Curfew for Minors: Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

A CURFEW IS A LAW enacted by a local or state government that restricts certain people from being in public places at specified times of the day.
Many cities and towns have a curfew law in place to prevent teenagers from being out at certain times, typically spanning the late hours of the night or school hours during the day. Any teenager caught out after curfew can face a fine or even jail time, depending upon the specific laws of the town.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is advantageous:
·         Youth crime is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. Imposing youth curfews can help to solve these problems, as they keep young people off the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent them from congregating in the hours of darkness.
·         The use of curfews on minors can help to protect vulnerable children for not all parents are responsible and inevitably their children suffer, both from crime and in accidents, and are likely to fall into bad habits. Society should ensure that such neglected children are returned home safely and that their parents are made to face up to their errands.
·         There is no good reason for children to be out unaccompanied late at night, so a curfew is not really a restriction upon their liberty. They would be better off at home doing schoolwork and interacting with the rest of their families.
·         Child curfews are a form of zero tolerance policing, showing that a community will not allow an atmosphere of lawlessness to develop. Child curfews can help to change a negative youth culture in which challenging the law is seen as desirable and gang membership an aspiration.
Possible reasons to believe that curfew is disadvantageous:
·         What if they have to stay out late for a school related activity?
·         What if they have part-time jobs, for example being jeepney conductors? Many jobs requires staying until night to earn money for their living.
·         It is unethical to criminalize their simple presence in a public space.
·         Once charged even for flimsy reasons, they will have criminal record which might bring harms to their opportunities in employment and so increases the social deprivation and desperation which breed crime.
The Contributors/ Online Debate Moderators:
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Jae Czel Olaguer is from Labo Elem. School and Camarines Norte State College Laboratory High School. She is interested in photography, and a certified music geek.
Considering the above factors stated, would you favor having curfew on minors or not? Express your opinion. Hit your keyboard!
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it can be a disadvantage because there are some students that need to stay late at night because of doing some activities needed for school.

Curfew is indeed Disadvantageous.. I can say that the statement of Ms. Kristine joy is correct somehow, curfew might prevent crimes, early pregnancy, and prevent them from accidents. But curfew is not the issue of this problem only. I am thinking why not the Government just strengthen the security of their people no need to implement curfew because many student who are working at same time may suffer by simply implementing curfew for minors. The Government must be considerate..

I respect your answer,and I agree on what you've said about the disadvantages. But for me, Curfew is advantageous in many different ways. One is it can lessen the crimes every night, proper time discipline especially to teens, to avoid early pregnancy, to focus on study not on other bad habits. Besides, there is no point for them to stay late at night.

i agree with you. we should implement this with regards to the use of computers.

as you can see from the article itself, there are more disadvantage than advantages. curfew law could somehow be a hindrance to the youth specially when it comes to their school activities.

i strongly disagree with miss gamo. curfew for minors could cost them their grades. also it shouldn't be applied at some times.

Curfew Law will never do good,it will never be the answer to stop the crime rate during night,because minors must not always be blamed for such crimes for just staying late at night at the streets.

Agree po ako dyan, at least mapprevent natin yun crime and at the same time mapprotektahan natin yun mga minors sa aksidente at gulo, lalo na pag gabi di maiwasan ang mga mssamng tao sa tulong ng curfew mppnatili natin yun kaayusan

disadvantage ito sa tingin ko kasi nwawalan ng karapatan ang mga kabataan na lumabas tuwing gabi .. hindi naman kasi sa lahat ng oras eh gumagawa ng kasamaan ang maga kabataan sa dilim ng gabi , kasi pag nahuli sila ng dahil sa curfew law baka maapektuhan lang ang paghahanap nila ng maayos na trabaho.

For me it is advantage because it can help control the increasing numbers of minor prostitutes roaming in the streets every night .

it is advantageous because it can help our society in minimizing crimes done by most of minors

i can ay that this is advantageous because if there is a curfew , violence and crime outside the house can be avoided.

Hi Charlene, I read your stand and opinion regarding to the topic curfew. Yes you're right that curfew may not stop the crime specialy at night but I beg to disagree, because curfew has a sense in our community, it can't be use until now if it doesn't have good effects right? Since you never know when or where the danger comes it can help to prevent the crime.

Good ako dyan, unang una makaktulong sa atin ito lalo na sa mga kaibigan , kapatid o kapitbahay na menor de edad pa. Nakakapagbigay ito ng proteksyon sa atin. Kung may curfew wala ng bata pang nasa labas ng dis oras ng gabi, na kung saan alam nmn natin na delikado at maraming masama tao sa mga oras na iyon. Napprevent din nito ang crime rate tulad na lng ng holdap, rape kidnap etc., Mas maiiwasan yun gulo natuto pa pa yun mga kabataan na wag ng uuwi ng gabi dahil alam naman natin na mas delikado pagka gabi.

@this is my answer to the comment of Jonas Censon Reyes @Well, you can also add that having minors' curfew hours will give them time to work on more productive tasks in the safety of their homes but they may get to be more aggressive because they will think that there is no wrong in going outside at night they might get angry to their families because they are in the adolescence stage.

Advantage: it is really a must to have a particular curfew hours for a minors so that every accidents, crimes, and other happen during late night. With this regulation child youth should be responsible in follow this for their own protection and safety.

i am agree for curfew most especially for minors. first, for the safety of youth. second, to prevent gang wars and other peer pressures. third, to maintain peace and order situation. we can compare this effectiveness during Martial law eras. or even today in some barangays.

it is true that curfew is a best way to help youth. however, on behalf of the youth, they might feel awkward and a embarass because they can be result to misinterpretation. for example, if a student, in the instance he do his assignment, then he go home too lately, then the tanods will bring him to barangay outpost which is not good because he did his assignments unlike to others. for me, it is not acceptable.

based on what i experienced, it is effective measure for disciplinary action for the youth today. however there comes a time that you will be bring to barangay hall without any case other than the curfew hours. it will be result to inconvenience. hence it is not approve.

I agree for the curfew hours, especially for the teenagers today, so that they will discipline to go home early or to control their time management.

for me, its advantageous. because i want the security of our minors and to lessen their involvement to crimes usually committed at night.

i agree that there must be a curfew for minors, for studying purposes and for the family bonding as well.

Para sakin lahat ng bagay may advantage at disadvantages. Advantage ang curfew sapagkat wala ng mga kabataan ang makikita tuwing dis oras ng gabi. Disadvantage ang curfew minsan sapagkat mayroong mga aspeto na kung saan kailangan talaga magpagabi katulad na lamang sa mga activity sa school.

I for myself agree. The general intention of curfew is to protect the minors-- from the possible harm that might occurred at late hours of the night. In today's time, minors or teenagers are easily being influenced by others. Some people view this as to push their bad acts such as a drug pusher convincing a minor to buy illegal drugs or if not to try some of it. The implementation of curfew will generally put the minors a shield as they are being kept away from bad temptations that in one place or another might ruin their lives.

Hello there Mr. Erwin Lolong I've read your comment about how advantageous it is to have a curfew for minors. You've mentioned that we can avoid early pregnancy and be disciplined youth. And also prevent the crime in the streets and roads also prevent accident when you are drunk but don't you realize that those "problems" you're saying can be done even in daylight? just because the sun is up doesnt mean you wont be able to get pregnant and get drunk. what we need is that the parents must watch their kids more. iIt's their responsibility. :)

Good day Ms. alyzza joy albay, I've read your comment about how disadvantageous it is to have a curfew especially for students, I just want to know, where do you prepare your "requirements in the school like projects and assignments"? I believe homeworks should done at home. :)

I agree. The wisdom of the implementation f curfew is for the general welfare of the youth. Of course, there are exemption to the rules, if self-supporting students will be affected, then its not bad to exempt them.

I agree. If curfew will be observed, the probability of premarital and unwanted pregnancies among the youths-- which is for now prevalent will be minimized. Also was the number of youths who are engaged in illegal drugs and acts, for they are stopped from those acts. Any irregularities arising form such imposition will be put in a dialogue. But in general, curfew is beneficial.

Neutral. We don't know when, where and how jeopardy would strike to us. Whether we are at home or in the streets as long as it meant to happen, it will.

I fully agree with the implementation of curfew here in the Philippines because it teaches everyone especially minors to be more responsible and disciplined.

Sorry to oppose on your comment, i think curfew is advantageous because it can prevent children from crime like kidnapping. Also they can focus with their study and less worry for the parents

Hi Mr/Ms froline Carizon i would like to put a reply on your comment im only doing this because it is an assignment hope you understand. Curfew is not taking away the freedom of teenagers it only protects the teenagers not to expose on crimes and other unwanted things.

Hi maam i just want to reply on your comment, i just want you to know that im only doing this because this is an assignment. I think curfew doesn't take away the freedom of teenagers because the main purpose of curfew is to protect the minors from crime and protecting them to become a victim.

i agree for your argument because some of it will be advantageous and others will be disadvantageous but in our present time it must be implemented for some teens that ages 20 and below.

Curfew for MINORS is advantageous because it will help the student/youth to understand the importance of discipline and time management. And it will also teach the parents to become more responsible and caring for their children.

I just want to share my opinion. if Curfew for you is symbolizing the act of taking away freedom. So For me it's symbolizing discipline and it teaching the youth what true freedom is. What is freedom if it will lead to destruction of lives and future of our generation?

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Advantage yan sa mga magulang dahil pag may curfew mapipilitan yung mga anak nila na umuwi ng bahay on time. And sa part naman ng bata, Mas bababba yung risk na maimpluwensyahan sila ng masasamang loob

THIS IS MY REACTION TO THE COMMENT OF JEROME GACITA Giving curfew to the minors is not the responsibility of the government. In my own point of view, it's the parents' accountability. This would test how responsible parents are. Moreover, minors must know how to submit first and foremost in their homes, if and only if parents set rules and regulations inside the house which includes the curfew. Let's not give all the task and job to our government if it could be done by ourselves.

In my own opinion, Curfew is not required it's just the way of our goverment to add and raise their funds for none sense. and those funds are not really going in for the said operation, instead they will use it for they're own. in short this one of their means of corruption. as for my concern about teenagers, I think they are responsible enough to think and to know what could happen at midnight, whatever happens, happens.

Advantageous: I believe that implementing Curfew Law for the minors has a good effect for minimizing crimes involving the youth. This Law also protects the safety of the children and serves as prevention for them to put their life at risk. This law doesn't limit the rights of the youth but obligating them to be responsible in their acts and for their parents to participate and do their responsibilities in guiding their children.

For me, Curfew for minors is advantageous because it will lesser the crime involving minors. It also makes a discipline to the youth. Curfew must start with their parents even without this law parents must have a time of going home for their children.

For me ,curfew is disadvantageous because now a days many teenagers still have things to do at night like school activities,part time jobs,and others.Why not instead of curfews, pay more attention on ways to make it more secure at night which is better.Curfew may still be applicable but it should be a family decision, and not be implemented by the government.

I think there should not be a curfew because most crimes happen during the day and security is much accurate that curfews. Think of it as a much better way to stop violence and trouble especially at night.

Why? First off, curfew is only being implemented for minors (those who are below of the age of 18) because minors are still at the age of vulnerability even if the minors in the age bracket nearing adulthood are still subject of the bad elements e.g. Robbers, con-artists and the likes, even though everyone is vulnerable, bad elements are more likely to target those who look and/or are still minors, secondly people outside of the house after hours are only those who are capable enough to depend on themselves, the adults who want to spend their time in Pubs/Bars and the likes, and the bad elements, those minors who are outside should only be allowed when accompanied by an adult/adults since though the maturity level of an adult is subjective, the experience garned by those of the proper age is sufficient enough on how to respond when placed in a dangerous situation, lastly when having a curfew, minors are more likely to be safe and would have more time to study indoors than going out of the house to study, plus it would allow them to contemplate on their days work. Ofcourse it is the Policemen to protect us citizens but it is on our hand to make wise decisions if we should go or not outside after hours, Policemen aren't always around and that's why curfew should be implemented.

For me, curfew for minors is advantageous because it can help in reducing crimes involving minors. It teaches minors to be responsible. It also protects the safety and well-being of minors.

Curfew for minors have both advantage and disadvantages, but I'm more on it's disadvantages. Teens nowadays are more on to stay out at night not just because for them to have fun with their friends but also some student like me sometimes do an activity that sometimes runs late like a group study, school activity or project which requires our participation. There are also working student who study in day and stay out at night to work. Those are some of many reason which we may consider for having a curfew for minors.

For me, curfew is advantageous because it can help in maintaining public order and minimizing crimes or incidents involving teenagers. It could also help in strengthening parental responsibility and discipline, so it is not just essential for teens but also for parents. But I think that there should be some cases where they should consider some exemptions.

As a teenager, i can say that having a curfew for minors is an advantage because it help us to lessen the crime involving teenagers. It also helps to make every teenagers a good follower because of the punishment that we will get if we didn't follow that rule.

For me it is advantageous because it teaches the children to be responsible. It also helps them for their security and far from accidents or crime. It also doesn't mean that if the parents have a curfew is that they are being strict to their children but as much as possible they want their children to be safe and not getting into trouble.


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