Who should be 'the' Philippine National Hero?

Who should be the Philippine National Hero?
IF WE WERE to choose only ONE national hero who is best fitting to be regarded as ‘THE’ Philippine national hero, who would it be among the following? Would it be ...
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JOSÉ Protasio RIZAL Mercado y Alonso Realonda (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896)
He was a Filipino nationalist and reformist and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He was the inspiration and thus wrongly implicated as the leader of the Katipunan Revolution, and that led to his execution on December 30, 1896, now celebrated as Rizal Day. (Read: Jose Rizal's Contribution)
As a political figure, José Rizal was the founder of La Liga Filipina, a civic organization that subsequently gave birth to the Katipunan. He was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution, and would only support "violent means" as a last resort. (Wikipedia)
ANDRÉS BONIFACIO y de Castro (30 November 1863 – 10 May 1897)
He was a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. He is often called "the father of the Philippine Revolution". Bonifacio was a founder and later Supremo ("supreme leader") of the Katipunan movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.
He is considered a de facto national hero of the Philippines, and is also considered by some Filipino historians to be the first President, but he is not officially recognized as such. (Wikipedia)
EMILIO AGUINALDO y Famy (22 March 1869 – 6 February 1964)
He was a Filipino general, politician, and independence leader. He had an instrumental role during the Philippines' revolution against Spain, and the subsequent Philippine–American War or War of Philippine Independence that resisted American occupation ... (continue reading)
Aguinaldo became the Philippines' first president. He was also the youngest (at age 28) to have become the country's president, the longest-lived former president (having survived to age 94) and the president to have outlived the most number of successors. (Wikipedia)
Write your CHOICE in the ‘comment section’ below together with your REASON for choosing one over the other options. Happy sharing of thoughts!

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para sakin si bonifacio. kc. simulat sapul c boni n nangunguna s smahan.. imagine nging unang pres. sya ng union.. tas mali nman kc ung cnasabi s libro n ang suot nya ay ung kamesa de chito. at nka pantalon.hnd nman tlagah gnun..kung mgbabasa k ng history.. malalaman muh..haha..kc c rizal.. mga cano lng nman ng talaga s knya ii.. ang sbi. o itong taong ito ang kilalanin niong bayani nio..ayaw kc ng mga cano n gayahin ntin si boni.na mpanghimgsik.. o kalabanin ang mga kano.. kya un..

I consider Jose Rizal as our National Hero because, instead of using guns as weapons, he used his novels to open up the eyes of his countrymen from the injustices of the government. He even sacrificed his own life without hesitation to encourage his countrymen to stand up for their country.

para skin si Bonifacio, dahil mas mraming nagawa..Sa totoo lng xia kaya nagplanu na itakas c rizal nung nakakulong c rizal...basta marami xiang nagawa...c rzal kc wla xiang cnabi puro sulat lng..Kinain lng nya kc ung cnbi nyang ang hnd marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay masahol pa sa malansang isda...pero mga libro at sulat nya puro kastila hnd pilipino...

Para sa akin si Bonifacio ang dapat na maging pambansang bayani. Kasi siya yung lumaban talaga hanggang kamatayan.Kasi siya naman talaga yung nagplano ng lahat lahat ng gaagwin para mapatumba yung mga kastila. Basta siya yung nagpakita ng totoo ng pagmamahal sa bayan.

Si bonifacio kasi siya yung totoong lumaban. Si rizal through his writings lang eh. Mas makabayan yung ginawa ni Bonifacio dahil nakipaghimagsikan siya para mapaglaban ang ating bansa.

sa sakripisyong ginawa ni Rizal para sa ating bayan, marapat lang syang hiranging bayani.. wala pa man na bubuong pag aaklas andyan na si rizal para tuligsain ang mga maling gawi ng mga dayuhan. at si rizal ang gumawa ng pinakamatalinong paraan ng papakipaglaban,hindi sa dahas kundi sa pamamagitan ng kanyang katalinuhan.

For me, i will choose Rizal among the three because being a national hero, you should be the one which the Filipinos can be reflected to or the one that the country's role model. Rizal is very artistic, brilliant and most of all, he can adapt to many kinds of people and races. Those important characteristics of Rizal can be seen on every Filipinos. I don't want to say negative traits of the other two that made me believe that they are not enough of being considered as a national hero since they also help the Philippines to be the way it is now.

Rizal, because he traveled the world but still he always come back home and whenever he leaves he carries our country in his heart and he just wrote the truth about the government that time he used his knowledge and the power of his words to wake up the Filipino Citizens that is why no one is harmed that time he started the sparks in the Filipinos heart to stood up and fight that leads to our freedom.

Bonifacio because Rizal wrote novels not for the Filipinos but for the Spaniard just to say that they're bullsh*t.. something like that... Rizal did not intend to wrote noli me tangere and el fili because to say to all Filipinos to fight for what the Spaniards doing to our country rather he wrote those novels to show the true smell of the Spaniards, it is a message that only Rizal want to say to them. unlike bonifacio, he really fought for the motherland, he is a fanatic of rizal's work and used it as a inspiration to clean out the country that is full of infidels, bonifacio started the revolution, through his grief and anger of rizal's death he fought using his gun and sword for the sake of the Filipinos, he fought not just only for freedom but the talents and that we are smart nation not indios that every Filipinos possess so i say that Bonifacio must be the national hero.

I think it should still be Rizal regardless of the criteria he passed made during American period because if you're going to compare him to the other two, Rizal's character is astonishingly exceptional. He fought in a peaceful manner where he uses his wit to awaken his countrymen. He is indeed a hero because a real hero is someone who notices things and who does something about it, he noticed the inequality happening at his time and so he writes a book that later opens the eyes of the filipinos.

Sumasangayon ako sa sinabi ni Emuel Nuez dahil kung titignan natin and eulohiya ni Congressman Henry Allen Cooper ng Amerika tungkol kay Rizal ay sinaad nya ang mga ngawa ni Rizal na magiging sandigan ng pagiging National Hero ni Jose Rizal. Inihalintulad nya yung katauhan ni Rizal kay George Washington na National Hero ng USA. Ang pagkakatanda ko sa talumpati nya (kapag tinagalog) ay "kung may nagawa si George Washington sa Sariling bayan nya upang tanghalin syang National Hero, therefore, paano pa kaya si Jose Rizal na nakatulong sa ibang bansa hindi lang sa sarili nyang bansa? He should be a national hero, too".

It must be andres bonifacio in my opinion because he really do fight for our freedom. They said he cannot be a national hero for being aggressive and use "dahas". But for all we know after rizal wrote and published the novels, it awakes filipinos innocence and fight for our country which they became aggressive and more lives are gone.

I disagree because if we're going to talk about sacrifices, there are plenty who sacrificed their lives for our country even Bonifacio did that too, but the problem is that they were given less merit. Rizal was praised because of his books while Bonifacio as a good leader didn't, if we're going to look deeply we'l realize that Bonifacio sacrifices more.

It must be Rizal for all he wanted was to serve his country as well as his countrymen. He even sacrificed his life to save us so I can probably say that Rizal is worthy of his title.

For me,still JOSE RIZAL because he deserve to become our national hero. In studying the Rizal's life gives a lot of information about what are the sacrifices he made for our country.

This is my reply to Shiena Quitat, i agree with her. Si Jose Rizal pa din ang pipiliin ko bilang national hero natin. I think he successfully proved it to us as a Filipino.

sang ayon ako na si Jose Rizal ang naging hero natin kasi hindi sya gumagamit ng dahas para lang iligtas tayo sa mga taong nanakop sa atin.

Dr. Jose Rizal is the one who should be a national hero because he stands out among Filipino heroes. Many gave their lives and sacrificed their happiness and family to fight for an independent Philippines but Rizal stands out because of his intelligence as backed up by countless books, poems, essays and his various professions. He might not be as brave as Andres Bonifacio who fight blood to blood with our enemies,nor like Aguinaldo who lead the Filipinos to fight but he stood up the Philippines as humble and educated like he is. He is the one who woke up the Filipinos against Spaniards by his own ethical way.

(1)It's not the PEN that's worth BUT the SWORD who feared by the conquerors.(2)Being a NATIONAL Hero must not only consider the Educational background or the impact to people but how they fought with TRUE FILIPINO VALUES and goals (3)Rizal only wanted reform. He established La Liga Filipina to ask for reforms and he wanted to make the Filipinos and Spanish equal in the eyes of the law, to make the Philippines a province of Spain and make Filipinos citizens of Spain, and for the Spanish friars to be sent back to Spain and make the Filipino friars the parish priests of the churches and his goal was not to liberate the Filipinos from Spain, but to make a better life for Filipinos. (4)Andres Bonifacio's goal was total separation from the Spaniard and He believed that we should have total independence and our own government.

(1)FOR ME EMILIO AGUINALDO SHOULD BE THE NATIONAL HERO.(2)Aguinaldo became the first president of the Philippines after, and has done many things in ruling the Philippines and even if the Americans returned him from exile, he still hadn’t lost his spirit of nationalism. (3)Even after his term, during the American occupation, Aguinaldo maintained his love for the country and the Filipinos and He organized an association for the veterans of the revolution, which secured their pensions and bought them land.(4) IN HIS TERM, the idea of Philippine Flag, Philippine National Anthem and the first Constitution was made.

I think the Philippine national hero should be Andres bonifacio. Because Rizal only wanted reform, by his what you called educated system between Filipionos and Spaniards. I extremely admired Rizal, but I think Rizal should have gotten the National Model title not the national hero. Andres Bonifacio's goal was total separation from the Spaniards. He believed that we should have total independence and our own government. A government run by Filipinos.

I think it should be Jose Rizal our national a hero does not need to be using swords or any weapon. its enough to write books about how cruel . unfairness ,rude colonizers are . how they badly trait our countrymen . besides he is a genius that will make him more admirable and unbeatable hero . besides Rizal is a very complex individual and He was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution, and he choose to fight for what he believe in a more civilized way.

I agree to you avegile Jose Rizal our national hero because Rizal uses his head very well. Rizal - "The pen is mightier than the sword!" besides Rizal, the only other Filipinos currently given implied recognition as national heroes are revolutionary Andres Bonifacio.

Dr. Jose Rizal because He is our national hero, because of his many contributions to our country. We see him as the role model and the pride for which we are proud to be of the same race.Rizal who had gave his life at risk and sentenced to death by the Spanish to have gone against them and he is a great inspiration, he refused to escape even though he had many opportunities. though he wanted to express his death as a sign to our fellow countrymen to act on and to fight for our country.

i agree ave, Rizal became a National Hero because he passed the criteria by being a National Hero during the American period. 1. He must be a Filipino. 2. He is already dead. 3. He displayed unconditional.

Pangkahalatang tinuturing si José Rizal bilang Pambansang bayani, subalit iminumungkahi si Andres Bonifacio bilang higit na karapat-dapat na kandidato bilang pambansang bayani dahil siya ang nagpasimula ng Himagsikang Pilipino.

Disagree Codog Bonifacio is our national hero because should have been the national hero because he wanted for an ultimate that is through a revolution. Well it is true that Bonifacio has somewhat got then the revolution was succesful. Also, Rizal was just an because Americans were afraid that if it was Bonifacio that was the hero, the Filipinos would also revolt the same way as of Bonifacio's.

Bonifacio should be the National Hero. Why? because Bonifacio fought with his sword Rizal fought with his pen.And Bonifacio has a goal was total separation from the Spaniards. He believed that we should have total independence and our own government, a government run by Filipinos.

for me Ms rosanna Rizal should be considered our National Hero because he opted for a non violence reform in the government. Instead he used his writings to open the eyes of the Filipinos. He dedicated his life for his countrymen without hesitation.

im disagree to you Sang.. Dr. Jose Protacio mercado rizal y alonso deserves to be the country's foremost national hero because of his achievements.. rizal opened the minds of the people. at first, he resented the revolution for he was not a revolutionary man and he did not want bloodshed. all he wanted was a reformation which the government did not grant. he gave his name and even his life for his beloved homeland believing that through his death a new Philippines would be born with the youth as its leaders.

i agree to you Rosanna. It should be Emilio Aguinaldo. He is considered as the first president of the Philippines. He is the one who give the independence in our country. His the one who declared it and wave our flag as sign of freedom.

I think it would be better if its Bonifacio, he fought for the nation to be one, not like Rizal who only wished to be part of Spain, he is the one who shows dignity that Filipinos can fight for their own freedom, not by just sitting and waiting for grace to happen. Bonifacio's heroism inspires in us the patriotism and nationalism that is resolute and uncompromising which the people and especially the youth must learn and imbibe,".

First of all we should clarify the meaning of a hero. Hero means symbolizes goodness you don’t to be harsh or rather use of force to become a hero.So for me Rizal should be the national hero because he inspires a lot of Filipino by his kindness and through his intelligence. He gave us freedom by using goodness,He fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way.

i think mas icoconsider ko Emilio Aguinaldo as Hero kase bukod sa naging presidente sya ng piliinas for almost a long year. Madami pa syang alam sa pakikipaglaban sa world war, which is pinaglaban nya ang pilipinas laban sa mga dayuhan.

Hi Hazel, yes for me doing such a good things in goodness to others is considered as a hero.. Dr. Jose Rizal is different from other hero. i think he stood up among others because he used his intelligence to save many filipinos. i admire him so much. He should be the national hero.

not because he spoken boldly he is worthy to be a national hero.Being a hero doesn't mean you are good speaker.

yes i agree with you that rizal is the National hero, because for me a true hero is the one who inspires the people around you to protect their nation.

Hello, Haze. i think emilio can be our national hero because he served our country for a long years ago. Buhay at pawis nya ang inalay nya para maprotektahan ang bansa natin.

Bonifacio was just greatly influenced by Rizal’s point of views.

Bonifacio was just greatly influenced by Rizal’s point of views.

Its not just Emilio who sacrifice for the Philippines. He was just obliged to served because he was the president.It's just his obligation why he serve.

There's a lot of Filipino who puts an action just to have freedom. Many people also fight till the last drop of their bloods, not just Andres Bonifacio.

I think Aguinaldo should be the Philippines National Hero. Rizal was a Professional person but Aguinaldo was the very honorable hero at the the same time "a Great Leader" as a President when it comes to the Independence that we all wanted. Emilio Aguinaldo made many achievements in his life, mostly contributing for the good of the Philippines. Even in the latter part of his life, he dedicated it to help the Filipinos, so he should be the one to be called "The Phil. National Hero" to-Ms. Alviar

For me, its Rizal. Because Rizal hated violence and use pencil and papers to open the eyes of every Filipino. And loved devotedly our nation.

genny: I agree with you, Jose Rizal is the right one to be the Philippines National Hero. We don't need heroes who give lives just to reach the Independence for our country. A person can be a hero in any way even in just being his own self, applying his knowledge and will just like Dr. Jose Rizal. He is a genius one, by his literature the Philippines became independently and achieved the Freedom.

Yes, Rizal is the one and only Philippine national Hero. To die- is not only the way to show that a person is a hero, now a days lots of ordinary people is a hero there are the professors/teachers, doctors, Policemen, MMDA & etc. just like Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal, they use their professions and special skills just to save people. My point is that, being simple or an ordinary can make a person to be a HERO! and that person is Dr. Jose Rizal.

ate jenn.. Rizal was the one who ignited the revolution, so without him, there will be no revolt. Rizal also uses the peaceful way against the Spain. It's a better way to use reform, which is peaceful and harmful into Spain and Philippines rather than a Revolution that was a harmful way that make or suffer more Filipino before getting there wanted. And it's better to use pen that hurts more on the inner part of the one who's reading than a sword or gun that has lesser effect on the person.

agree to atedyenn.. Rizal should be the National hero not only on his writings and teachings. If we analyze his doings, he was doing something and knowing what will be the effects, feed back, outcomes, and simply he think about the sake of the others not just for himself. And I can prove that with his many doings, like not telling on the distribution of wealth of his novels, because he knows what will be the effect on the Filipinos if they have read it. They will be a conflict and they will be a separation of the group of the rich and poor and it will be a contradict on his plans of making the Filipino united. Rizal was never a person who think for himself only not like Bonifacio.

Bonifacio should be the National Hero. Both died for their country, that's true. Do not think it's because Rizal fought with a pen and Bonifacio fought with a sword. No, it is not that. For me, to be a National Hero, yes, you have to look at what they did, but more importantly, you have to look at their goal. Andres Bonifacio's goal was total separation from the Spaniards. He believed that we should have total independence and our own government. A government run by theFilipinos.

It is true that Jose Rizal through his writings was able to put across the need for changes in the country that was dominated by Spanish colonial power. His writings influenced intellectuals who actively participated in the fight for reforms in society”. But the bill noted that “Andres Bonifacio, on the other hand, was an intellectual impassioned by the need to change the oppressive and exploitative system not merely by writing about it but also by acting on it. Thus he organized the Katipunero’s KKK.


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