How to Write an Introduction to an Essay: Useful Tips for Newcomers


How to write a professional paper if you are an ordinary student? Is it possible to do this? How to start the writing process? These questions are probably the most popular among students right now. All of them have to write good college essays almost every week. However, how to solve this problem without any experience at all? In fact, the most difficult problem is to start writing. So, we managed to gather the most useful pieces of advice of professional writers in the USA to help you with this problem. We are going to figure out how to write the introduction, how to choose the best topic and how to make any American reader interested in your essay. If you are a student, you are almost obliged to read this article.

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What Should I Do to Write a Professional Introduction?

If you want to become a writer and write your own paper, you should know how to write the intro. It’s one of the most important parts of any paper. It helps to make readers interested in your paper. In addition, this short paragraph helps you to present the main idea of your essay. Follow these simple pieces of advice on writing a good introduction:

  • Grab the Attention of Your Readers

Any writer of online essay writing service knows that it’s really important to grab the attention of readers from the very beginning. If you don’t want to get a paid essay, you should realize this rule as well. Each essay writer has its own hints, which helps to make readers interested in their essays. However, in most cases, they write funny jokes, interesting quotes or even shocking statistic data. All of these methods can help you to involve more readers. Of course, everything depends on your writing style or the topic but we can still recommend using at least some of them.

  • Choose the Relevant Topic

It could be really difficult to choose the appropriate topic. Some students don’t even conduct research before their final decision. They just look through the list of topics and choose the easiest one. If you are one of these students, you should change your point of view as soon as possible.

The topic of any essay has to be interesting both for readers and the author. It’s the only way to create a high-quality paper. If you don’t want to discover something new in this sphere, you will never manage to create a professional essay about this topic.

There are also a lot of websites, which gather examples of topics and titles. You can find examples of topics in different fields of study including biology, chemistry, law, philosophy, physics and a lot of other subjects. So, don’t lose this precious chance.

  • Don’t Write a Long Introduction

Your introduction has to be short. In most cases, it consists of several sentences. The number can vary from two sentences to six, for example. However, you need to find a way to use a limited number of words to impress readers and make them interested in your essay. It’s also important to present the main idea of your paper. If you are going to write an argumentative essay, you should write the main position, which you will manage to justify in the main body. The reader has to conduct a quick reading of these sentences and understand the main essence of your essay.

Therefore, if you understand that you are not experienced enough to create a high-quality intro, buy essay writing services. However, if you don’t want to spend money, follow our recommendations and you will manage to avoid a lot of mistakes. 


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