolution, and that led to his execution on December 30, 1896, now celebrated as Rizal Day. (Read: Jose Rizal's Contribution)
As a political figure, José Rizal was the founder of La Liga Filipina, a civic organization that subsequently gave birth to the Katipunan. He was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution, and would only support "violent means" as a last resort. (Wikipedia)
ANDRÉS BONIFACIO y de Castro (30 November 1863 – 10 May 1897)
He was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. He is often called "the father of the Philippine Revolution". Bonifacio was a founder and later Supremo ("supreme leader") of the Katipunan movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.
He is considered a de facto national hero of the Philippines, and is also considered by some Filipino historians to be the first President, but he is not officially recognized as such. (Wikipedia)
EMILIO AGUINALDO y Famy (22 March 1869 – 6 February 1964)
He was a Filipino general, politician, and independence leader. He had an instrumental role during the Philippines' revolution against Spain, and the subsequent Philippine–American War or War of Philippine Independence that resisted American occupation ... (continue reading)
Aguinaldo became the Philippines' first president. He was also the youngest (at age 28) to have become the country's president, the longest-lived former president (having survived to age 94) and the president to have outlived the most number of successors. (Wikipedia)
Write your CHOICE in the ‘comment section’ below together with your REASON for choosing one over the other options. Happy sharing of thoughts!

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sa tingin ko dapat si Bonifacio ang dapat na hero dahil handa siyang magbuwis ng buhay para lang makuha ang kalayaan na para dapat sa mga Pilipino.

For me Dr. Jose Protacio mercado rizal y alonso deserves to be the country's foremost national hero because of his achievements. He did not retract his writings because he was thinking not only of the welfare of the present generations. But also of the future generations. through his novels, bonifacio and the other katipuneros were inspired. Rizal opened the minds of the people.

You’re right khate! A hero should bring greatness influence in our country. Rizal use his knowledge rather than using violence against the Spaniards. He open the mind of the Filipino to fight for the freedom of the Filipino.

for me its bonifacio not rizal, because Bonifacio has been suggested as a more worthy candidate on the grounds of having started the Philippine Revolution.

Si Jose Rizal para sakin kasi siya ang naging boses ng mga Filipino laban sa katiwalian ng mga Spaniards sa ating bansa.

For me that would be Bonifacio as our national hero, he wanted the philipinnes to be a nation. He put his words into action. He is the leader of Katipunan movement which wanted the independence of the Philippines against Spaniards and started a revolution.

Dr. Jose Rizal is also my choice of being our national hero because independence cannot be just achieved by means of bloody war. Rizal was so smart to use just his intelligence to defend our nation from invaders. He showed that Filipinos' was not just a normal people who crave for independence but they are extraordinary and dedicated.

For me our national hero is Dr. Jose P. Rizal because he used his writing skills to open the eyes of the Filipinos about the wrong doings of the Spaniards. He dedicated his life to his countrymen without hesitation. Unlike Aguinaldo and Bonifacio, they are both aggressive.

For me they all worth to be recognized as National Heroes as they are the reasons that we celebrated the independence of our country but Dr. Jose Rizal should have the title. As originally believed Dr. Jose Rizal man with great valor and his doings influenced many of his fellow country men. Compare to Bonifacio, he was the great contribution as well but I think his ways is not so good compare to Rizal.

Dr. Jose Rizal is also my national hero. A hero is not just what we see in the movies who fight monsters with their physical strength. A hero should be someone who awakened our sense of nationalism. Although Rizal did not fight with his physical strength, he had done many thing foe our country that no one had ever surpass.

Para sa akin, si Bonifacio ay isang magiting na katipunero kaya siya ang dapat na maging National Hero. Sa kabila ng pagiging mahirap ni Bonifacio, nagawa pa din niyang ipaglaban ang ating bansa. Hindi niya hinayaang manghina ang loob ng kanyang kasapi sa kabila ng lahat ng hirap na dinanas nila.

for me Rizal should not be our National hero, the only the reason that he was recognized as national hero because his life was known by many but Bonifacio's life has a little story that people did no know what his deed's. Bonifacio has not equal popularity than that of Rizal is one reason that I vote for him.

For me, Jose Rizal MUST be our National Hero because he had so many contributions to Philippine history that makes him preeminent among other Filipino heroes. He became voice of the people under the Spanish Colonies and also became the founder of La Liga Filipina. He fought silently by writing a novel that describes the abuses committed by the Spanish officials to locals. Spanish officials knew about this novels that's why they pushed for Rizal's arrest and exile in Dapitan. While exiled in Dapitan, Rizal devoted himself to improving the conditions of people in Dapitan. During this time,some began to form nationalistic ideas. Rizal's two novels inspired locals to call not for Spanish government reforms but for independence from Spain. Rizal died in Bagumbayan but the execution did not prevent the calls for independence to stop. The Katipunan led a full scale revolutionary war against the Spanish colonial government. Although Rizal did not push for independence, his writings and execution inspired many to revolt against Spain. He was a martyr that stood for his beliefs. This is the primary reason why Jose Rizal deserve as our national hero.

Jose Rizal should be our national hero, he fight in the revolution through his writings. He let the world know how Filipinos treated by Spaniards with cruelty through his witty writings, it gave way to his fellow men to revolt.

YES, it should be DR.Jose Rizal, that he use his knowledge to protect us even though he was aware that this can will cause him to death. A HERO that fight in a good way by using his own talent in writing novels which describe how Spaniards discriminate the Filipino people, so for me Rizal should be our national hero rather than Bonifacio and Aguinaldo that both aggressive and want a bloody revolution.

for me Jose Rizal because he only use words to opened the eyes and mind of every Filipino to fight to our country. and most of all Rizal i capable of revolutionizing the way the Filipino though.

Rizal was considered the National Hero because he opted for a non violence reform in the government. Instead he used his writings to open the eyes of the Filipinos. He dedicated his life for his countrymen without hesitation.

Jose Rizal became a national hero of the Philippines as a reformist who advocated peacefully for liberty rather than through violent means.

For me Dr. Jose Rizal should be the national hero, because as we all know Rizal SAVE our INDEPENDENCE against the cruelty of Spaniards. And with all his heart, he fight to awakened those Filipino who are afraid and he also choose for a non violence reform.

Andres Bonifacio, kasi kung di dahil sa kanya hindi matatapos ang pag hirap ng Pilipinas. Kundi sya gumawa ng kilusang KKK walang mangyayari sa atin. Kung hindi sila lumaban at nag sakripisyo para sa atin, malamang Hanggang ngayon sakop parin tayo ng mga Kastila Ang ginawa lang naman kasi ni Jose Rizal, gumawa sya ng aklat tungkol sa pag hihirap at pag sasamantala ng mga Kastila sa mga Pilipino dahilan para magising ang mga Pilipino.

sorry to disagree but I think Bonifacio should be the national hero because his goal was an ultimate freedom from the Spaniards. He wants total independence for our country and to have our own government. A government run by Filipinos an he is the one who put it into action. He battled for our independence. Action speaks louder than words- a thought or idea would'nt be effective if you will just stick on it..... he founded kkk, a secret society that led mass revolts against the Spaniards abusive rule. He proved himself by his actions.

Because he was a Filipino nationalist and reformist and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He was the inspiration and thus wrongly implicated as the leader of the Katipunan Revolution, and that led to his execution on December 30, 1896, now celebrated as Rizal Day.

Emilio Aguinaldo should be the philippine national hero because at his very young age, he became the first president of the philippines. Which shows how capable he is to lead a country.

What made Jose Rizal worthy of becoming the Philippines’ national hero was not merely his intelligence, personality, literary acumen, or his pacifist ideals. Rather, it was his patriotism, optimism, undying love for his country and his belief in his countrymen which set him apart. He believed not merely in freedom but in the potential of the Filipino people to surpass what they were under the Spanish colonial government, and all he wished was for them to be given the chance to tap that potential. And for that, he has earned his right place as a symbol of what a Filipino can do in one short lifetime.

Bonifacio because he was an intellectual impassioned by the need to change the oppressive system not only by writing but by organizing men under the KKK. Bonifacio's heroism inspires in us the patriotism and nationalism that is resolute and uncompromising which the people and especially the youth must learn and imbibe.

I agree with you because through his writings, Rizal was able to put across the need for changes in the country. His work influenced intellectuals who actively participated in the fight for reforms.

Emilio Aguinaldo because, he also has a good heart, for example is , a year before his death, he donated his lot and mansion to the government (it is maybe his way of helping his countrymen even his dead already). This property now serves as a shrine to "perpetuate the spirit of the Revolution of 1896."

Jose Rizal, because he was willing to sacrificed his own life just to gave a Philippines a freedom it deserved. Hindi din nya kinailangan gumamit ng dahas para lang ipaglaban ang lahing pinanggalingan nya.

For me, I believe that he deserves to be our Philippine National Hero because of his way as a nationalist and reformist. Although he is not the type of person who engages in battle or war but he gave inspiration for our countrymen in ways of his works, literature, novels,essays that expressed love to our own country. He awakened the nationalism of all the Filipino in a non violent way.

I agree that Jose Rizal deserves to be our National hero because if his peaceful actions. His tactics as a nationalist gave hope and show the love for our own country in times of oppression and discrimination.

Hnd ako sang ayon dahil para sa akin kaya hindi dapat si rizal ang national hero natin kasi hindi naman sya ang my dahilan kaya tayo nakalaya sa mga espanyol. Hindi naman tayo makakalaya kung hindi tayo tinulungan ng mga amerikano.

Para sa akin kaya hindi dapat si rizal ang ating pambansang bayani sa dahil para sa akin yung mga nobela na sinulat nya ay nasa lengwaheng espanyol at tanging mga nakapag-aral lang ako makakabasa nito. Isa pang dahilan ay dahil pluma at tinta lng yung ginamit nya hindi katulad nila bonifacio dugo at pawis ang binuwis. Sabi nga po sa isang librong latin "Si vis pacem, para bellum" meaning "if you want a peace, prepare for a war"

For me I’d rather choose Andres Bonifacio y de Castro as our National Hero because he works hard for our country just to attain or obtain or gain our freedom from Spaniards. Although Jose Rizal and Emilio Aguinaldo did the same thing but still Bonifacio is the bravest among them. We all knew that Bonifacio do not have a degree yet he has the strength to fight against the Spaniards with his bolo even though it seems so ruthless or violence in other people. Because of his bravery we commit our Freedom.

ahmm..I Don't believe na si Bonifacio deserve na maging national hero kase di nmn nasusukat sa pkikipaglaban physically ang pagiging bayani. bkit kailangan mong pumatay o makipag patayan kung pwede mo nman itong daanin in good way.

I agree with you I think it is also Dr. Jose Rizal because he became the voice of the Filipino during the Spanish rule through his novels. He also deserved to be the National Hero because of his diplomatic approaches and peaceful propaganda.

Rizal should be the country's national hero because he is not afraid to express himself about the Spaniards who were taking advantage of the Filipino.

I disagree with you, I think it should be Andres Bonifacio because his goal was a total separation from the Spaniard and he fight with all his strength for the sake of our Philippine Independence. He also believed that we should have a total independence and own government.

Andres Bonifacio should be the National Hero for me. As history told, he started the revolution that most likely happen in other country too during the time. Although force is a violent act of revolution, their mind and their reputation as a Filipino was abused by the conqueror in which their desire to have a free country.

agree po ako na si Andres Bonifacio ang National Hero, kasi po nagtatag talaga sya ng grupo para labanan ang mga Espanyol. nag effort tlaga sya ng sobra sobra para lng sa ating kalayaan. tsaka ipinakita nya rin na tayong mga Pilipino ay may dignidad at may paninindigan kahit di mn tayo nkapagtapos ng pag aaral. Ginawa nya yun kse mahal nya ang ating bansa.

I agree with you that Jose Rizal must be our National Hero. If it wasn't from him the emotion of every Filipino will not be awakened that will start a revolutionary actions. In history, using a pen and words of nationalism, it takes a big threat for them that's why they take first the hero that gave hope upon liberty. He becomes the role model of heroism.

Sa tingin ko si Andres Bonifacio dapat ang ating pambansang bayani dahil ipinagtanggol nya ang ating kalayaan gamit ang kanyang dugo't pawis. Pinatunayan nya rin na hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon magiging sunod sunuran tayo sa iba.

Sa tingin ko si Andres Bonifacio dapat ang ating pambansang bayani dahil ipinagtanggol nya ang ating kalayaan gamit ang kanyang dugo't pawis. Pinatunayan nya rin na hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon magiging sunod sunuran tayo sa iba.

Every hero risk their lives to attain a certain goal specially liberty and freedom. For me, Andres Bonifacio acts more than Jose Rizal. It is difficult to have and be the leader of a certain revolutionary group with people with different opinions. Although he didn't have a proper schooling, his actions proves it and never gave up until the end. He should deserve it more than anyone else.

In my own opinion, Jose Rizal should be the national hero of the Philippines. Why? because Rizal sacrifices his life to save this country to the Spanish era, he don't use any harrasment or force to express his love to our country. What he uses is his powerful words, professions that help Filipinos become nationalistic.

Sa tingin ko po si andres bonifacio, kasi nagbuwis din siya ng buhay para sa ating bansa, siya rin po ang nagtatag ng kalayaan sa atin. dahil siya ang pinuno ng KKK.

Jose Rizal is no doubt to be the Philippine national hero because there would be no Bonifacio and Aguinaldo if Rizal didnt awakened much their nationalism. Aside from that Rizal was not only known in the philippines but in the whole wide world for his greatness and being a nationalistic. For his entire life, he did not think for his own but rather GOD, FAMILY AND THE SOCIETY. he was also a good influence for the society and his literally works really shows how he had so much concerned with the society.

For me, the Philippine National Hero should still be Dr. Jose Rizal because he is intelligent, influential, brave and educated man. He awakened Filipinos' awareness through his works and writings. He used pen and not a sword to fight against Spanish colonial rule for the sake of our countrymen.

For me, the Philippine National Hero should still be Dr. Jose Rizal because he is intelligent, influential, brave and educated man. He awakened Filipinos' awareness through his works and writings. He used pen and not a sword to fight against Spanish colonial rule for the sake of our countrymen.

for me our National Hero is Dr. Jose P. Rizal because he was a prodigy! He was an intelligent and brave man. He emobodied a strong character. Even though Jose Rizal did not fight through fists or in an aggresive manner like Bonifacio who literally fought the Spaniards, Rizal wrote pamphlets and encouraged fellow Filipinos to stand up against the Spaniards.He teach us on how to love our country and that is NATIONALISM "ang hindi tumingin sa pinanggalingan ay masahol pa sa malansang isda".

I think it should be andres bonifacio, because he wanted the philippines to become a nation, while rizal, though he had great/good intentions for the filipinos, wanted the philippines to officially be part of spain, sort of a privince and not a separate nation or colony, so i think the title 'national' hero does not really suit him.


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