All religions: Just various roads all leading to God?

This is what many people in this age of pluralism believe!

As different faiths incessantly emerge , many suppose that religions are only superficially different—that it does not matter which religion one belongs to as long as he believes some sort of something. They clasim that all religions are basically the same and no religion can be wrong.

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This view however is indefensible and extremely problematic. For if all religions were true, then  Satanism would also be true. If no faith could be wrong, then likewise ‘true’ would be those groups, which, upon the cult leaders’ capricious desire, require human sacrifice, carnal initiations, ritual child slaughter, and the likes. And what about the sick sadism of the American cult leader who, with his followers, murdered people in the late 60’s? How should we consider also the mind-bending techniques of the religious leader who persuaded 900 of his followers to commit communal suicide in 1978? At worst, these types of faith make people lose trust in any religion at all; at best, they render ‘false’ the notion that “all religions are true.”

False also is the thought that all religions are talking about the same thing and are only putting it in a different way. For how could they be essentially the same if some faiths preach that God is a person, while others that there are many gods, and still others that God is just an impersonal force? In some eastern religions, God is everything and everything is God, while the Bible is unequivocal that there is only one God, He is spirit, and as the Creator, He is distinct from His creation.

People today are dealing with different religious ideas that are not compatible with one another. Some faiths are not only opposed to one another—they are even not starting from the same premises. And though some religions seem to be the same on the surface, the closer one gets to their doctrines, the more evident the differences become. So if all religions in the whole world were the same, as others unwittingly accept, then what are the fundamentals that unify all religions as being the same?

All religions cannot be equally true when they all contradict one another. For how could opposing convictions be both true when they cancel one another out? They all may be wrong, but certainly they all cannot be right, for the claims of one exclude the other. So, either they are all false, or there is only one true religion.

As tolerance is, no doubt, a virtue, we must definitely tolerate the religious beliefs of others and respect their right to hold their views. Nonetheless, there is nothing in the name of tolerance that requires anyone to declare that mutually contradictory religions are equally true. A religious tolerance which refuses to proclaim any religion ‘true’ and others ‘false’ misses the very essence of religion which is to uphold truth. Truth, by its very essence, is intolerant of error.

Thus, it is never hash and haughty to tell the truth lovingly. In effect, those who condone false faith as true are mean to those who pursue a wrong way. The most thoughtful thing to do to someone following a road towards an abyss is not to respect his conviction and sincerity, but to compassionately inform him the truth and show him the right path. (by JGM, copyright 2013 by the author)

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