60 Legendary Pictures and Images in Philippine History

THE FOLLOWING ARE numerous pictures of Filipino heroes, former presidents, prominent persons in the Philippines in the past, and historically significant images. Rare and controversial as they are, many of these pictures could already be deemed as legendary and classic in Philippine history.

          Everybody is invited to provide captions for these historical images. The BEST SUGGESTED CAPTION for each image will be written below or beside the picture, together with the NAME of the ONE WHO SUBMITTED THE CAPTION ...


15 Unpopular but Interesting Information about Confucius

CONFUCIUS (551 or 552-479 bc), the Chinese philosopher and educator, is one of the most important individuals in Chinese history, and one of the most influential figures in world history. Famous for his philosophy, he made many wise sayings in ancient China that helped many people learns about nature, the world, and the human behavior.       
            The following are some unpopular but interesting information about him.

1. Confucius was an illegitimate child, or a child born out of wedlock.
2. Confucius wasn't always a philosopher. At age 16 he was a corn inspector.
3. Like other great men, Confucius practiced fasting. When fasting in preparation for sacrifice he must wear the Bright Robe, and it must be of linen ...


15 interesting information about Stamp Collection

Dianne de Guzman Perlas, the contributor, likes Sarah Geronimo. (You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to OurHappySchool@yahoo.com)
1. Stamp Collecting is widely known as “The king of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings”, even though Kings and Maharajas have now become a historical object.  The last three kings of England were keen collectors as is the present Queen.
2. The world's largest post office is the head post office in Chicago, Illinois.
3. The smallest post office in the world is located in Ochopee, Florida ...



WHENEVER THE MONTH OF JUNE comes, we Filipinos celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. Amid the events surrounding this memorable occasion, have we asked ourselves what really is the so-called Philippine Independence?


Losing one's nose for mathematics

Allan S. Galang, the contributor, is taking up BS Education Major in Mathematics at the University of the East, Manila, Philippines.(You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to OurHappySchool@yahoo.com)

TYCHO BRAHE, THE DANISH ASTRONOMER who made comprehensive astronomical measurements of the solar system and whose data were used by his assistant, Johannes Kepler, to formulate his (Kepler) laws of planetary motion, lost his nose in a duel with one of his students over a mathematical computation.


The famous bath-tub's Eureka

Contributed by a science teacher of a highschool in General Santos City, Philippines

THERE WAS NO FEELING of global warming then, but just say he was finding comfort in immersing his body in water anyhow. But when the idea came to Archimedes how to test the gold crown of the king for fraudulent admixture of silver, he is said to have leaped out of his bath-tub and run naked down the streets of Syracuse (Sicily), shouting “Eureka”, which means “I have found it!”


Campus Romance: Rizal's ladies in La Concordia (II)

© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog

IT WAS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE that Rizal’s romance with Segunda Katigbak did not prosper. For if it did, then there would have been no “Leonor Rivera &  Jose Rizal’s” love story, and Noli and El Fili would have had a different or no Maria Clara at all.

Leonor was a “tender as a budding flower with kindly, wistful eyes” colegiala at the La Concordia College when she became secretly involved romantically with her distant relative Rizal ...



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