Curfew for Minors: Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

A CURFEW IS A LAW enacted by a local or state government that restricts certain people from being in public places at specified times of the day.
Many cities and towns have a curfew law in place to prevent teenagers from being out at certain times, typically spanning the late hours of the night or school hours during the day. Any teenager caught out after curfew can face a fine or even jail time, depending upon the specific laws of the town.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is advantageous:
·         Youth crime is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. Imposing youth curfews can help to solve these problems, as they keep young people off the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent them from congregating in the hours of darkness.
·         The use of curfews on minors can help to protect vulnerable children for not all parents are responsible and inevitably their children suffer, both from crime and in accidents, and are likely to fall into bad habits. Society should ensure that such neglected children are returned home safely and that their parents are made to face up to their errands.
·         There is no good reason for children to be out unaccompanied late at night, so a curfew is not really a restriction upon their liberty. They would be better off at home doing schoolwork and interacting with the rest of their families.
·         Child curfews are a form of zero tolerance policing, showing that a community will not allow an atmosphere of lawlessness to develop. Child curfews can help to change a negative youth culture in which challenging the law is seen as desirable and gang membership an aspiration.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is disadvantageous:
·         What if they have to stay out late for a school related activity?
·         What if they have part-time jobs, for example being jeepney conductors? Many jobs requires staying until night to earn money for their living.
·         It is unethical to criminalize their simple presence in a public space.
·         Once charged even for flimsy reasons, they will have criminal record which might bring harms to their opportunities in employment and so increases the social deprivation and desperation which breed crime.
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Considering the above factors stated, would you favor having curfew on minors or not? Express your opinion. Hit your keyboard!
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Disadvantage: Kasi, as a minor feeling ko kapag may Curfew, sobrang limitado lang ung nagagawa ko tsaka nagkaka-time pressure ako kasi may hangganan ung oras ko. Advantage: Kasi, kapag may curfew. Nagiging matured ako in a way na knowing my limitations in time. 'Na hanggang gantong oras lang ako'. In that way, madadala ko ung ganung attitude kahit san ako magpunta so that nagiging aware ako sa oras.

This is a reaction to the comment of Reinafel M. Estopin Advanatge: Kasi mas maalarma ang mga kabataan na umuwi ng maaga dahil alam nila na may curfew na. Disadvatage: Kasi minsan may nga di inaasahang bagay na gabi na nkakauwi ang mga kabataan.. Minsan may mga importanteng gngawa kya npapagabi ang uwi.

This is a reaction to the comment of CARLO BERWITE .. FOr me this is Disadvantageous because curfew for minors means of bad criticize for them.. What about those students who have group projects that must be done after school? They wont be able to accomplish their project on time because of the curfew.

This is a reaction to the comment of CARLO BERWITE .. For me it is advantageous because many minors will have part-time jobs, others are entering their college which need more time especially when there are a group projects . Then if they caught because of the curfew they will have a record in the barangay and because of it, it will affect the child to find a job in the future. He or She will suffer even though he did nothing wrong. So having a curfew is unfair.

This is a reaction to the comment of Ma. Cristina Orfanel. You are right at some point. but i believe this curfew does not necessarily deprive teens of their other curricular activities, their freedom, or what other things they may call this curfew. Nowadays when even children are not safe from crimes, it;s high time that the govt do something about it. it's for everyone's protection. Also, it's like teaching the minors discipline. It's not like i'm saying that minors are not disciplined. But they must be responsible enough to know how to handle their selves by staying safe and keeping out of trouble.

This is good for the Teenagers to avoid some crimes and of course this is will be the protection of some innocent teenagers. :)

This my reaction to the comment of Jay Viterbo. I disagree with the answer of Jay because for me as a parent it is advantageous, so that our child are not at risk in the late hours of night.

This my reaction to the comment of Jay Viterbo. It is advantageous because it helps the parents to secure their children.

In my opinion it will be disadvantageous for the minors if there will be an curfew, because if there is project, group assignments and important things outside their home to do, it is not okay and we minors are have own life that can do what we want do do. If you have trust to your children you can give them the right time to go home.

This my reaction to the comment of Jayzon Viterbo I disagree to the comment of Jayzon Viterbo, I think it will be an advantage for us parents to have an curfew for minors, because we can secure our children to the bad person and for them not to have social life in early age.

This my reaction to the comment of Jayzon Viterbo I think it is advantage for the minors like me to have curfew time, because we children for our parents have responsibility to secure ourselves for our parents are not worrying about us and to gain more discipline to study more rather than partying or playing computer games in computer shops.

This is in reaction to the comment of Karyl Ladrica. I disagree, because not all crimes happening at night are caused by young people. And last, this might cause teenagers to rebel against their parents.

This is in reaction to the comment of Karyl Ladrica. I think there's no need to implement curfew for minors, because it's the responsibility of the parents to guide their children what's right and what's wrong.

Curfew for minors is an advantageous because in most cases, they don’t know who and where is safe especially at night and parents don’t need to worry if they children are already at home. This will also provide minors to be in bed earlier and they can get up in morning and be dynamic. Besides, what you do in night can be done in daytime so better do it on secured time.

This is a reaction to the comment of Millie Anne Volante. Curfews only interfere with minors’ basic rights as a human being. Like adults, they should be able to be where ever they want because it’s a way to broaden their knowledge and awareness about reality or what’s happening even in late at night. We must not limit the freedom of our minors.

This is a reaction to the comment of Millie Anne Volante. I’m opposing your stand especially your statement that what you can do in night can be done in daytime because me, one of working students, I need to attend class in morning and there’s no other option because there’s no evening class in high school. And it is also a boundary for minors to explore the anything under the moon.

This is a reaction to the comment of Millie Anne Volante. I don’t think there’s such thing as secured time so for me curfew is not advantageous at all. I also think that there’s more crime in daytime because criminals want to do the crime with many people to not get noticed easily and as a result, they are tired at night and sleeping. It’s just my opinion.

Advantage Well for me, it's an advantage to the teenagers. Why? Because in this, we can improve the discipline to those teenagers who are still in public places late at night. There are possibilities that they're in danger, because nowadays there are no safest place but in our house. We don't steal the freedom that teenagers need but it's a discipline and safety for them also. It's not the intention to steal that enjoyment they are doing at night or what keeps them busy and need to stay outside. But we need to have those considerations for those who are working students and those students who need to stay out late for a school related activity.

advantage, syempre for safety yung disadvantage, eh pano kung need tLaga umuwi ng aLanganing oras kasi may tinapos na project tas hindi pinayagan ng parents na makitulog sa ibang bahay .

Kung entertainment ang usapan, disadvantage yun. Kasi they dont have more time para mag enjoy. Kung education, advantage yun. Cause they have more time para magaral.

advantage siya kasi mas naiiwasan yung mga kapahamakan pag maaga pa lang e nasa bahay na..

This is in reaction to the comment of BRYAN FAMINI. The law is disadvantageous because the law is like generalizing the minors that they will do bad things outside the house when it's late at night. also, the fact that minors on that age are very curious they have a tendency to break the law just to satisfy their curiosity. if this curiosity became a hobby or they can easily break a simple law like this maybe someday a crime like murder will be easy them. i don't think a controlling law like this is the answer for the youths involvement in drugs, accidents, riots, etc. maybe a guiding law for minors are needed.

This is in reaction to the comment of Reinen Jane Somao-i I am in favor of Curfew for minors. Kasi para hindi na matunghayan ng kabataan ang marahas na mga pangyayari kapag sapit ng dilim, para rin makaiwas sila sa bisyo at pagbabarkada.. At kung tatambay lang din sila, might as well spent their time in their house studying and laughing with their own families..

This is in reaction to the comment of Ms. Louise Ina F. Aquino. Well, for me, it is an advantage for it would help minors avoid illegal doings like; drugs, gambling etc.

This is in reaction to the comment of Ms. Louise Ina F. Aquino. For me, it is advantageous. So that minors will have disciplined and they will become responsible to decisions they will make.

This is in reaction to the comment of John Elyser Forbes I think that it is disadvantageous because like what is said in the article, what if its because of school? work? it is not their fault to stay out late because of that.

This in reaction to the comment of Jessica F. Fabella. I think curfew for minors is disadvantageous.Lets consider those students who are working late at night for their salary, I mean what about them, should we put them into jail for this reasons just going home late at night? I think having this law will just ruin somebody's life.

This in reaction to the comment of Fabella, Jessica F. Curfew for minors is disadvantageous.A lot of students go home late at night to finish some school projects because they don't have enough time during the day.

This in reaction to the comment of Jessica Fabella. Para sa akin disadvantageous ang curfew for minors. Paano na lamang kung nagkaroon ng emergency at kailangang umuwi sila ng late sa gabi alangan namang kasuhan natin sila dahil sa mga ganito kasimpleng bagay.

For me Curfew for minors is advantageous,because the curfew will help the parent to discipline their children.It can also prevent and minimize the growing problem in addiction and the crime that the main suspect is the teenager in the street.

This is a reaction to the comment of Cuyno, Pergentino Junjun, i think this is disadvantage for minor, what if that minor that we are talking about have something to do outside or buy some material for their project. I think they will have a hard time if that happen.

This is in reaction to the comment of BRYAN FAMINI. Curfew is disadvantageous because for some families, curfews are a regular part of the teenage years. For others, curfews symbolize the act of taking away freedom. Curfews have their advantages and disadvantages and it's up to parent to determine what works best for each child. Teenagers who don't respond well to curfews may need an alternative that will encourage them to come home at a reasonable hour.

Curfew is advantageous for because parents don't feel at ease when their children are still outside late at night. it will also teach teenagers how to be responsible and they will learn how to be considerate to those people who worry about them when they are outside. it'll discipline them and they won't get into trouble.

This is in reaction to the comment of Ms. Cyndee Cahilig. for me it is Disadvantageous, because even if there is curfew most trouble occurs way before the curfew time so basically it is not effective.

This is in reaction to the Comment of Cyndee Cahilig. It is Disadvantageous because, most students stay out late because of school activities, projects etc. and there are times that teenagers should hang out with their friends for them to let out their stressed on school related works. it is not healthy to let them work all day long they need a break or two and socialized with their friends. give them a bit of freedom not tie and keep them on leash.

This is in reaction to the comment of Cuyno, Pergentino. I think that it is disadvantageous because the teenager now a days is already used to go home late at night that means a higher chance to violate the curfew our that would cause them a criminal record.

This is in reaction to the comment of Ms. Cyndee Cahilig. i don't agree with her. for me it is Disadvantageous. Why? because it will only make teenagers want to rebel more if you say they cannot stay out late. Curfews are a bad idea. Teenager will not follow the rules if you take away their time. School gets out late as it is so its bad idea. Kids have a way of thinking that differs from the thought processes of older, more mature adults.

For me, Curfew for Minors is advantageous. Simply. Avoid influencing the youth such as the use of illegal drugs and commit a crime.

This is a reaction to the comment of Alvin Añonuevo. Disadvantegeous. Para sa akin kahit may curfew hindi naman nasusunod dahil marami pa ring kabataan ang nasa labas kung saan sila ay gumagawa ng gulo dahil sa mga pinagmamalaki nilang fraternity na kung saan hindi naman maganda ang layunin.

Curfew for minors is an advantageous because it helps to minimized the crime during night. There is no good comes out of minors being out late at night unless they are accompanied by an adult

This is in reaction to the comment of Cris Steven Traya teenagers need to be let out because they may have things to do after school.

For me it is DISADVANTAGE, because even it's late at night some of us or i can say that some of the minors are having their works, assignments, and some are doing their thesis. If there has a curfew the time of these people are limited to the time of curfew hours though it is for our own best and security but not at all times like i said in the first sentence.

This is for the comment of Jeffrey Carrascal. For me it is advantage, because some crimes are reduce because of these curfew. And some minors can save on the abuse of drugs.

ADVANTAGEOUS: for me having a curfew is really an advantage,.. It will help each one of us especially the youths / minor age people to avoid any accident/CRIMES.

This is for the comment of Jeffrey Carrascal. I agree on Shin Ji Son, because some of the minors are misled. Some of them are use to make crimes because of their age and they didn't go to the jail because of the law.

For me, it is an disadvantage because students doesn't only have one subject to put their attention on they have many subject that have project and its not enough to finish during the day, curfew is just a symbol of taking off the freedom and it symbolize that kids automatically do bad things. I say teenagers will be teenagers might as well go with the flow but be sure to guide them.

Ako, Hindi ako in favor jan Kasi palagi akong gabi na kung umuwi. Ahahah At Karapatan ng mga tao na makalabas ng kanilang mga bahay Kapag may gusto silang gawin

Curfew? Although for others like Theresa curfew is good. For me, curfew has a disadvantage reasons. First, son and daughters are not always a children that need guidance from their parents.They must learn how to stand on their own. Second, curfew could make us 'robots' that every actions are limited. How about our schoolworks? our practice in a certain subject? meetings? and so on, all of these have an uncertain time and we can not tell our parents that the activity is only 7:00 pm and so on.And one last thing, because of curfew we can not focus on what we are recently doing. It is because we knew that our parents are waiting for us. Of course we don't want to make them worried and get angry .

Advantageous.. Curfew for minors is advantageous because it helps to prevent the crimes, involving the youth in drugs and violence and for young women's early pregnancy. And it also gives limitations to the youth for staying in the streets.

Hindi ako sumasang-ayon sa Curfew... di na uso yan, iba na mga kabataan ngayon. Kasi ako, umuuwi ako ng gabi na dahil sa sobrang layo ng byahe mula sa school. di ko naman mapipigilan ung traffic o kung ano man ang mangyari sa daan. tapos madalas pang baha. At isa pa, maraming gawain bago umalis sa school.


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