18 Qualities of a Good Teacher

1. Calmness
Being good at helping students de-stress or be relaxed for learning to take place.
2. Compassion for students
Caring about students as individuals and wanting to help them. Willing to speak up for them to other people, if need be.
3. Confidence
Believing in oneself despite setbacks and not letting problems get him/her upset.
4. Creativity
Being imaginative in using various methods in teaching to make learning fun.
5. Dedication to excellence
Wanting the best from students and oneself, not settling for mediocrity.
6. Empathy
Having the ability to bond with students, to understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions, and to communicate on their level.
7. Inspiration
Being helpful to students for them to realize their potential, talents, skills and abilities. Being able to encourage them to cultivate their talents and grow.
8. Optimism
Able to find the positives in every negative situation or see the bright side of things ... Continue reading: 9 to 18 Qualities of a Good Teacher


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