AP (Social Studies)

AP (Social Studies)

Jose Rizal and Emilio Aguinaldo Connection

[Editor's update: April 2020]

EMILIO AGUINALDO Y FAMY is the officially recognized Philippines’ first president. He was the youngest to have become the country's highest official (at age 29) and the Filipino president to have outlived the most number of his successors.

Born on March 22, 1869, Aguinaldo was eight-year younger than Jose Rizal. Emilio was the seventh of the eight children of a rich and well known Chinese mestizo couple, Carlos Aguinaldo and Trinidad Famy, in Cavite Viejo (present-day Kawit), Cavite. His father was once appointed as the town’s ‘gobernadorcillo’ (municipal governor).

When Emilio was 17 years old, he became the ‘Cabeza de Barangay’ of Binakayan’, a main barrio of their town. In 1895, he became Cavite Viejo’s ‘capitan municipal’ at the age of 26.

The Collaboration between Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio

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[Editor's update: April 2020]

BORN ON November 30, 1863, Andres Bonifacio y de Castro, founder and later the ‘Supremo’ (supreme leader) of the Katipunan, was two-year younger than Jose Rizal.

Bonifacio was the eldest of five children of Santiago Bonifacio, a tailor who served as a teniente mayor of Tondo, Manila, and Catalina de Castro, a mestiza born of a Spanish father and a Filipino-Chinese mother. When his parents died of sickness, Andres stopped attending school to support his siblings. He made and sold canes and paper fans, crafted posters for commercial firms, worked in the British trading firm ‘Fleming and Company’, later transferred as storehouse worker to the German trading firm ‘Fressell and Company’, and even moonlighted as an actor in moro-moro plays.


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