Is the theory of Evolution authentically scientific? (I)

(Excerpted from the author’s paper, “Richard Dawkins’ Foundations of Morality: A Critical Evaluation” [MA Philosophy, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines]. You, too, can have your lectures, readings, modules, researches, articles, etc. posted here. Send them through e-mail to

IT WAS CHARLES LYELL book Principles of Geology (1830) that inspired Charles Darwin to publish his work Origin of Species in 1859. After his book came out of the press, Darwin out-famed Lyell and the idea of organic evolution “spread like wildfire, and caught the imagination of all intellectuals.” This novel thought soon “revolutionized the very thinking of man and had significant repercussions on the life and morals of all Western civilization.”


Is academic debate the same as religious debate?

Editor’s note: This article was excerpted from the speech delivered by the author as guest speaker in the launching of a debate society of a university in Quezon City, Philippines on August 25, 2006

ACADEMIC DEBATE is very much related to Religious Debate. In fact, if you want to be a good religious debater, academic debate is a very helpful training ground in the same way Muay Thai is quite useful in Mixed Martial Arts.


Campus Romance: Rizal's ladies in La Concordia (II)

© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog

IT WAS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE that Rizal’s romance with Segunda Katigbak did not prosper. For if it did, then there would have been no “Leonor Rivera &  Jose Rizal’s” love story, and Noli and El Fili would have had a different or no Maria Clara at all.

Leonor was a “tender as a budding flower with kindly, wistful eyes” colegiala at the La Concordia College when she became secretly involved romantically with her distant relative Rizal ...


I promised not to play the piano again

Zahura Munsayac Khandaker Haider, the contributor, is from New Era University, Quezon City, Philippines.


“WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE—a debut party or a piano?" asked by my lola. But to her dismay, she just slept without hearing an answer from me. What I really wanted to have that time was a laptop. Two months later, upon arriving from school, I saw an upright piano leaning on the wall of our house.


Stamp Collecting and the 'Philpost'

THROUGH PHILATELY—the collection and study of postage stamps and related items—one can learn of a country’s history, art, and culture, as depicted in special commemorative stamps... In the Philippines, stamps are issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost), the government’s agency responsible for providing postal services in the country. Philpost has long been producing commemorative and special stamps like that of boxing icon Manny Paquiao and the late president Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

'Logically' Social (II)

(last of two parts)


WE WERE TAUGHT THAT IN COMMUNICATION, we use words, sentences, and paragraphs. Words compose a sentence and sentences in turn compose a paragraph. We would notice that many of our paragraphs contain reasoning which is in the form of arguments ...


'Logically' Social (I)

Editor’s note: This article, which discusses the role played by Logic in man’s social being, is an article by a Philosophy professor in a university in Metro Manila, Philippines.  It welcomes comments and feedbacks from any reader.

THAT MAN IS A SOCIAL BEING essentially includes that he communicates with fellow humans. Being social necessarily means interacting with others, having communication as the usual forms of interaction ...


Notes on Categorical Syllogism

Editor’s note: This is a class lecture of a Philosophy professor in a university in Baguio City, Philippines. Though the topic discussed is somehow technical, viewers could learn from it as it tackles about validity of arguments and fallacies. Readers, especially Logic students and professors, could also check the “sample quiz” at the end of this lecture.


The crazy English language

Editor’s note: This article has been circulating in the internet for some time that the original source and author can no longer be identified. OurHappySchool decides to post it here that more people would have the chance to access and enjoy reading it. Happy reading!

Some things we need to know about aerobics

AEROBICS STRENGTHENS THE HEART and lungs and builds endurance. For those who wish to reduce weight, aerobics is also a ‘must-try’.

Though some suggest that we need to do aerobics for a minimum of 30 minutes at least three times a week, some experts say that 20 minutes at least thrice a week would suffice.

Reader’s Digest: How to do Just About Anything (The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville, New York, 1986) explains that aerobic means “occurring in the presence of oxygen.” Doing it “stimulate[s] more rapid and efficient transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Oxygen is needed to burn the fuel (calories) that provides the energy for the exercise. In essence, the blood flow to the heart increases, requiring the heart to pump harder. Since the heart is a muscle, the harder it pumps, the stronger it becomes.”


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