Curfew for Minors: Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

A CURFEW IS A LAW enacted by a local or state government that restricts certain people from being in public places at specified times of the day.
Many cities and towns have a curfew law in place to prevent teenagers from being out at certain times, typically spanning the late hours of the night or school hours during the day. Any teenager caught out after curfew can face a fine or even jail time, depending upon the specific laws of the town.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is advantageous:
·         Youth crime is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. Imposing youth curfews can help to solve these problems, as they keep young people off the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent them from congregating in the hours of darkness.
·         The use of curfews on minors can help to protect vulnerable children for not all parents are responsible and inevitably their children suffer, both from crime and in accidents, and are likely to fall into bad habits. Society should ensure that such neglected children are returned home safely and that their parents are made to face up to their errands.
·         There is no good reason for children to be out unaccompanied late at night, so a curfew is not really a restriction upon their liberty. They would be better off at home doing schoolwork and interacting with the rest of their families.
·         Child curfews are a form of zero tolerance policing, showing that a community will not allow an atmosphere of lawlessness to develop. Child curfews can help to change a negative youth culture in which challenging the law is seen as desirable and gang membership an aspiration.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is disadvantageous:
·         What if they have to stay out late for a school related activity?
·         What if they have part-time jobs, for example being jeepney conductors? Many jobs requires staying until night to earn money for their living.
·         It is unethical to criminalize their simple presence in a public space.
·         Once charged even for flimsy reasons, they will have criminal record which might bring harms to their opportunities in employment and so increases the social deprivation and desperation which breed crime.
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Considering the above factors stated, would you favor having curfew on minors or not? Express your opinion. Hit your keyboard!
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Hello! I definitely disagree with you, because for me, how can a minor , like us to his or her duty as a student. If we need to extend our time to do our school projects or if we practice. It's just my perception.

I disagree. Kasi kawawa naman yung malalayo pa ang pinagtatrabahuhan o pinapasukan. Kapag labasan na, hindi maiiwasan na lumagpas sa curfew hour kasi malayo nga yung pinapasukan. Hindi naman pwedeng magundertime sa trabaho para lang sa curfew. Maraming masasayang tulad ng pera at oras sa trabaho.

I agree. Because, the minors are always causing a crime or war in a certain area. And it is for there safety.

i disagree with you because curfews treat all youth as violators. it turns off good kids and it is unfair to them. gangs arent afraid of curfews because the punishment is little. so impleming curfews is just a waste of time.

disadvantage sya its because kung may curfew, minors wont enjoy life. i mean, enjoying is part of our life. and if may curfew parang our happines is limited. and if that happen, diba we minors nowadays are like to party? so, if there's a curfew there's also endency na magrerebelde ung mga minors, minors will be influence by their peers. and it can also cause conflict to their families.

Im not favor for curfew. What if it is emergency or if you are came from far province. The government should be considerable for the reasons of each youth.

I disagree with Simon because implementing the curfew has little or nothing to do in becoming a responsible person. It is in how you were raised up by your parents that you become responsible and disciplined. We all have different lives and status in life and the implementation of curfew will be a disadvantage and affects those people who in their young age are already working to support their studies and their families. Yes, It will give us security but we are not a perfect human being so how about during emergency situations that you need to buy some medicines, or this important material that you forgot to buy for your project that you have to submit the following day. We cannot stop bad things to happen even in the implementation of curfew because crime or accident chooses no time, situation, or a victim. The best solution is to spend more time with the family and pray.

For me, advantageous yung pagkakaroon ng curfew for minors para maiwasan na rin yung mga krimen na kinasasngkutan ng mga kabataan , para maiwasan narin yung pagkakalulong sa bawal na gamot ng mga kabataan.. para maiwasan narin yung mga rape na nagaganap sa pilipinas na alam nman nating laganap na ito sa panahon ngayon.

I strongly disagree to Shiela Mae M. Laomoc in having the curfew for minors because it takes away their freedom.If teenagers wants to stay out and hang out with friends she'll regret it because of curfew.

Sa tingin ko po, curfew is labag ito sa mga napapanahong interest ng mga kabataan. Curfew seems unethical for them. Thus, it is harder for a teenager to act properly which is undersired for many adults. Di po ba, maslalong hinihigpitan ang hawak sa bigas, lalong tatapon, masasayang at mawawalan ng halaga, tapos po, nawawalan ng pagkakataon ang mga minor na experience yaong diverse and creative way of expressing their self na kung saan, sa mga oras ng curfew crucial ung behavior. Kasi nga masmalaki ung tendency na mag rebelde sila dahil against yun sa ethical behavoirs na alam, nakagisnan at nakikita nila sa mga social media. And ung sa operant conditioning ni Frederic Burhuss Skinner, it tells, curfew is a type of punishment which is negative. A negative punishment is a type of punishment that lessens the behavior by presenting an unpleasant stimulus to the behavior.... There, pwedeng mawala ung bahavior na maaari nilang gawin sa oras na na ke curfew sila. Panu kung desired and needed behavior yun...

Im agree that curfew is advantageous for minors because it will keep them safe for crimes, it will help them staying out of trouble. Minors will have better time management & help them to focus on their studies. And also it teaches the minors to be responsible and to follow the rules and regulations. at kung baga di nila inaabuso yung freedom and trust na binigay sa kanila ng parents nila. Aside from that, if there is a curfew naka mind set na sa teens na umuwi ng maaga after school or should I say sa takdang oras dahil dun maiiwasan ang paggala o pagpunta kung saan saan dahil gaya nga ng sinabi ni Shiela Mae, maraming pwedeng mangyari o magkaroon ng mga krimen.

I agree with your comment that curfew for minors is disadvantageous. I can say that youth today are more responsible weather they still out at night I know that is because they are doing such important thing like just what you say a group study or school activity or sometimes a church activity which sometimes ends late at night. I think they must also consider that sides.

Hello po! Can u help me po I am student and we're doing an assignment about these po. We need to be corteous each other. For me, I am disagree with your argument. Because taking one's freedom is not only on curfew minors. My point is that to make a changes and preventing the disasters that is happening nowadays such as crime, kidnapping, or making a bad things that would be against to his own parents.

I agree. It is just b'coz for the safetyness of a kind. Especially all the minor ages. Although in my experience i don't have a curfew hours,b'coz my parents have trust in me. They are always expecting that i am good . But for the minor that are outside of my experience,i think u must have a curfew. Instead of staying outside the house w/out the permission of parents,they will have a possibility to endangered. It is much better to be disciplined in that kind of situation.

yes, ofcourse. it's one way of securing the welfare of the children/minors and the entire community as well. it is also one means of disciplining them..

no because its unfair for the student who is in night ship or afternoon ship, and for those students whose theyre school is far from theyre house

I think curfew hours for minors is not advantageous because all of us know that many teenagers are needed to go home late because they have some things that they need to finish like theyre projects. also some students are working so that they time was totally full and the tendency is they will go home late.

For me, curfew for minors is advantageous because it keep us away from bad habits. Curfew was also made for us to be safe and responsible. By implementing curfews crimes involving minors will lessen. Curfew was advantageous not only for us minors, but also for our parents for they will be able to sleep well at night without thinking about they're teens.

Advantageous. It is protection for minors to have curfew. First thing is that in night or when the moon is on duty, people tends to do violent things freely. Because there is no hindrances to stop them. This may harm the minors. With their age, especially with the girls and their strength. Second thing is minors will just get used to do what they want and some things they want will put them into trouble in the absence of their guardian.

For me curfew is disadvantageous when you have important things to do like for you in school maraming dapat gwin na minsan hindi ntatapos and you need help from your schoolmates specially if its a group project so kailangan nyong gwin un out of school hours at posibleng gabihin kau kaya thats one disadvantage of curfew kung s mga gnyang bagay for sure maiintindihan ng parents if mala-late kau ng uwi

Yes, I agree with you Rito Sajona. Malaki talaga ang maitutulong ng curfew sa mga minors pati na rin sa magulang dahil hindi sila mag-aalala sa mga anak nila dahil wala pa ng dis oras ng gabi. Hindi naman kasi laging sa school nagiging busy ang mga students kaya sila umuuwi ng late. Kadalasan ginagawa na lang nila itong dahilan para hindi sila mapagalitan., pero ang totoo ay gumala lang, nagpunta sa bahay ng classmate, o kaya naman nagbibisyo katulad ng pag-inom ng alak kasama ang mga kaibigan. Mas magiging responsible sila at matututong ibalanse ang kanilang oras pag may curfew. Mas maganda rin na habang bata pa ay dinidisiplina na para alam nila ang kanilang limitasyon lalo pa’t napakabata pa nila para payagan gumala-gala dahil marami na ang nabibiktimang mga bata lalo na pag gabi.

Agree po ako kay Rolando. Sa panahon kase ngayon di na naten alam kung anu mangyayare sa atin lalo na pag gabi. Ang pag papatupad ng curfew ay isang magandang paraan para masigurong ligtas ang sino man lalo na ang mga menor de edad sa gabi. Kung sa may mga pasok man sa gabi o mga night shift, siguro nman kung galing kayong paaralan, di nman kayo huhulihin kung ipapakita nyo I.D nyo dba? Pagiging ligtas at responsable lang naman ang dulot ng curfew at para lamang sa ikakabubuti ng bawat isa sa atin diba?

i agree with you that curfew is disadvantageous because There is no such ABSOLUTE freedom, every freedom Must be covered by parameters,boundaries and limitations.

Against ako kase, may mga school activities, events etc. na inaabot ng gabi. Kung sa course namin, may mga times na nag oovernight kami. So di pdeng may curfew un. Also sa mga may trabaho ung student, unfair kung may curfew dahil syempre pano kung un lang ung way nya para makapag aral

Pro. kc kung ppayag ako sa curfew for minor. edi mas madami ang krimen pati delikado namn sa minor ang pakalat kalat ng hating gabi dba? kailangan lng tlaga ng curfew para alm dn ng minor kung anong limitation nila

Pro. In my opinion, curfew for minors would help to lessen crimes such as rape and murder and therefore should be implemented.

I think Curfew for Minors is disadvantageous because nowadays there are lots of minors who work for themselves or the working students. This will give problems to the students who work to earn money.

Bcoz there are lots of our fellow countrymen are working just to support their study and for their family. Further do i think, government should make something that will help Minors to earn money.,

I beg to disagree with your comment that curfew is disadvantage to the minors because it says that it can protect minors from such crime and for the student, they should learn how they manage their time especially if their is activities. I believe that every school activities or job has its own limits.

Im Pro Curfew for Minor why ? because If the curfew for minor have been implemented the teenagers will be able to develop their discipline and time management. it will also reduce the crime rates involving teenagers.

i beg to disagree,i think curfews are often useful means of enforcing some sort of order on kids' social lives. That being said, teenagers are a different story. For the most part, teens are rational people that are capable of making a variety of important decisions on their own. While they lack life experiences, teens are quite intelligent.

disagree ako sa curfew for minors. because there are some instances na gabi na nkakauwi ang ibang mga kabataan dahil sa school projects and activities na nagcoconsume ng time nila na nagiging cause ng pag uwi nila sa gabi especially dun sa mga working students.

isang nga malaking disadvantage ang Curfew sa aming mga kabataan sapagkat tulad ko na isang estudyante at nagtatrabaho. Malaking perwisyo kung kami ay mahuhuli sa kadahilanang gabi sa paguwe. Magkakaroon pa kami ng problema.

For me curfew is advantageous because this can help the youth to be responsible on their duty as a student. Curfew can also lessen the crime involving minors at night.

For me curfew is advantageous because this can help the youth to be responsible on their duty as a student. Curfew can also lessen the crime involving minors at night.

Im Pro Curfew for Minor why ? because If the curfew for minor have been implemented the teenagers will be able to develop their discipline and time management. it will also reduce the crime rates involving teenagers.

For me, Curfew for Minors is advantageous because as a minor this project teaches us to become more responsible for us to do the responsibilities in school in time and helps us to not to do bad habits in late night :)

I agree with you Anthony, because minors will be more safe from danger and they will have more time with their families at home.

tama yan.! para mabawasan yung krimen na lumaganap na kasangkot ang mga menor de edad. minsan kasi porket alam nilang hindi sila makukulong inaabuso na nila ang batas dapat pati magulang magkaroon din ng disiplina di nmn kasi lalabas yan kung di nila pinapayagan eh o kya binabalewala lang nila yung mga posibilidad na mangyari sa kanilang mga anak ang dmi ko gusto ipaglaban tara sa korte hahahah

Having Curfew for Minors in our country is a big advantage. First, it lessen the Noise pollution every night, Second, it helps the minors to be an responsible enough and third it gives us security with the crimes which minors are usually involve.

I think that its not very necessary to have curfew because the minors have their parents to give them the proper discipline and not the law of the Baranggay

para sakin di na mahalaga na may curfew kc malamang naman na hindi ito susundin ng mga kabataan , dadami lang ang makukulong

I agree in implementing the curfew for minors because for us parents it would minimize our worries for our child especially when they're outside late at night. It could also help to tight the bond of the family.

For me, curfew is disadvantageous. why? because nowadays many youngsters are self supporting, they study in day time and work at night until dawn so it is not ideal if there's a curfew. many people especially teens will be affected. what we need to do is to add up on the security during night time.

I am in favor of Curfew because it has a lot of advantage, some of them are the security of the youths, learn to become more responsible in handling their time and how to follow a certain rule or law.

I disagree, minors need time for their freedom. Di naman porket minors sila need na nila ng curfew. At kung matino at alam naman nung tao yung ginagawa niya. Di niya hahayaang mpahamak yung sarili niya. At tiaka paano kung yung curfew against sa time schedule niya talaga.

you're right Anthony that curfew is advantageous for minors, so that minors will be more safe from bad habits that they can learn during night time.

i totally disagree of what you have said anthony, because some of the minors are not like you, a blessed student, because some of them are working at night or let us say self employed for themselves for them to cope up for everyday living,they are not blessed like you that can afford studies with the help of your family, so if you will implement the curfew for minors, how can they afford to live.

hindi ako sumasang ayon sa iyong pananaw .. dahil ang CURFEW ay hindi mabuti para sa mga estudyanteng umuuwi ng gabi at ang iba pang mga estudyante na nag tratrabaho sa gabi ..

Curfew Law would rather be a disadvantage for us, as a country, because it lessens the opportunities that occurs late at night. For example, stores who are open 24 hours and any other jobs that has night shifts. I agree that it helps to maintain peace and order but crime also happens during the day. The lack of training of some policeman and their discipline is what the problems in our country.


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