Tips in Memorizing Mathematical Formulas Easily

Mathematics is the abstract study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change. There is a range of views among mathematicians and philosophers as to the exact scope and definition of mathematics. (
The subject is hated by many because it is complicated and not that easy to learn. So, here are some tips in memorizing mathematical formulas easily:

1.  Relax. Math and Physics problems are not meant to be studied under stress. Relax your mind. By doing this, you will be able to focus more on your task.

2.  Jot Down. During lecture, write down everything the professor writes down, and if he/she uses different colors of ink, do likewise. Even if you think you understand a problem, write down each step. You may find yourself confused later on and need those notes. (


How to Get High Grades in Chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of Physical Science. It is the study of the composition, properties, and behavior of matter.
The atom is the basic unit of chemistry. As it is science, its procedures are systematic, and reproducible. Also, its hypotheses are tested using the so-called scientific method.
The following are some tips in getting high grades in Chemistry:

1. Be Prepared.“Familiarize different concepts before setting foot in the chemistry like writing and solving algebraic equations, exponents, scientific notation, negative numbers, logarithms, and fractions.” (


10 Interesting Information About Melchora Aquino

Melchora Aquino y de Ramos (January 6, 1812 – March 2, 1919) was raised by prosperous farmer parents, Juan Aquino and Valentina de Aquino, at Banlat, Balintawak, Quezon City. She was well known as a great Filipino Revolutionist against the Spanish colonizers. She earned the name “Tandang Sora” for being an elderly mother to the Katipueros, that despite her old age, she still managed to fight for independence.
            The following are 10 interesting information about Tandang Sora.
1. According to history, she never attended school because of financial inability. What’s amazing though is that despite her being unschooled, she was noticeably literate and highly intelligent, which was observed even during her very young age. (

How to Get a High Grade in Physics

 Whether you are taking up college or high school physics, you of course want to receive a decent grade. It could be done by first focusing on getting the right support. There are some ways and guidelines which you can use when you are enrolled in physics.

What is Physics?
Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. This energy can take the form of motion, light, electricity, radiation, gravity, just about anything, honestly. Physics studies matter on scales ranging from sub-atomic particles (i.e. the particles that make up the atom and the particles that make up those particles) to stars and even entire galaxies. (


15 Interesting Facts About Plato


15 Interesting Facts About Plato
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The Greek philosopher from Athens named PLATO is one of the most important figures of the ancient Greek world and th
e entire history of Western thought. Let’s know more about him by reading this article.
Here are 15 interesting things about Plato:
1. Plato is just a nickname and his actual name is Aristocles (
2. The nickname Plato (which means “broad” or “wide” in Greek) was given to him in reference to his broad shoulders. (
3. Plato was born in 428 BC and he died in 347 BC (


10 Interesting Things About Dolphy

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Jr., popularly known as Dolphy, was born on July 25, 1928 in Calle Padre Herrera (now P. Herrera St.) in Tondo, Manila. He is the eldest of ten (10) children. He is also known as Pidol and Golay in the Philippine show business, being a comedian-actor in the country.
The following are some interesting things about Dolphy:

1. Dolphy shined shoes, worked at a pants factory, hauled heavy loads at the pier, and drove a calesa. At one point, he even made money by sorting bottles. (

2. His father was Melencio Espinosa-Quizon, a ship mechanic, and his mother was Salud Vera Quizon. (


Gertrude Beckett: Jose Rizal's Fling in London

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SHE HELPED JOSE RIZAL mix his colors for painting and prepared the clay for his sculpturing, hoping that a colorful romantic relationship would be formed between them.

Gertrude was the daughter of Rizal’s landlord—Charles Beckett who is an organist at St. Paul’s Church in London. Coming from brief stay in Japan and the United States of America, Rizal chose to live in the capital city of the United Kingdom on May, 1888.

The oldest of the ‘three’ (some say ‘four’) Beckett sisters, Gertrude (also called ‘Gettie’ or ‘Tottie’) was a curvy lady with cheerful blue eyes, brown hair, rosy cheeks, and thin lips. (Based on the pictures of Rizal’s ‘girlfriends’ now available over the internet, one can even argue that Gertrude is the most beautiful.)


10 Funny Things About Pinoy (Filipinos)

10 Funny Things About Pinoy (Filipinos)

10 Reasons Many Filipinos Do Not Like Emilio Aguinaldo

Allan Pineda: An Apl of the Pearl of the Orient Seas

“I'm proud of my culture.. I'm always proud of who I am”-

WHEN PEOPLE WOULD SAY that someone famous internationally has a Filipino blood, I was often disinterested. At the back of my mind, I can’t help but think “Totoo ba yan? Sus. Makikisawsaw na naman tayo. ” My reaction was the same with Allan Pineda, more commonly known as
Back then, I always thought that if someone is a Filipino, just let him say so himself. Sometimes I feel as if we’re just forcing them to admit their roots, when in fact, they don’t really want to acknowledge it. However, this man did more than I expected. This man showed me what a real Filipino is like. He is even more Filipino than most of us. Let’s get to know him more, shall we?



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