TEACHERS' SECTION: OurHappySchool's love for our mentors

TEACHERS TOO CAN HAVE THEIR ARTICLES posted here at OurHappyschool, free of charge!

As its way of paying tribute to our dear teachers, OurHappyschool.com allots spaces not only for students’ contributions but also for teachers’ (all levels) articles or personally written class lectures.

Having articles or written lectures posted on-line makes their lessons always available to their past, current, and future students--virtually allowing the teachers to be always there for those who seek for their instructions.

Our beloved teachers may submit articles/lectures which are ideally composed of 4 to 10 paragraphs. In case the lecture is long, the author may divide it into parts (see sample at http://ourhappyschool.com/science/theory-evolution-authentically-scienti... ).

Contributors have the options of putting their real name in the by-line, using ‘alias,’ or making the authorship blank, in case of which they may just submit a pertinent description of themselves (e.g. a professor in a university in the Philippines)

Teachers may also include activities, like Guide Questions to be answered by their respective students, at the end of the lectures (see another sample at http://ourhappyschool.com/science/science-only-valid-road-knowledge ).

If some parts of the lectures have to come from references, let us use direct quotation and cite the complete bibliographic entries or URL of the source. We may also use endnotes (though we could not use the Microsoft word automatic endnoting and footnoting for it will appear differently when posted in the site [see the endnotes of this sample http://ourhappyschool.com/philosophy/what-moral-theory-are-you-following ]).

Picture design:
This is optional. But contributors may submit picture/s that would help the readers to understand better the content of the lectures.

Editing & Comments:
Should the authors have something they want to change in the posted version of their articles, the site administrators will edit them in accordance with the authors’ instructions.

For writing style, teachers may consult the “About” of this site (http://ourhappyschool.com/about ).

Articles are to be sent through e-mail to jensenismo@gmail.com.

(Important note: By sending us contribution/s, it means that you have agreed to the term and condition that your contribution/s is/are plagiarism-free. Since the copyright belongs to the contributor, OurHappySchool.com is not liable to any infraction that your contribution/s may commit. Thank you!)

Academically yours,



TEACHERS ARE WELCOME to use any of the articles in our site in their class lectures, discussions, literary criticisms, case studies, etc.

EDUCATORS may also check out "How to use OurHappySchool in teaching."

STUDENTS AND GRADUATES may invite their favorite teachers to post their lectures in our site (for instance, by linking the URL of this ad to their Facebook account).



nice tutorial for those students learned for the skills needed .

nice tutorial for those students learned and the skills needed.

great thanks!!

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