Creative Visualization: A Helpful Part of Personal Development Plan

Creative Visualization: A Helpful Part of Personal Development Plan
Creative visualization (sports visualization) refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one’s thoughts and expectations (“Creative visualization,”  n.d.).
It is practically making use of one’s thoughts or imagination to envision your desires, dreams, and wishes in life such as wanted career or life goals. This could also help in knowing oneself in personal development.
Actually, consciously or otherwise, we creatively visualize about our wishes almost every single day, so this process is not new to us. Creative visualization however requires imagining our aspirations by employing all our senses.
When you visualize, as part of a personal development plan, you treat your dreams as if you have already realized them. For instance, if you want to be at the top of your class, you picture images of you being formally recognized as such and being awarded certificates or tokens. You hear the applause and admiration of everyone and feel the joy of triumph. These pictures in your mind would all the more motivate and encourage you to perform well academically.
Or, you may also creatively visualize your so-called dream “soul mate.” In your mind, try to picture him/her by visualizing how he/she looks like, how he/she smells, hoe he/she walks and moves and others. Some believe that the images you create in your mind may somehow help you meet your potential soul mate.
Psychologically, creative visualization helps in minimizing or eradicating anxieties, worries, depressions, and fears in our thoughts. The process thus helps in having clear thinking and allows success to come much easier.
There are well-known people who ascribe their successes to creative visualization. The list includes Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Jordan. In an interview on Oprah, here is what Jim Carrey had to say regarding creative visualization:
"I wrote myself a check for 10 million dollars for acting services rendered and I gave myself 5 years, and I dated it thanksgiving 1995, and i put it in my wallet and it deteriorated and it deteriorated, but then just before thanksgiving 1995 I found out I was going to make 10 million dollars on Dumb and Dumber."
1. Think of a specific life goal.
2. Look into the future and picture yourself as having achieved the particular goal.
3. Stop and imagine as if it is currently happening in front of you by creating vivid pictures in your mind and by taking note of even the minute details.
(Note: To benefit better from the process, you have to repeat at least these three steps  daily and remove any doubts in your mind. You may combine these steps with reciting daily affirmations.)
4. Make an effort to use all your senses during visualization. Consider also the
various stages of personal development you went through, including the stressors, influences, and decision-making points you encountered in your journey towards  success.
5. After creatively visualizing, illustrate your visualizations using a bond paper and various art materials.
6. Take a photo of your output. Post it in your Facebook or Twitter account using #ThatIsMeInTheFuture.
7. Ask at least three friends to comment. Screen shot your posted status with the comments. Print it. Submit it, together with your illustrated visualization (bond paper), to your teacher.
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