Notes on Categorical Syllogism

Editor’s note: This is a class lecture of a Philosophy professor in a university in Baguio City, Philippines. Though the topic discussed is somehow technical, viewers could learn from it as it tackles about validity of arguments and fallacies. Readers, especially Logic students and professors, could also check the “sample quiz” at the end of this lecture.


The crazy English language

Editor’s note: This article has been circulating in the internet for some time that the original source and author can no longer be identified. OurHappySchool decides to post it here that more people would have the chance to access and enjoy reading it. Happy reading!

Some things we need to know about aerobics

AEROBICS STRENGTHENS THE HEART and lungs and builds endurance. For those who wish to reduce weight, aerobics is also a ‘must-try’.

Though some suggest that we need to do aerobics for a minimum of 30 minutes at least three times a week, some experts say that 20 minutes at least thrice a week would suffice.

Reader’s Digest: How to do Just About Anything (The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville, New York, 1986) explains that aerobic means “occurring in the presence of oxygen.” Doing it “stimulate[s] more rapid and efficient transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Oxygen is needed to burn the fuel (calories) that provides the energy for the exercise. In essence, the blood flow to the heart increases, requiring the heart to pump harder. Since the heart is a muscle, the harder it pumps, the stronger it becomes.”

Using chopsticks, the Japanese way: A blog

I CANNOT RECALL THE EXACT POINT IN TIME when I got so smitten by anything Japanese. Perhaps, my ‘love affair’ with this Asian country started when my brother was granted a scholarship by the Japanese government in the 90’s.


The need to follow the law

IN THIS WORLD, every nation has its own law. Laws that would regulate the actions of people, to prohibit something, prescribe a certain act or punish a crime. But why do we need to follow the law?

Rolando Suarez, in his book Introduction to Law, explains that law, in its strict legal sense, is defined as a rule of conduct, just and obligatory, laid down by legitimate authority for common observance and benefit.


'They have been long written in the Bible'

…IF YOU WERE living in the past when there were no telescope, camera, television, space shuttle, and the like, would you believe if someone came with the news that the earth was round and hanged on nothing?
          The old view is contrary to this. Such news was then far-fetched and hard to believe. People would have probably just raised an eyebrow, shrugged the shoulders, or condemned the one who brought such unusual information. This happened to Galileo Galilei ...


The frogs called humans

...Frogs use a variety of complex calls, including ribbets, croaks, and other sounds. Surprisingly, “they produce these sounds in much the same way as humans speak... And as if emphasizing one of the functions of communication among humans, “frog communication is particularly important during the mating season, when male frogs call to attract females.”

But there’s another striking similarity between frogs and humans ...


'Richness' of life in atheistic-naturalistic-materialistic worldview: superficial




AIMING TO SHOW PERHAPS that his worldview is far from being unhealthy, today’s most celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins affirms that atheists’ naturalism produces the “richness” in human life.


Is boyfriend-girlfriend quarrel a debate?

... the proposition, “Patutunayan ko na ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay hindi higit sa hayop at hindi malansang isda,” does not only confuse the debaters on who should take the burden of proof, but also leaves everyone else guessing what the topic really is. Lesson learned: Fill the proposition with negative terms and the debate will become a stand-up comedy!


Their 'sacred' cow!

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DID YOU KNOW THAT COW is the animal that had something to do with the death of  Abraham Lincoln's mother? Or, that there's a country that has Bill of Rights for cows? ...


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