How Essay Writing Services Work

Although the idea of essay writing services is far from being new (as it has been up and running for over a decade) most of the students are careful and indecisive when it comes to delegating their assignment to someone else. But hold on, can we blame them?
On the Internet, there is real writing services galore. The assurances to complete your order in no time and with all the requirements met are in heavy rotation, and each is cheaper than the last. But truth be told, the majority of the writing outsourcers are anything but trustworthy; oftentimes, the output they deliver is so poor that you reflexively start doubting every sin gle writing assistant.
It’s true: most of the services are not worth your attention, still less your money. In their work, they apply low morale principles and care more about their personal enrichment rather than the client’s satisfaction. 
However, as they say: knowledge is power. Once you figure out how essay writing services operate, and what you should pay heed to, you’ll be able to distinguish good from bad like a shot.

How do writing services work?

The working procedure for most of the writing assistance websites is more or less similar. First, you place the order and pay for it. Most likely, you will receive a confirmation e-mail after that. As agreed, the final paper should be delivered within the set time limits. Ideally, the service would give you some time to check the quality of the paper and either accept it or send it for free revision and editing.
Normally, ordering writing assistance doesn’t give any trouble, nor it takes more time than needed to collect information about your assignment. However, the way each writing service addresses your problem is what distinguishes good ones from the unworthy. 

What you can expect from bad writing services?

The most common problem with bad writers is the inconsistency between the output quality and the price. There are plenty of websites that charge unreasonably high rates for below-average-quality papers. The source of the problem is that such companies work only as mediators between the client and the person who actually does the work. In such circumstances, the writers are often so underpaid that they strive to get the order over and done with as quickly as possible because the new one is already looming on the horizon. 
Not so rare is when the writers are simply not able to deliver the requested quality. Often trying to minimize their expenses, such writing firms hire cheap freelancers from the Middle East and African countries who have neither relevant qualifications nor required English language proficiency.
Another bad experience a student may face is laughably bad customer service. There are plenty of websites where customer support is unavailable during its allegedly working hours, others refuse to give the refund. There are even companies that don’t do free revisions if a client complains about the quality. 
And of course, you may get into the trap of those who simply resell the previously written papers to new customers after a while. Usually, it happens when the topic is quite popular and there are many students who ask to write about it. Needless to say that there is no chance of plagiarism-free output. 

How to hunt out gold in all the dirt?

Actually, come to think of it, it’s not that hard to find a credible college paper writing service when you know how to look. There is a number of features you should consider when choosing one or the other outsourcer, and only a thoughtful approach can help you pick the right one. 
They are the following:

Professional Website.

It is unlikely that fraudulent writing service would bother to build an all-inclusive website for their business promotion. Therefore, it’s the first thing to pay attention to. A trustworthy website will have complete information about their company, actual contacts, real testimonials (if they are nothing but impeccable, it is also the reason to doubt; no one can be perfect), and comprehensive policies of their work.

Available Samples.

While bad writing services would use honey-words to trap you in their nets, a good one will simply offer a few samples of their work and let you decide whether you want their assistance or not. It is an honest and quite reasonable way to give clients an idea of what they can expect for their money.

Clear Policy of Prices.

Urgency, paper length, writing style, other specific requirements – all these features influence how much time and effort a writer would need to complete the task, and it should be reflected in the pricing policy. A good writing service will have a clear and transparent list of prices for every possible case to remove all the guesswork from the process. 

Honest Testimonials.

It’s not a secret that some writing websites hire copywriters to complete their feedback page. The standout feature of such testimonials is their absolute perfection and vague commentaries that give you no relevant information. On the contrary, a good service that values its reputation will present real feedback, as well as the websites where you may read other opinions. Not all of them will be perfect or even good – in every business, there are always competitors throwing monkey wrenches or hard to satisfy customers. However, it only proves that the service has nothing to hide and can be trusted. 

Policies That Cover Main Legal Aspects.

It is in the company’s best interests to clarify the details of their work to avoid further complications. Therefore, a good writing provider will explain clearly all the difficult terms, how they protect personal information, who gets the rights for the paper, how they deliver plagiarism-free essays, etc. Paying attention to their legal documents may save you a good deal of trouble.
While some choose to work through fraud and deceit, there are still writing service pearls who deliver. Only awareness and attention can help you get what you expect.


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