10 Effective Methods to Relieve Stress Through Writing

Stress affecting our bodies is a hot topic nowadays. According to the American Psychological Association, 61% of college students are consulting specialists on the matter of anxiety and stress. And just imagine how many choose to cope with the issue themselves.


There’s one very good method of coping with stress – writing. And we’ve found 10 ways of implementing it.

#1 Keep a Diary

You may be stressed even more because you can’t get your thoughts out, so try keeping a diary. It’s personal, so drop the filters and write anything you want there. Imagine how many headaches you’re going to avoid by just giving 10-15 minutes of your day to reflect and pour out.

#2 Write Essays About Your Life

A great way to relieve stress and boost writing skills is creating an essay on yourself. Take any chapter of your life: the happiest moment so far, your perfect day, the source of your stress. Go big, don’t limit yourself to the regular 5-paragraph structure.

#3 Create a Research Paper on a Problem You Have

If it’s an illness, issues with a friend, or a depressive mood, you can research the topic and write a paper. It will help you get away from the emotional burden as you’ll be focused on reading and writing. Such an approach may help you understand the topic and your attitude to it.

#4 Try Writing Poetry

Not all talented people realize they are talented. When you feel stressed and nothing seems to help, try to write a poem. You can take a topic that will help you pour your thoughts out or something not connected to the subject of your stress. And you may find a new hobby this way, how great is that!

#5 Take Up Your School Writing Assignments

Pleasant and double useful writing method that will let you focus on something and forget about stress. Take something easy at first – difficult assignments will only improve anxiety and stress. As to those unimaginable tasks, leave them to a do my essay online helping service such as DoMyEssay.

#6 Take Up Creative Writing (Or Better Typing)

Don’t stick to any structure or rules, just take up any idea and elaborate on it. You can think of any word and write 10 pages about it. The key to stress-relief here is the process of writing or typing. The setting, the sound, the feel – everything counts.

Any of that may work as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), a very popular thing nowadays, where certain triggers have a calming effect on a person.

#7 Write a Detailed Schedule for a Week

If you don’t want to think about any stories or research now, you may need something technical. Dry dates and theses will get your focus away from the problems you’ve been having. Try writing a schedule for a week or a month. It may become one of the greatest changes in your life as well!

If you have one, maybe try changing it a bit. Doing something new every day helps deal with stress by turning it into the excitement that comes with changes.

#8 Start a Blog Online

A whole new project will definitely shift your focus from the stress. Think of a strategy, what would be interesting for your readers to learn about? Try writing your first post, and you’ll see stress running away as soon as you start. Besides, it may become a hobby or even a part-time job.

#9 Tweet Your Stress Away

If you desperately need to vent but don’t want to leave it on paper or wait until your blog gets attention, social media is the way out. Twitter, for example, is a huge community where everyone sees everyone. Besides, threads with stories people tell are quite popular nowadays, so with the right use of hashtags, you may get a lot of attention.

#10 Ask a Friend If You Can Help Them Write

There are also cases when you may not want to do any of the above. In that case, ask a friend if they need any help with their writing assignments. You’ll do a nice thing and help your stress get out. The idea sounds weird if you don’t even want to write your own assignments, but we never know what could work.

Writing Helps in Many Ways

When you write stress out, you don’t only get free from the redundant thoughts rushing through your mind. It’s also a tool for learning focus, which is a very helpful skill in life. Besides, you also get better at writing, learning how to use words in sentences and create logical paragraphs. There are lots of advantages, so try making writing your stress-relief tool and see what happens.

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