A Prayer Before an Office Meeting

This morning, before we carry out one of our responsibilities in the office, we humbly come to you in prayers, we offer you our bountiful thanksgivings—for not only did You wake us up again today with our precious life and strength, but also You have allowed us to safely reach our office, that we may be able to fulfill the duties that were entrusted unto us.
          Before we ask of You to grant our needs, allow us to do the privilege to glorify Your most holy name, kindly accept the humble worship of your poor servants, together with our supplication to forgive us for all our sins and understand our natural weaknesses.
          As we hold our meeting today, we beseech You to please bestow upon us the strength and wisdom coming from You, be our Light and Guide in making decisions, so that in all our endeavors, we may also be able to give honor to your most holy name.
          As we resolve cases, plan activities, settle issues and problems, and decide for the welfare of our office, may we be governed by noble principles, and more importantly by Your holy will and teachings, and may love and peace reign in our hearts as we proceed with the various agenda in this meeting.
          Finally, as government employees and officials and Your children at the same time, we pray that You mold us to become vanguards of integrity, of honesty, of discipline, of morality, of compassion, of service to others, and of love of You!
          Strong is our faith, Oh Lord, that that You have heard and granted us our prayers. All these things we beg and pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
Contributed by Dan Lujen Senerio


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