Curfew for Minors: Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

A CURFEW IS A LAW enacted by a local or state government that restricts certain people from being in public places at specified times of the day.
Many cities and towns have a curfew law in place to prevent teenagers from being out at certain times, typically spanning the late hours of the night or school hours during the day. Any teenager caught out after curfew can face a fine or even jail time, depending upon the specific laws of the town.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is advantageous:
·         Youth crime is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. Imposing youth curfews can help to solve these problems, as they keep young people off the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent them from congregating in the hours of darkness.
·         The use of curfews on minors can help to protect vulnerable children for not all parents are responsible and inevitably their children suffer, both from crime and in accidents, and are likely to fall into bad habits. Society should ensure that such neglected children are returned home safely and that their parents are made to face up to their errands.
·         There is no good reason for children to be out unaccompanied late at night, so a curfew is not really a restriction upon their liberty. They would be better off at home doing schoolwork and interacting with the rest of their families.
·         Child curfews are a form of zero tolerance policing, showing that a community will not allow an atmosphere of lawlessness to develop. Child curfews can help to change a negative youth culture in which challenging the law is seen as desirable and gang membership an aspiration.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is disadvantageous:
·         What if they have to stay out late for a school related activity?
·         What if they have part-time jobs, for example being jeepney conductors? Many jobs requires staying until night to earn money for their living.
·         It is unethical to criminalize their simple presence in a public space.
·         Once charged even for flimsy reasons, they will have criminal record which might bring harms to their opportunities in employment and so increases the social deprivation and desperation which breed crime.
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Considering the above factors stated, would you favor having curfew on minors or not? Express your opinion. Hit your keyboard!
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Disadvantageous. Because for me not all minors are up to bad deeds when they are outside their houses so late. For example, they are in the house of their classmates to do some projects or maybe a dance rehearsal for some school program the next day. So, for me i think it will be unfair to those minors that doesn't have any intentions to do bad things.

This is in reaction to the comment of Ann Jilly Fabian: I disagree to your answer. Because as minors, they are not aware of the crimes and accidents they are up to. They are not that knowledgeable and ready if ever they will be in this kind of incident. It will be better if curfew is implemented, it is for their own safety.

This is in reaction to the comment of BRYAN FAMINI. Disadvantageous because people especially teenagers loves to have fun all night long but with the curfew they will not have so much fun as what others encounter which will lead to "rebel" against their parents blaming them for missing out the fun.

This in reaction to the comment of Ann Jilly Fabian: hindi ako sang ayon sa opinyon mo. kasi hindi maganda sa kabataan ang nasasanay sa labas ng bahay. kung sakaling makasanayan nila ito. maaaring palaging nasa labas nalang sila tuwing gabi, napapabarkada at malapit sila sa krimen.

This is my reaction to the comment of Ma. Rhona Dela Cruz. For me its advantageous because its simply makes the youth more rebellious..

This is in reaction to the comment of Ann Jilly Fabian: tutol ako sa sagot mo. kasi magiging masama ang dulot nito sa mga kabataan. di naman natin maikaka-ila na dumarami na ang mga kabataang umiinom ng alak, naninigarilyo at may iba pang mga bisyo. Isa pa kung mayroon nito, matututo ang mga minors na maging responsable sa pag-uwi ng tama sa oras dahil kung hindi maaari silang ma-huli.

This is my reaction to the comment of Ma. Rhona Dela Cruz. Para sa'kin Disadvantageous.... parang nililimitahan ang freedom ng mga kabataan which is dapat naeenjoy nila ung freewill nila at minsan pagpinapagbawalan cla mas naprepresure sila na suwayin at mas delikado pag sinuway dahil maaaring mauwi sa mas di kanais nais na sitwasyon.

This is my reaction to the comment of Ma. Rhona Dela Cruz. Her stand was right but I beg to disagree. Curfew is not necessary in our community in order to protect teenagers from crimes. The way I see it is our community must have strong security in terms of focusing on the real problems we face.

This is in reaction to the comment of Dianara Padiernos Disagree. Teenagers need to be responsible for themselves. They need to use their freedom as teens. If they are always told when to come home, they might stay out all night or rebel completely when they are free of the curfew.

This in reaction to the comment of Ms. Louise Ina F. Aquino. Since our country continuously has a crime rate, having curfew to minors would be effective in ensuring their safety and well being.

Curfew for minors is advantegeous and generally for several reasons because it's for every minors protection to crime and accidents. For parents/guardian knowing that your child is home safe and sound at specific time is good. Now a days the behavior and social problems of the minors tend to increase. Teens often think or feel that parents take away their freedom but it's not accidents is unpredictable so they teaches them to be responsible and also considerate of other people around them.

This is the reaction to the comment of Jhen Kervy Almero For me setting curfew may cause them to think that you do not trust them and may use as one of their rebellon. Sometimes there are some parents that is not flexible that may lead to a poor relationship between a child and parent.

This is the reaction to the comment of Jhen Kervy Almero. It is disadvantageous it is beaing unfair to them because there are several home schooling groups. What if they're having a part time job in day time and also a thesis to do at night? It is just a matter of trust they are on their way to adulthood.

This is the reaction to the comment of Jhen Kervy Almero. I know that curfew is for the sake of minors but what if they have to do something, group projects something like that being a student have also a lot of responsibilities. Having a curfew is like there parents don't have trust on them. It's not right to criminalize their simple presence in pulic places.

In reaction to the subject proposed by Ms. Louise Ina F. Aquino. I am in favor of having curfew for minors. Base on my experiences, I have witnessed several cases where staying outside your home late in the evening could influence the behavior of a dependent, young and having a little knowledge of responsibilities. Indeed a critical stage of being a youth or a teenage. Although this challenges in life can mold us, strengthen us, and eliminates arrogance of why we must be disciplined as we go on with our lives. We cannot ignore that most of us does not really end up with learning from our mistakes. "It's better safe than sorry" according to a saying.

This in reaction to the commnet of Jomari Macaraig: Advantage It will help discipline to youth nowadays and it will prevent them to have bad vices.

Curfew is advantageous. At this time it is one way of security against a lot of crimes and accidents that mostly happens at night. For concerns of school works, students may have their group works at day time or talk about it during their free time at school and make use of technology to communicate members. It is to be discipline and to be responsible to handle your time.

Disadvantageous. Some people have to work at night. This could also affect our tourism because they might think of the curfew and they can’t have a time to socialize with other people. It is not a crime to walk or to be seen outside at night.

This is my reaction to the comment of Nerissa Razon. Disadvantageous. Some people have to work at night. This could also affect our tourism because they might think of the curfew and they can’t have a time to socialize with other people. It is not a crime to walk or to be seen outside at night.

This is my reaction to the comment of Nerissa Razon. I think having a curfew is not necessarily needed. It depends on parents guides and disciplines their children. They are jobs that require a night shift at for them to earn. There are also some students who chose to work together after their class. So for me curfew is disadvantageous.

This is my reaction to the comment of Nerissa Razon. I disagree because there is some important or unexpected thing that might happen at night. Think of those who work at night to earn money. Ang mga kabataan ngayon habang pinagbabawalan na lumabas mas lalo silang magrerebelde para lang magawa ang gusto o dapat nilang gawin.

Curfew is advantageous. Its a good way of discipline, for the safety and to keep minors not to involved to crimes and drugs. Sa panahon ngayon marami na ang mga crimen n kinasasangkutan ng mga kabataan o nagiging biktima ng masasamang loob. At palagay ko naman ay dapat talaga na magkaroon ng curfew. Gaya ngaun 11:17 ng gabi at ako ay nasa isang computer shop maraming minor de edad na nagmumurahan at nawiwiling maglaro ng mga computer games na nagpapatayan gaya ng Counter Strike. Masasabi kong hindi ito nagagabayan ng maayos ng mga magulang, hindi tama na sa ganitong oras ay na sa labas pa sila ng bahay. Kung trabaho at proyekto sa paaralan ang pagbatayan kung bakit hindi maganda ang curfew, eto ang basihan ko. 1. Hindi naman dapat pinagtratrabaho ang minor de edad lalo pa't sa gabi kung nais ng bata na tumulong sa trabaho e sa gawaing bahay nalang sila tumulong. 2. Maaaring namang lumabas sa gabi ang bata para gumawa ng school project o assignment kung mayroong kasamang guardian. TAMANG GABAY at DISIPLINA pa rin ng magulang ang kailangan para hindi sila mapasama at magkaroon ng criminal record.

This is my comment to Willard Reta. Sa palagay ko naman disadvantage ang curfew dahil sa nililimitahan nito ang kabataan para matamasa ang kalayaaan, hindi sa lahat ng oras ay dumidepende ang bata sa magulang ang kabataan kasi ay gusto nilang kasama ang kagaya nilang bata at dito nahuhubog ang kanilang sarili para makipagkapwa tao o kung paano makipagkasalamuha sa iba.

This is my comment to Willard Reta. I think curfew is disadvantage. As for me i enjoy being with my peers because we are active in school or church activities it is often that we finish our practice very late at night and my parents can't fetch me because they're tired or they got over time on their work. Curfew it makes our time so limited and we cannot have enough time if we rush some for deadlines or things.

This is my comment to Willard Reta. Hindi ako sang-ayon sa curfew, dahil kung gagabihin ng uwi ang bata na walang kasamang guardian ay siya'y huhulihin, baka maka apekto ito sa bata at isipin niya ng may ginawa siyang krimen. Mag-aalala ang magulang niya kung bakit siya hinuli. Hindi rin magiging kumpleto ang pagkabata kung walang kalokohan sa gabi gaya ng pagpapahabol sa Brgy. TANOD este ASO pala.

This is reaction to the comment of Mr. Jomari Macaraig Advantageous, because we all know that crimes are more vulnerable outside our home. Our intention going outside late at night was good but we doesn't know what the intentions of others. To lessen crimes like rape, holdaps, snatches, carnaps, and etc. We must implement and obey this law. So to summarize this things up. It's better safe than sorry.

This is in reaction to the comment of Mr. Macaraig. I beg to disagree in his argument. Yes, maybe students or minors don't just have one subject or two that needed to focused on. But giving them proper discipline to do things that are really necessary and training them to focus on what is important would definitely help them more. And I think giving curfew to them would be an appropriate thing to do. Making them realize that things need to be done with a limited time 'coz that would really improved their self discipline.

The curfew hour is advantageous because it helps parents to have a peace of mind, and an assurance to the safety of their children.

This is my reaction to the comment of Karisse Ann B. Lizardo I disagree with her because it depends on the discipline/personality of the child if he wanted to go home earlier without any reminder, he will go home on time.

This is my reaction to the comment of Karisse Ann B. Lizardo I disagree because it might start discussion/argument between the parents and the child.

This is my reaction to the comment of Karisse Ann B. Lizardo I disagree with her because not all youth are having an education for example those are working in a market like the” kargador” who wanted to help their parents to earn a living.

For me it is an disadvantages, why, because it violates the freedom of every young people. The assumption that kids or youth will get into trouble, if left to roam at all hours, amounts to profiling, troublemakers will be who they are, no matter what the time of day or night. I believe that the parents should be the one to set a curfew for their children not a government.

For me it is an advantage. I believe that all parents are making a mistake if they do not impose a curfew on their minor children. Kids/youth need rules to know that they are cared for. I do believe in imposing city wide curfews.

For my own opinion, curfew for minors is a good thing to consider. it is advantageous because it helps to discipline teenagers today and avoid accidents that could happen when they're outside late at night. it is more safe for them to be at home.

This is in reaction to the comment of Jamaila Noliar: I disagree because curfew for minors will not allow minors to be outside their home at a specific time and it is really inconvenient for them if they really needed to go outside to run some errands.

this is in reaction to the comment of jamaila noliar. i disagree with her. i think it is disadvantageous because based on my own experience, as a teen, sometimes we need to be in some places during curfew hours. for example when we visited our classmate para makipaglamay sa barangay hall kami natulog because they say that we're not allowed to be walking in the streets during curfew hours.

THIS IS IN REACTION TO THE COMMENT OF JAMAILA NOLIAR. I think having a curfew is good but it has to be limited. the curfew today is very strict so i think it is disadvantageous. i also think some minors know how to be responsible and they know if the place they're going is safe or not. and if something comes up like an emergency or something really important that a minor need to attend at night, they should allow minors to be there.

In my opinion having a curfew on minors is advantageous because it can lessen the crimes that occur, because we all know that some of the minors can be involved in crimes.

For me curfew for minors is advantegeous because it can lessen the risk of accidents that they can encounter from getting outside at night.

Para sakin maganda na magkaroon ng curfew for minor para maiwasan ang pag uwi ng wala sa oras, at para makaiwas sa mga krimen na lumalaganap sa lansangan.

disadvantage.. because What if they have to stay out late for a school related activity?What if they have part-time job Many jobs requires staying until night to earn money for their living...

to lessen the juvenile crime because as we all know that curfew is for minor who commit a crime with a cortain hour.

This is in reaction to the comment of Cris Steven Traya I disagree because curfew shows a lack of trust and faith that teenager can handle their self and lowering their self esteem. Causing the child to doubt themselves.

helps to determine especially riots, rape, violence why? the generation of the youth today is more liberated. they are more active and adventurous, we all know that a lot of crimes that recently happened involves youths so we really need a curfew for minors.

Well, I beg to disagree. A law exists because something must be fixed. One way to decrease crime rates occurring at night is to keep people from staying up out their house late at night. Youths can be protected from involving themselves in an all-nighters sessions dealing with drugs, alcohol, and violence if they will stay at home.

My REACTION to monica.posadas's comment. I oppose. The government cannot grant that additional law enforcers who will guard us at night. Also, if I may add, not all of those who will be hired will do their jobs in 100% capacity. You know what I meant, right? If there is an inexpensive way to minimize crime at night, that would be enforcing curfews. Agree?

Disadvantageous. sometimes, the more the minors being prohibit to stay outside, the more they become eager to do so. If the parents of these children imposes proper care and discipline to their children, i think we don't have to worry for them. They will be hesitant to be involve in such acts like using drugs, joining gangs/fraternity, and other acts which is illegal for they know that it will not cause them any good. Giving your child the love and helping them to know GOD is the best way to mold them into a better person and individual.

For me, it is advantageous because curfews help teenager get use to following a normal routine schedule by being home before a certain time each night. One of the advantage of curfew is to help make sure that teens aren't out all night getting into trouble with other kids. It will also help them get enough sleep at night since they have to be home by a certain time.

This is in reaction to the comment of Lady Antoniette Ingco. I beg to disagree because a well-behaved teen that always follows the rules might miss out on something really special. This happens if teens are with a safe youth group, such as a church group, that wants to explore an evening activity. If the activity runs late, a dutiful teen will head home, especially if he doesn't have a way to contact his parents.

Your comment is true! Very true indeed since most of the crimes are done at night. Criminals go out at night because Batman does not exist, no pun intended. It is easy to hide crimes at night so they do it at night. However it is not like curfew can lessen cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking. Students can drink and smoke at day. Other than that, you're cool.


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