School Administration: Some Questions and Answers

1. In an instance when the principal is out with all the staff to attend to an important activity called by the superior, to whom do you leave the school/office? Why?
THE SCHOOL could be entrusted to the Assistant Principal or anybody next in line. If the principal has no assistant and there is no clear next in line in the roster, a competent substitute (OIC) could be chosen and assigned while the principal is out. The substitute may come from the faculty or from outside the school—provided that he/she is capable and knowledgeable in holding the temporarily vacant position. (For more qualities to consider in looking for a substitute, please see answer in question number 2.

2. What are the qualities of the person whom you should trust the school?
THE PERSON TO WHOM A SCHOOL WOULD BE TRUSTED must be dependable, responsible, and honest. Above all, he or she must be well-informed of the duties and responsibilities that would be entrusted unto him/her.
If he/she would act as the school manager or administrator, then he/she must be wise in dealing and handling various situations effectively. If he/she would hold the administrative position for quite some time, then he/she must be an exceptional motivator among his/her subordinates, must make sure that state standards are being taught by the faculty members, and his/her presence must always be felt in all aspects of school concerns. He/she must be fair in rendering decisions—must listen to all parties concerned, must not pick favorite/s, and must encourage open communication.
          He/she must have a good social skill, must have a good sense of humor, energetic, and with sense of urgency. As a leader, he/she must practice what he/she preaches like observing cleanliness, neatness, morality, integrity, and honesty. Finally, since school is an academic institution, he/she must have passion for education of students.

3. Cite your priority preference to attend to the immediate emergency need of a single student/pupil or the school? Why?
IT DEPENDS ON THE KIND OF SUPPORT that a particular student/pupil needs. If he/she needs a medical treatment, then a school nurse or physician on duty should be called to respond to an emergency and provide immediate clinical intervention, delegate instruction, and maintain control of the situation. Depending on the seriousness of the case, calling an ambulance and notifying the student/pupil’s parent, guardian or next of kin should also be considered.



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