Darwinist-evolutionist worldview: some defects

Editor’s note: This article that tackles about the defects of Darwinist-evolutionist worldview especially as a foundation of a moral theory welcomes comments from evolutionists and non-evolutionists alike.

IF DARWINISM AND EVOLUTIONISM were a viable worldview worthy of being a foundation of man’s set of beliefs especially in relation to morality, then it must at least be capable of explaining the origin of life, especially that of human life. Unfortunately, nothing in evolution satisfactorily explains the origin of life.


Atheistic-naturalistic-materialistic worldview: tenable?

Editor’s note: This article that talks about the defects of atheistic-naturalistic-materialistic worldview especially as a basis of a theory in ethics welcomes comments both from atheists and theists.

AIMING TO SHOW PERHAPS that his worldview is far from being unhealthy, famous atheist Richard Dawkins affirms that atheists’ naturalism produces the “richness” in human life. He writes in The God Delusion, “What most atheists do believe is that although there is only one kind of stuff in the universe and it is physical, out of this stuff come minds, beauty, emotions, moral values—in short the full gamut of phenomena that gives richness to human life”...


What moral theory are you following?


Editor’s note: As it gives guidelines in choosing a sound moral theory to follow in one’s life, this article is helpful not only to Ethics students.

‘MORALITY’ GENERALLY REFERS to the rightness or wrongness of something, as of human actions, as judged by certain standard/s. To define it further, there is a need to discuss some of its features as a subject matter …


'Logically' Social (II)

(last of two parts)


WE WERE TAUGHT THAT IN COMMUNICATION, we use words, sentences, and paragraphs. Words compose a sentence and sentences in turn compose a paragraph. We would notice that many of our paragraphs contain reasoning which is in the form of arguments ...


'Logically' Social (I)

Editor’s note: This article, which discusses the role played by Logic in man’s social being, is an article by a Philosophy professor in a university in Metro Manila, Philippines.  It welcomes comments and feedbacks from any reader.

THAT MAN IS A SOCIAL BEING essentially includes that he communicates with fellow humans. Being social necessarily means interacting with others, having communication as the usual forms of interaction ...


Notes on Categorical Syllogism

Editor’s note: This is a class lecture of a Philosophy professor in a university in Baguio City, Philippines. Though the topic discussed is somehow technical, viewers could learn from it as it tackles about validity of arguments and fallacies. Readers, especially Logic students and professors, could also check the “sample quiz” at the end of this lecture.


'Richness' of life in atheistic-naturalistic-materialistic worldview: superficial




AIMING TO SHOW PERHAPS that his worldview is far from being unhealthy, today’s most celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins affirms that atheists’ naturalism produces the “richness” in human life.



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